Green Tea for Weight Loss in Sedentary Life People

by Rama Sailaja

I had an an accident 6 years back and injured severely. Till now surgeries are going on till now for my injuries.

I am unable to walk or do exercise properly so I am getting weight .

I am 37 years female from India. My right hand and right led was totally not working so I can't do exercise.

Now I am using green tea with lemon and sugar. Is it useful for me ? Or has to use green tea with honey and lemon?


Yes, green tea contains lots of antioxidants and some caffeine, so it will help you lose weight.

The key, of course, is to make sure you drink quality green tea, as they will contain more antioxidants, caffeine and theanine (a sweet tasting compound that promotes calmness and mental focus). The highest quality green tea are those highly prized tea buds harvested over a short window in the first dawn of spring.

Also, if you want to lose weight, I will advise you minimise your sugar consumption by cutting out sugar, especially when drinking green tea.

Lemon is an additive to green tea is fine.

Info for green tea weight loss can be found here:

Green Tea Weight Loss
10 Important Facts To Avoid Being Ripped Off!

I hope this helps.


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