Green Tea for Conceving A Baby

I have two miscarriages due to high hormonal level and now I am trying to conceive again.

I am taking folic acid 18mg and baby asprin as per doctor. Can you please sugest any green tea or anything else which can help me to conceive?


I am sorry to hear about your miscarriages - I really hope your next attempt will be successful.

Here are three scientific studies regarding green tea and pregnancy that you may find helpful:

Green Tea and Pregnancy - A Fertility Aid?

None of the studies are highly conclusive, but I think you can drink green tea with the confidence that it is a healthy beverage, which will help improve your odds of conceiving.

In this article, I reviewed two fertility teas brand:

Fertility Tea for Pregnancy Review - Which Herbal Product Work?

Finally, if you are considering drinking green tea on its own, then I would recommend my tea shop, which sells high quality loose green tea that contains very high level of antioxidants.

Chinese Tea Shop - Who Else Want My Friendly Offers?

I hope this helps.


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