Gunpowder Green Tea Cause Nausea and Diarrhea?

by Laura
(Bolton, England)

On Sunday I decided to try Gunpowder green tea at a cafe. I wanted to go for the healthiest option.

The tea didn't look that green in colour when poured out but I drank it anyway.

I was given a medium sized teapot and I drank it all. Shortly after I experienced nausea and today (2 days later) I have diarrhea.

I was wondering if gunpowder green tea has done this to anyone else?


Laura, green tea does sometimes cause stomach problems as you have described.

Green Tea and Stomach Gastric Irritation - Indigestion and Heart Burn

However, it seems unlikely to me it can still result in stomach upset 2 days later.

My two cents.


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Oct 09, 2009
I had the same problem...
by: TheSwedishCook


I had the same problem with Diarrhea with japanese teas. (also days later)

Just try different sorts of tea and you will find yours. The biggest differeces i guess are between japanese (steamed) and chinese (pan-roasted) teas...

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Why Drinking Tea and Coffee May Upset Stomach and Cause Acid Reflux

by Peter
(Eden NSW Australia)

Coffee and Tea are great. However

As with regards to sugar...

For the last 20 years I have suffered from reflux or upset stomach. Many doctors have prescribed reflux medication, some helped but nothing fixed the problem.

So after cleaning a drain with Bi Carb (Baking Soda) I thought I would try it on myself. I took half a small teaspoon of bi carb in about an inch of water in a glass. This instantly fixed the reflux. (Great) and lasted for a week. However over the years the daily dosage needed to keep the reflux in check rose to 5 teaspoons of bi-carb each day.

Finally in desperation I looked through the Internet. The cause of the reflux I had been having all those years was caused by sugar. 6 cups of coffee and tea each day with 2 spoons of sugar in each cup. That?s about 4000 yes four thousand spoonfuls a year. So I simply cut out sugar and soft drinks (No artificial sweeteners or chocolate).

Since that day I have never had reflux or needed to take anything to combat it.

I still have the occassional unsweetened coffee or tea with never a problem.

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Green Tea, Stomach Pain and Sleeplessness

by Brenny

I started taking green tea a lot lately and notice I have constant stomach pain and sleepless night.

Now it all makes sense. Thank you for the explanations.

The safest things are not so safe after all.

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Oct 26, 2009
Stomach Pain and Sleeplessness
by: Anonymous


I took green tea last night and had severe stomach pain and sleeplessness. I am not sure what has caused it.

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Green Tea and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

by Anonymous

Hope you do not mind me asking but I was wondering if you have any info regarding drinking your green tea and Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?

I have not tried your tea as of yet because I have IBS. I have tried other green teas and they seem to make my symptoms worse in spite of all the research I have read for it's medicinal benefits.

Could it be I need to drink it hot as I have been drinking it cold? Or do you have any other suggestions to go with the tea I purchased from you?


Hey, the research regarding green tea and IBS is mixed and rather inconclusive to date, but overall it seems to indicate that green tea helps rather than hinders, probably because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Green Tea and Colitis - For Better Or Worse?

As for drinking my friend HQ's Dragon Well tea, I highly recommend you drink it hot.

There are various reasons for this:

- Catechins are unoxidised and more potent.
- Your body retains hot fluid better.
- According to Chinese Medicine theory, hot tea is more beneficial than cold tea.

Of course, you will still be able to benefit from drinking tea cold. But from the health point of view, my current research seems to indicate that hot tea is preferable.

You might want to start slowly to test things out. Try having 1 gram per 8 ounce cup, or 60 tea shoots per 225 millimetre glass or mug.

This is the concentration I have daily, and it still does wonders.

Hope it helps.

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Oct 07, 2008
Green Tea and IBD
by: Mahesh

My name is Mahesh and I am living in Auckland, New Zealand. I have Irritable Bowl Syndrome which is digestive disorder problem. I am also keen to lose weight and maintain lean body. For these reasons I was attracted to green tea when I saw some articles on internet about green tea health benefits.

Since I am NOT Chinese ethnic my knowledge on green tea was very limited and I tried to disuses some Chinese ethnic people living in NZ.NZ Chinese community is not at all friendly and helpful when they cant make money out of someone. I have then visited one Chinese shop and bought a green tea. On packet it was written that tea is one of the top ten green tea in China. The name of this tea is “Bi Lou Chun” green tea produced in Jiangsu province of China and marketed by a company named Highland.

I tried to nicely boil this tea and drink about 7 to 8 cups a day. I had some relief from gastro problem but I am unable to sleep until late night. Not sure whether its due to this tea or not.

I will highly appreciate if you can advise me a bit on Bi Lou Chun tea, how to use that and how much to use that.

Oct 07, 2008
by: Julian


I am not a doctor so I am just giving some common sense advice here based on my experience as a tea drinker.

If you are not a regular coffee and tea drinker, and do not take much caffeine, than chances are your body is responding to the caffeine content in the Biluochun tea, causing you to be wakeful at night.

The jury is still out there as to whether green tea is helpful to IBD. According to one of my customer, she has found drinking my green tea NOT aggravate her conditions, but is not sure whether it is helpful. I probably will ask her to give an update.

Green tea has been found helpful to preventing colon cancer, which is a plus.

If you were to continue drinking green tea, I suggest starting drinking 3 cups a week, with as little tea as you can master - say 1 to 2 grams per 250 ml cup. It does take a while for your body to adjust to the caffeine effects.

Also drink in-between meals during the day, and avoid drinking green tea after dinner as it can cause wakefulness.

I hope this helps.


Jun 05, 2009
by: Anonymous

I have had IBS most of my life and do drink green tea - but if my IBS is slightly aggravated and/or I drink more than a cupful, I do suffer for it.

I put this down to the caffeine in it as caffiene is one of my biggest triggers, but I also find that many hot drinks trigger as well - so the combination of the two I guess means I have to drink it with caution!

Nov 28, 2009
ibs tea
by: Anonymous

Some research show that peppermint tea is best for IBS. Also try funnel seeds

Apr 06, 2010
teas for IBS
by: Anonymous

Teas for IBS are caraway and peppermint. Fennel can help a few people too but caraway and mint are the best kinds.Green tea is full of caffeine which makes IBS worse for most people and the tannins can cause constipation.

Jan 16, 2011
by: shelly wild

I was wondering if drinking any kind of tea makes your ibs worse.

I have really bad IBS I'm always hurting just trying to find ways to feel better.

Jan 23, 2011
by: Hannah

I think this last comment has helped me actually. Though since it's not specifically regarding constipation, I thought I'd ask.

I do have IBS but I also have a lapband. I'd never drank green tea before until I stayed at a local B&B that makes their own organic blend. Having a lapband I often have problems with constipation. Mainly due to the fact that I used to drink all my daily fluids with my meals. Lapbands prevent you from doing this.

Therefore I've had to try retraining myself to drink between meals. Harder than it sounds thus resulting in the constipation side of IBS rather than the opposite. With the addition of colace & Benefiber packets my problem cleared up.

Then about a week ago I began drinking this green tea. It is caffeinated where usually I'm caffeine free. It's single serve bags which I've been drinking 3-4 cups of a day (1 bag each).

Since then the colace & Benefiber have been considerably less effective. Is this because of the caffeine? Or rather some other Green Tea ingredient?

I've always been a tea drinker, Luzianne De-caf with Splenda & I can drink close to a gal a day. Caffeine has never bothered me as far as my anxiety or keeping me up etc. It does however have an effect on my PCOD polycystic ovarian disease.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

May 08, 2011
Green tea side effects
by: Martingo

Is there any link between Green tea and black stools?

Jun 13, 2011
Hi Mahesh
by: Srini Govinda

Hi Mahesh,

I hear your comments in regards to the Good old IBS. I have had it for years not so bad though been on and off I love my herbal teas and been drinking it for years after 6pm I drink camomile, peppermint and Green tea any where between 2 to 4 cups until I get to bed if its winter then possible a cuppa Milo will do, but in the last 3 months I had been addicated to Green tea then the rest, it definately helps with IBS Simple fact any Herbal teas have the healing and calming effect on the Nerves especially for IBS.

The other thing I would also recommend is orange for brekkie I have an orange in empty stomach its a grt fibre for Ibs plus wheat bicks include loads of Fibre in your diet.

Hope this helps.

Good luck with weight loss mate.


Srini Govinda.

Jun 30, 2011
Works for me
by: Anonymous

I've heard that a lot of people have trouble with green tea because of the caffeine (even though it's a pretty low amount), but personally I think it helps me.

I don't know if it's the tea, but about a month ago I started drinking a cup or two in the morning and exercising more and my stomach's calmed down a lot.

For a while I was taking 1 imodium a day to get fewer (and 'more predictable') bowel movements, but now I'm not taking any.

I'd say it's definitely worth a try, just be careful. I've certainly had other teas that make everything worse, so just start with a bit at first to make sure it's not going to stress out your digestive system.

Jul 08, 2011
Hot and cold nature in chinese medicine
by: Mr. Tea

I do not suffer from IBS, but I am recovering from a serious t12 spinal cord injury which brought with it many serious digestive problems.

I live and work in Thailand as an exporter of high mountain teas and Chinese medicine, so this is a topic I know well. He

re is what Chinese Medicine theory says- Foods and drinks have a hot, warm, cool, or cold nature.

The body of the individual also has a similar temperature based nature.

Green tea, depending on how raw(oxidized/fermented) it is and whether it is scented or blended, has cool/cold nature.

Cold natured foods/drinks require more energy to digest and can cause digestive problems/abdominal pains if not properly balanced.

Here is the recommendation-

Do not drink green tea unless your stomach is well lined, 30 minutes or longer after a meal. Do not over-brew your tea.

And if you are looking for a good tea to drink throughout the day that will be good for your digestion, you might want to look at pu-erh teas and oolongs(or even black/red teas).

Good luck, and if you want to check out my blog, head over to

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Green Tea with Cinnamon Help With IBS!

by warda ashraf

I have IBS and it makes me suffer a lot!!

Cinnamon tea with green tea make my life easier!

No chaos in my belly since I started this drinking habit of mine and also feeling that I am losing my weight without doing any exercise.

But I have to drink with milk and honey otherwise after drinking this tea it just makes me very hungry, like i was starving for so long. Bould eat anything that time!

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Jun 13, 2014
Green tea with Cinnamon?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have IBS too (Crohn's desease) and I've noticed that my stomach seems to be constant discomfort after drinking the tea. Tell me more about Cinnamon Tea, how does one make it, or is can I get it from the store?

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Green Tea and Stomach Problems

by Jill

I began drinking very strongly brewed green tea about 6 weeks ago.

I then developed stomach problems, which were severe contracting pains at top of stomach making it impossible to eat. There was also a very nausea feeling.

The symptoms went away once I stopped drinking the strong green tea, but it took 10 days for the side effects to fully disappear.

I have CFS and this makes me ultra sensitive to anything I eat or drink, so it may not effect most people this way.

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Mar 10, 2015
Stomach Upset
by: J Rivet

Unfortunately, Green tea affects me the same way. I have to brew it light and not drink too much. But I do still drink it, just have to be wise about it.
Moderation hasn't come easy to this Westerner.

Jul 10, 2021
bias NEW
by: Anonymous

why are all of the comments on this forum negative? seems somewhat fishy to me

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