Green Tea Caffeine and Antioxidants - Get One Without The Other?

by Stanley

Whenever I drink caffeine, I get the shakes. Even green tea. I read that I can put the tea in hot water for 45 seconds and then make a second brew and this will reduce the caffeine. (Some of the antioxidants as well.)

I tried decaf green tea but it really doesn't taste as good and I'm sure the antioxidants are significantly compromised.

Any ideas of what I can do to get a good green tea experience without the strong caffeine but with maintaining the antioxidants??


Stanley, what you say is true. Yes, green tea contains caffeine. The higher the grade, the more caffeine it contains. And yes, decaffeinated green tea is compromised, with some studies indicating they contain two-thirds less antioxidants.

What is the optimal solution? From my personal experience, drinking high grade is the answer. Yes, quality counts.

I am sensitive to caffeine, but when drinking these high grades, I don't get the shakes. And I can feel the antioxidants because they are so refreshing to drink.

The reasons is because these teas tend to be harvested early spring when the theanine content is the highest. Theanine has a calming effect and is naturally decaffeinating.

Green Tea Caffeine

They are made of young tea buds - which contain the highest level of antioxidants.

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Chinese Tea Shop

I hope this helps.


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