Green Tea to Lose Weight - Not Working - Need Help!

by Joey Ball
(New York)

Okay I've been trying to shed a few pounds and Green Tea "The Magic Drink" as some people call it.

Doesn't even work! For 3 weeks now.. THREE WEEKS!!!

I've been going to the gym I run on the treadmile for 45 minutes then do weights for 30 minutes (There all different types of machines.)

In the first week I lost one pound and by the end of the second week I gained 3 pounds and after that I've stayed the same.

Anyone? Here's my myspace:

Thank you and please contact me peace and love, Peace and Love!

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Jan 11, 2010
You are changing
by: merville cratte

You are probably burning fat, building muscle. if you have lots of belly fat, check your estradiol. Mine was dangerously high a supplement lowered it to normal and I have lost 4 inches from waist.

Jun 18, 2010
Reasons why
by: merville cratte

Don't know if you are guy or girl. Weight loss has many factors.

If you are eating 3000+ calories you will not lose weight.

If a guy and you have low free testosterone, you will not build muscle hence no weight loss.

If you are building muscle no weight loss.

Don't go for weight loss, go for fat loss, you will be healthier.

If you are doing slow aerobic you will lose less fat.

If you are guy and you have too high estradiol, you will not lose.

Jun 23, 2010
still using & losing
by: merville cratte

since losing 4 inches from waist, have now lost total of 9 inches from waist.

Apr 25, 2019
Green Tea NEW
by: Anonymous

Does green tea for weight loss really work?

What is the best time to drink green tea?

Which seems hard to lose, along with the hectic routine. Is there is any easier way to lose weight?

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Teas for Cancer, Weight Loss and Energy

by Suzie Chiasson
(Ontario, Canada)

I'm new to the world of teas and have tried different ones.

I'm in my early 40's and menopause is knocking at my door. I've suffered cervical cancer the last few years and am now in remission.

I'm a little overweight by about 40 pounds. I'm a single mom of 2 young children and my energy levels are very low.

I would love to drink as many as 4 to 5 cups of tea a day but don't know if I should mix or drink the same tea.

What would you suggest?

Thank you,


Suzie, thank you for your email. My suggestion is to try drinking a few different types of tea, and find a fews that you would like.

It is fine to drink a few types of teas in a day.

The top draw is obviously green tea and white tea, because they contain the highest level of antioxidants.

Green tea, especially, has been found to fight cervical cancer, burns fat and increase energy expenditure. They should help you feel better on day to day basis.

As for menopausal symptoms, the scientific evidence is mixed to date. So it really is the case of trying out to find out.

Green Tea and Hot Flashes - Good or Bad for PMS Symptoms?

My tea shop sells a range of green tea and white tea that I drink on daily basis - so please feel free to check them out.

Please also feel free to browse the herbal tea section of this site as well. You can find the links on the left hand side.

I hope this helps.


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Green Tea Weight Loss Program - How I Lose 1 Kilo In 2 Weeks

by Maureen Allen
(Cowes, Victoria, Australia)

I live in Australia and am a senior citizen needing to lose weight. I've tried you Dragon Well green tea and am satisfied.

At first I used too much tea which made the tea taste too harsh. You told me approximately 60 leaves is 1 gram and the taste is much better.

I'm going to buy the same now because I've lost 1kg in two weeks using the tea and doing quite small things.

I don't like dieting and as a result, I'm discovering minor dietary changes that has helped me lose weight so far.

For example, I used to use a power drink, which the tea has replaced. I drank two cans, which is 450 calories. I think giving up the power drink has helped a lot. The tea makes me more alert and I have few cravings.

Also, I don't eat sweet cookies or cakes. I eat mixed dried fruit pieces and nuts for a snack or treat. I also eat bears and apples three times a week for a snack.

Drinking Jipin tea saves me on average 400 calories a day. Eating nuts mixed with dried fruit pieces and pears and apples instead of cake or cookies saves another 400 calories a day.

I'll keep you updated as to how my program is working. If a person is gaining weight to the tune of 1 kilogram a month, which is a fair weight gain, I've discovered that tweaking one's diet is more called for than going on extreme diets.

My goal is losing a half to one kilogram a month without experiencing dieting. We'll see how it goes.

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Green Tea Extract for Weight Loss - A Diary

by Andrea

I am 39 years old and 155 lbs 5'3". I am trying tablets to see if I can lose at least 20 lbs to my desired weight.

I am going to start taking Mega T , Green Tea with Hoodia tablets . I will keep you updated to see how it works for me and if I really do lose my 20 lbs lol.

Written on 13th of September, first post.

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Green Tea Extract Weight Loss - How Fast?

I purchased from a health food store ThermogenicFormula. It has Sunphenon green tea 80% polyphenols and 40% EGCG at 350mg with Suntheanine L Theanine 15mg suggested 1 cap 3 times per day

What would the outcome be for fat loss over a period of one month?


Jennifer, this extract looks like it has the potency to achieve some weight loss effects.

The required concentration needed for weight loss is:

These four studies show that you need to consume somewhere between 300 to 700 milligrams of catechins or EGCG a day to have any weight loss effect.

If you are consuming towards the lower end of the scale (say 300 milligrams), then make sure your formulation contains a significant amount of metabolic stimulants such as caffeine (see the 1999 Dulloo study).

Green Tea Extract Weight Loss - A Dieter's Slimming Guide

However, there are two issues to consider.

Does the extract supplement contains the EGCG and caffeine it says it contains? Most supplement products tend to overstate.

How fast you would lose fats depend on many factors. In most cases, it tends to happen slowly over time.

This is explains in another article:

Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that green tea acts fast!

Studies by Dulloo and Rumpler used a state-of-the-art metabolic chamber to measure the energy expenditure of their study subjects over 24 hours. They found that green tea increases metabolism by 2.9% and 4% and fat burning by 12% and 35% respectively.

If you burn 2,000 calories a day, this translates to a savings of up to 80 calories, or 8 pounds a year, not bad for just a few cups of soothing tea! After a few years, each little cup adds up to a gigantic slimming effect.

How quickly you lose weight depends on your diet and lifestyle. No one can guarantee how many pounds you can shed in a week!

Green Tea Thermogenesis - Metabolism Booster

In most cases, fat loss is far more significant than weight loss.

I hope this helps. Good luck, let me know how it goes.


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Green Tea and Hypothyroidism - Help Weight Loss!

I am from Croatia. I am 24 years and suffer from hashimoto - hypothyroidism.

I have problems with acne for years now, and I have decided to start drinking green tea for that reason.

After maybe a week or two, I have controlled my weight and concluded that without any diet, without even exercise I have lost 4 kg - in other words some 8 pounds.

But I couldn't believe it so I made my mother in law check her weight and she said that everything is ok with the scale.

I have started noticing that my skin is looking better, as if the scars from acne are smaller. I don't know but I will definitely continue drinking it.

Now, I have just one question - I have read that green tea can slower the work of thyroid gland for the fluoride in it, does anybody have some experience with it?


Hey, green tea works both ways for hypothyroidism. It contains antioxidants and caffeine, which help boost metabolism.

However, it also contains fluoride which may make hypothyroidism worse.

For further information, please read

Green Tea Extract and Hypothyroidism - Fluoride Connection


Fluoride in Green Tea - Danger in Lipton Instant Iced Tea!

I hope this helps.


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Decaffeinated Green Tea for Weight Loss Questions

by Rondie

My sister-in-law has been drinking green tea with lemon and honey and she has slimmed down since I last saw her three weeks ago.

I went today and bought a decaffeinated green tea and I am going to drink a cup a day. I need to lose a few pounds.

Will decaffeinated green tea work for weight loss the same as naturally caffeinated tea?

I have been on Braggs natural Apple cider vinegar for a few weeks now. It has helped me with my energy and my PVC'S irregular heart beats have left. I read ACV can also break down fats in the body. So is it okay to take both the Green tea together with the ACV?


Rondie, green tea weight loss works gradually over time. If your sister-in-law has lost weight since you last saw her 3 weeks ago, chances are she is also doing something else that helps with the slimming, such as a healthier diet and some physical activities, it probably won't be just the green tea alone.

Decaffeinated green tea is less effective for weight loss partly because it contains less EGCG and much less caffeine. A review of decaffeinated green tea and its problems can be found at

Decaffeinated Green Tea

If you have heart problems and need to avoid caffeine, then you need a credible alternative. Again, the article above will help.

Discussion on drinking the type of green tea for maximum weight loss can be found at ...

Green Tea Diet

I am not familiar with apple cider vinegar, but read somewhere that it is advisable to drink it after meal to make yourself feel fuller.

Best time to drink tea is in-between meals, so keep the two separate - one after meal, one in-between meals - that is the safest thing to do.

Otherwise, I am not aware of any side effects of drinking the two together, but better to be safe staring out. You can experiment later if you want.

Hope this helps.

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Mar 02, 2010
Herbal Plus Standardized Green Tea Complex, Vegetarian Capsules
by: Christina

I just came from GNC and purchased "Herbal Plus Standardized Green Tea Complex, Vegetarian Capsules".

The sales lady said it would most likely work a little better if I bought the drink version also.
I left with just the capsule, bot now I am wondering if i should have purchased both?
Is one better than the other?

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Decaffenated Green Tea and Weight Loss

by Anonymous

Is decaffenated green tea as effective as regular green tea when trying to lose weight?


The answer is not hopeful. Green tea contains two ingredients that have been found to be highly effective in promoting slow/long term weight loss: caffeine and EGCG.

In decaffeinated green tea, the first ingredient is missing. The second ingredient may also be low in quantity because of the processing involved.

To help you decide which type of decaffeinated may be best suited for you, read

Decaffeinated Green Tea Warnings! - Natural Versus CO2

Drinking regular tea is the best way to lose weight. And again, the key here is to drink unflavoured tea that tastes rich, so that you know you are getting your full share of theanine, caffeine and antioxidants.

Further information can be found at

Green Tea Beverage Brands - Best Of 7 Types Reviewed

I hope this helps.


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Jasmine Tea and Weight Loss - My Discovery

by Dale Daisy Kaplan
(Brooklyn, New York)

I started drinking pots of jasmine tea daily (hot and cold) because of the fragrant taste. Without being aware of the benefits, I noticed many physiological changes and then began to research the health benefits of the tea.

My experiences include: Loss of belly fat even though I added some organic brown sugar, decreased appetite. I stopped overeating. Also my interest in eating meat and white sugar has diminished greatly and I am now eating primarily plant based foods.

I have a lot of energy as well.

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Oct 12, 2010
Jasmine green tea really cuts my appetite!!
by: Leigh

I quit drinking coffee because I was way too sensitive to it, and bought organic Jasmine green tea. I can not believe how much of an appetite loss that I am experiencing!

I have drank green teas before, but never had this much of an appetite suppressing effect like this one!

I have been trying to lose about 15 Lbs. It has been very hard because I was craving a lot of gummy candy, but cut that out 6 weeks ago!

I have already lost a little weight, but because of this jasmine tea, I think I will lose much more!

So, I am a believer in certain types of teas for weight loss, like Oolong, as well as green tea!

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Mighty Leaf Tropical Green Tea for Weight Loss?

What is it in green tea that causes you to lose weight? Is it the CATECHINS and if so, how much catechins are in Mighty Leaf Tropical Green Tea or any of the Mighty Leaf green teas because those are my favorite?


The three major compounds of green tea are catechins, caffeine and theanine. Scientists have found that both the catechins and caffeine content of green tea can help people lose weight.

Theanine has some weight loss effects, but its results have not been consistently shown in various studies.

Ideally you would like the tea brands to tell you exactly how much catechins and caffeine each tea contains. But in practice this is difficult to do.

Tea is an agricultural product, and chemical content does vary tremendously by plant parts, seasonality, growing location and the subsequent storage. Even if they do provide a chemical guideline, it will be difficult to verify. Trust is a scarce commodity these days.

By far the most practical method to tell the good tea apart from bad tea is to rely on visual examination and taste buds (the palate), as there is evidence that a richly flavoured cup of tea is more likely to contain higher concentration of catechins, caffeine and theaninie.

The general advice I give when buying green tea that CAN help you lose weight is this:

- Go for unflavoured loose green tea. As manufacturers have the tendency to sell you low quality tea leaves with is then flavoured (with lemon, ginseng, pomegranate etc) to make it taste good.

You can add honey, lemon, ginseng, ginger whatsoever at home. But don't let your manufacturers do it for you. If you buy a flavoured tea, you miss the chance to tell the good tea from the bad. A good cup of tea should taste rich and smooth - unflavoured.

- Go for young tea buds and shoots,

It is well established in the Chinese and Japanese scientific community (where tea agricultural science is much more advanced) that the catechins and caffeine content of green tea decreases with leaf age.

In other words, young tea buds contains more nutrition and antioxidants, and much more likely to promote weight loss compared to the older, more matured leaves harvested later in the season.

How does a tea bud looks like? It is sharp and pointed. It has slightly unfurled leaves that are barely opened.

I haven't tried any of Mighty Leaf products so I can't say for sure. A casual look at the Tropical Green reveals the following:

- It is flavoured with tropical fruit
- It probably is a tea bag, although I am not 100% sure.

So the signs are not good. At the end of the day, you have to make a choice based on how the tea makes you feel, and experiment with different types of tea until you find something you really like.

The most important thing to remember when drinking green tea for health benefits is that population studies conducted by scientists are based on the drinking habits of the Chinese and Japanese - who tend to drink unflavoured loose green tea, not flavoured tea bags or powder which is so popular in the West. These two countries tend to esteem tea buds - which are sold at higher prices.

The following article probably explains it better:

Green Tea Diet - How To Be A Successful Loser

I hope this helps.

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Green Tea for Weight Loss - HerbaSway Liquid Concentrate

by Ginger
(Wallingford CT)

Personally I believe that any diet will work, however it has to be a realistic one.

I drink green tea with every meal and I find that it helps me to curb my intake and flush out fats & carbs.

I use a liquid concentrate from HerbaSway that is caffeine free.

I mix it with either hot or cold water, depends on my mood. It comes in a variety of flavors so it makes it easy to enjoy with a meal.

The Peach is the best.

If you drink soda this is a great way to stop. We try to eat what's best for us but we tend to forget that what we drink may contain a ton of sugar and calories.

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Nov 27, 2009
Lost 40 Lbs. w/ Herbasway
by: Jane - Mill Valley, CA

Hi Ginger,

I lost 40 pounds drinking Herbasway's Green Tea and Herbaslim. I replaced all of my other calorie rich drinks with just the tea and herbaslim, and after a few weeks weight just fell off.

Nov 30, 2009
by: Russ

Hi Jane,
Way to go with the 40 pounds! I still need to drop the last 10. I didn't know HerbaSway made such a thing. The green tea is awesome, do you use it the same way?

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