Green Tea Cholesterol Benefits - How Fast Do Supplements Act?

by Cunedia
(Jax.,FL., United States)

My green tea supplements reduced my cholesterol level to under 150 in just two weeks. Should I believe it?

My name is Cunedia , I live in Jacksonville Florida and I'm 33 years old.

Prior to my doctor's visit one week ago, my cholesterol was about 185, which was good considering it was over 300 about a year ago.

I was on one 20 mg medicine very briefly and was switched to 40 mg of another kind because my cholesterol was coming down too slowly.

Because of discrepancies in my levels I was asked to return every 2 weeks to have my levels re-checked.

About 4 weeks prior to my last visit a week ago, I developed a chest cold and after about 2 weeks into my cold with little relief from cold medicines, I decided to take some supplements to build up my immune system.

During the 2 weeks that I took the supplements (not the tea) I was out of my cholesterol medicine and finally decided to go back to the clinic for more.

Once the machine finished counting down I thought it was broke because it read cholesterol LO so I asked a visiting nurse what it meant and she told me that my level was under 150!

(Which was all she could tell me without doing actual lab work of course.)

When I got home I re-read the booklet that came with my 2 weeks free trial of Supplements and one of them was said to provide an abundance 500 mg polyphenols of Green Tea.

Other supplements were said to manage cell health and metabolism to support healthy weight management, along with another 300mg Flax Seed and 75 mg OatBran to assist with the absorption and management of fat and cholesterol while also providing fiber to support appetite suppression.

Is it possible that these new supplements in 2 weeks lowered my cholesterol level to under 150 ?

I still haven't picked up my (new) prescription from the pharmacy seeing I was told to only take one 20 mg pill of a (different kind) every other day to ween off the medication.

Is it too soon to celebrate or is Green/Oolong Tea the answer for me?


Cunedia, congratulation for your success!

The short answer to your question is yes, it is too soon to celebrate. You might want to check your readings again to make sure that it stays low!

Having said that, it is entirely possible that the green tea supplements act to reduce your cholesterol to under 150 in just 2 weeks.

This is my suggestions:

- Please continue to follow your doctor's advice.

- It is not a good idea to consume supplements over 3 months, especially your product may not be guaranteed herbicide/pesticide free.

For an analysis of what I look for when buying green tea supplements, read

Green Tea Supplements

- You may want to consider switching over from supplements to beverage over the longer term.

Tea Versus Supplements

Click for further information on Green Tea and Cholesterol.

Let me know how it goes!


PS: By the way, which brand did you try?

Comments for Green Tea Cholesterol Benefits - How Fast Do Supplements Act?

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Apr 07, 2008
Life Script Tea Supplements Brand
by: Cunedia

Thanks so much for not only publishing my article but for staying true to it's contents the way I wrote it.

I also want to say thanks for giving me what I consider to be your honest, sound and safest advise concerning my cholesterol.

To answer your question, the supplements I accidently ordered on line were from Life Script which included a daily dose of 3 LipidPro Fiber Support(300mg Flax Seed/75mg Oat Bran), 2 Body Resculpt(500mg Green Tea), 1 Daily Solution Pro(vitamins, minerals and herbs) and 1 Calcium Complete(to support the strength & structure of the skeleton & help build strong bones).

The Chinese(Oolong) Tea(bags) I ordered as a free trial were from Wu Yi Source.

I deleted this information from my first article because I thought it might be considered an advertisement for thier companies.

But, if you know any thing about either of them that would help me to make an informed decision as a consumer, please let me know.

I am aware of some things conserning Wu Yi Source and have since closed my account but I really, really want to know if the supplements from Life Script are worth $66.00 every 28 days(cholesterol/health wise) before I continue ordering thier product.


Apr 07, 2008
Lifescript Green Tea
by: Anonymous


I have just visited the Lifescript site. It is a well organised site which kind of put my mind at ease.

I can only comment on green tea supplements, and this is the only description I can find on their green tea product:

Body ReSculpt provides a unique combination of supplements, including green tea, shown to manage cell health, metabolism and energy production throughout the body. The thermogenic properties of green tea extract are well known. This product supports a comprehensive weight loss program and assists in maintaining a healthy weight by managing how your body utilizes sugars and fats.

Now, this is really brief, and there is no mention if the product is

- herbicide free
- EGCG levels
- source of tea gardens

So well I can't disregard it, I also cannot recommend it.

There is also mention of Lifescript in and, both worth a look.

Probably the best way is to switch over to a tea beverage when your trial runs out?

My tea shop currently sells a AA grade oolong tea at less than $15, or less than $1 a day, if you drink 3-5 cups a day.

It will certified organic this spring and despite is price is very fragrant and classy.

You probably have a different budget and taste, but this should be the standard you are looking for when buying high quality everyday loose tea.

If you are interested, I suggest you subscribe to my newsletter and wait for my May announcement as the harvesting is still ongoing.

Let me know how your cholesterols go and best of health


Apr 09, 2008
Green Tea and Cholesterol
by: Anonymous

Actually I am not surprised by that result. It is proven scientifically that a special type of green tea (called Tuo Cha)can reduce the cholesterol even up to 40% over a period of 3 months.

I would love it if Julian can provide more inside information on Tuo cha. The one I like to drink comes from Yunan and has a bit of smoky taste.


Apr 09, 2008
Tuocha Versus Green Tea
by: Julian


By the way Tuocha is more akin to Pu-erh tea, post-fermentation.

Oolong tea is anti-cholesterol too. So it seems that even with higher oxidisation tea's anti-cholesterol prowess is not diminished.

I am always too happy to share information on Chinese tea. It is on my to do list now - wait for it to appear in the next few issues of the newsletter!

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