Green Tea Food - Have Same Benefits As Green Tea?

by Anonymous

Do the health benefits of green tea still exist if you are eating foods made with green tea? And if so, how much green tea would you need in the serving to get the same health benefits as a cup of tea?


Hey, the reason why green tea is so potent is because of the antioxidants i.e. these antioxidants are able to neutralize free radicals, before they do any damage to us.

But these antioxidants are very precious. The combine easily with oxygen in the atmosphere, rendering them ineffective after that.

Thus green tea degrade very easily. Green tea bags is never a good idea. Studies have found that matcha tea powder takes 3 months to be degraded in ordinary (non air tight) storage.

So to answer your question, it depends, but for 99% of the cases, green tea flavored food will have very little health benefits. This is because the green tea is exposed and no longer fresh.

To enjoy the health benefits of green tea, you will need to get your green tea buds from a proper vendor.

In Amazing Green Tea, and other similar shops, we keep our 2011 spring harvested tea buds in airtight bags in freezer, before shippping our them to your when your order comes in.

I hope this helps?


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