Green Tea Fat Burner and Heart Palpitations

by Michele

I took the Green Tea Fat Burner for one week. This supplement contained 50% EGCG per capsule.

I took two capsules per day. On day seven, I experienced tingling sensations and lightheadedness. A week later, I ended up in the emergency room with heart palpitations.

An EKG was done, finding no damage to the heart.

Could my palpitations be caused by this supplement? I am continuing to have palpitations almost 3 weeks after quitting this supplement and wonder if this is the cause?
Please advise!!!


Michele, could you advise which Green Tea Fat Burner you are taking?

Every supplement product is formulated differently. Some are better or worse than others.

If the supplement contains high level of caffeine, it is possible that caffeine has caused heart palpitation.

Many supplement products have less EGCG, and more caffeine than what is stated in the label.

I hope this helps.


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Mar 22, 2009
Green Tea gives me palpitations
by: Anonymous

I can definitely say that the consumption of green tea, as well as white (Chinese Pai Mu Tan) and black, really does raise the number of heartbeats I have.

It is something I noticed once at work and following 4 cups of green tea.

Milk reduces palpitations very noticeably, as does the consumption of south African Redbush tea - rooibos in Dutch.

May 12, 2009
green tea fat burner and gout
by: Anonymous

After a week of using green tea fat burner I have lost no weight, but an ankle injury from 20 years ago has acted up with gout like symptoms.

While I have had this problem previously, I have not has the problem since abstaining from alcohol over 5 years ago, and this is the only change in my diet or routine.

Aug 06, 2009
heart palpitations
by: Anonymous

I have had heart palpitations for a number of years and have been in hospital a few times where my heart rappidly jumps up to 220 beats.

I noticed that I get them eating or drinking certain foods. The foods/drinks that I avoid are alcohol (even in food), chewing gum, anything with caffeine (including some green tea) and some foods with certain perservatives I notice also trigger them. Also if your not sleeping well that doesn't help and if your taking green tea tablets then perhaps take them around breakfast or lunch and avoid taking them before bed.

I also noticed red bush tea REALLY DOES help to reduce my palpitations and noticed it purely by accident as I am a big herbal tea fan and have tried quite a few teas over the years. I also noticed lotus flower tea seemed to really help with my migraines, peppermint with stress (saved me during my years at university), ginger tea for circulation and to wake me up in the mornings, fennel and nettle tea seems to be great for getting rid of cellulite on my legs.

I have seen a cardiologist and have been on beta blockers on and off but to be honest not one of them have suggested that it could simply be that I am sensitive to certain foods/chemicals.

Listen to your body as it knows best. If the palpitations are triggered by the green tea tablets then perhaps your body is just sensitive to it.

Sep 25, 2009
Green Tea Fat Burner Pills
by: Barbara Bond

I am Diabetic. I just stared taking green tea fat burner pill. I got permission from my doctor that it was ok for me to take the green tea fat burner pill.

I have gasteroparesis. My stomach feel nauseated,and I feel like vomiting.

I read that there was no side effects with the green tea fat burner pills. Is this correct?

Jan 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

Question; I started using Jamieson Green Tea Phytome Complex 140mg for three days and had massive cramps and bowel movements.

I took 2 a day as recommended on the bottle. I also take Precision Extreme CLA tablets that have 50% EGCG Green Extract.

I'm wondering if this is causing my problem with the bowel movements, or if I'm doubling up with too much of the green tea product. Do you think my CLA is enough intake of green tea or what. Thanks for your time and advice.

Nov 03, 2010
Green Tea Fat Buner
by: Anonymous

Stop taking the green tea fat burner. i experience severe heart palps about year ago after I started take green tea fat burner.

Went to the doctor he put me on a heart monitor for a day, then had me in for a stress test, which was negative. I informed him that I was taking the green tea fat burner and I had stop a couple days prior to seeing him.

He immediately informed me of the high doses of caffeine in great tea and recommend that I stop and take take it again.

After about 2-3 wks of being off the fat burner the heart palps stopped completely.

By the way stupid me started drinking Lipton green tea for about 3-4wks straight. Started losing sleep then I started to get muscle twitches in both my hands and the occasional heart palp.

May 03, 2012
green tea capsules maybe
by: Anonymous

I have been taking green tea for 2 weeks, yesterday in the afternoon, i started feeling drowsy and felt like a needle sticking me above my left lower butt cheek or lower lower back.

I am still feeling drowsy now, I only feel the needle like sticking when I get up and move around.

Aug 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have taken a gazillion supps over time.

When I started w./ecgc and green tea fat burner and alpha lipoic acid, after a month I freaked out as one nite I felt my heatpounding out of my chest and then pausing.

I stopped the supps and it continued for about 2 months. Then I slowly started back and within a few days again. I feel that I never really got rid of the palpitations and it's been months, less now.

I wonder if the damage is permanent? No more supps. Was it the Green Tea Fat burner? the egcg has minimal caffeine and the fat burner listed only 75mg.

Jan 09, 2015
Green tea makes me have heart palpitations and if i drink it at nigh i fail to sleep
by: Anonymous

I am a big fan of herbal teas and Green Tea is one of those i drink. I love using the green tea leaves instead of tea bags but have noticed that if i make it strong it gives me heart palpitations. Drinking just a normal green tea bag brewed mildly at night makes me lose sleep. I do get similar reactions with coffee so i think it's the caffeine in green tea that causes these side effects.
In essence green tea does causes heart palpitations and insomnia to sensitive people and if you do drink green tea and you have these symptoms, its mostly from it.

Jan 08, 2019
Scared of green tea
by: Anonymous

I used to love making myself a big mug of green tea every morning, about 8 years ago, using leaves and not bags. It made me feel alert and also helped me lose weight. But now, whenever I have green tea, I seem to get tremors and palpitations, especially if I skipped a meal anywhere near the time I took the green tea.

Last Dec. 31, 2018, right on New Year's Eve, I ended up at the ER due to almost blacking out from palpitations, strong tingling sensations in my palms, the soles of my feet, and face. I fought to be conscious because I was scared to give in to fainting. Earlier that day I had green tea and forgot to eat dinner because of all the New Year preparations. Bad idea. :(

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