Green Tea Pot Is My Favorite!

by Mem

My husband is the tea drinker in our family. I am notorious for gulping down numerous cups of coffee. But, I got hooked on to drinking green tea after trying it at a Chinese restaurant some years back.

Unfortunately, at that time, green tea was not available in Madurai where we live. This situation has changed, to my great delight. There is so much talk about antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids, both touted to be good for health that the Madurai market has taken to capitalize on the health consciousness of people and are marketing several brands of green tea.

Now I have a chance to use my heirloom tea pot!

It is nice, round and fat pot, just like the rhyme describes it. The cups that belonged to the tea set had long disappeared. The tea pot survived the years simply because it was not used!

The tea pot has a real gold ornamentation that vaguely resembles a Chinese motif. I think that is most suitable. It has a lovely, slender and long spout, with a small pointed tip at the end. It holds about 4 large cups of green tea.

I need to use a strainer, if I do not want the bits of green tea leaves to get into cup as the tea is poured.

But it is nice to have a few leaves floating in the greenish golden green tea extract. I might even learn to tell my fortune from the dregs of the leaves!

I am so glad that I could use the tea pot that was such a favorite with my grandparents. My husband and I have become addicted to green tea and always try to tempt our visitors to try it.

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