Green Tea Leave Color - Yellow?

by Karen

I bought 50 grams of green tea and noticed some of the leave are yellowish in colour.

Shouldn't the green tea leave be green in colour?

Thank you.


Karen, did you buy the tea from me? If you did, could you let me know which tea you bought?

I currently sell a Lion Peak Dragon Well (Shifeng Longjing), and yes, the leaves are yellowish green.

This is because chlorophyll comes in two color - green and yellow. This tea has more yellowish chlorophyll than green.

The local people also says because it grows on top of the hill, where it is misty, the leaves acquire a yellowish tinge.

This has been explained in the article below:

Dragon Well Visual Inspection

Certain green tea, such as a very high grade Yellow Mountain tea (Huangshan Maofeng), has golden color small leaves.

I hope this helps.


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