Green Tea Has No Side Effects!

by Jess

I'm Australian, and I have been drinking Green tea for about ten years, and have had no problems. I have a deficient immune system due to a congenital disease which should make me quite heavy. Instead I am healthy and slim

To be honest, I've read all of your "research" and I question it. I think you have referenced some questionable studies, and taken a lot of research out of context - something which is usually done in magazine journalism (could you be one? I don't know).

To me this is just blatant fear-mongering of a tea which is quite beneficial. Furthermore, I have never found it to block nutrients. as long as you drink it warm, and not iced and loaded with sugar.

That is not to say I don't believe that there are some people who won't experience problems with it. Of course there are. I'm not sure there is any digestible substance in the world that isn't partnered with someone who is allergic to it.

Favourite way to drink Green tea - with a squeeze of lemon :)

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