Green Tea And TB - Anti-Bacterial Benefit

by Julian

22 October 2007 - A green tea and TB study conducted by Lucknow University found that it can efficiently fight tuberculosis (TB).

"Our studies, followed by clinical trials on animals, have shown that green tea is immensely beneficial for TB patients.A variety of compounds found in green tea can fight Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, the bacterium which causes the disease," said Professor M K Misra of Biochemistry department.

The researchers said toxins produced in a TB-infected mice showed a considerable fall after they had been administered green tea extract for seven days.

"It was heartening to see the level of antioxidants, which had been lowered by the infection, revert to near-normal levels,†said the researchers, who were assisted by doctors of CSMMU during the clinical studies.

The researchers explained that during the infection Mycobacterium Tuberculosis targets the blood cells in the human body, lowering its immune system. This, in turn, triggers formation of several toxins inside the body. Green tea extracts control the growth of bacterium, helping the human body's immune system to recover gradually.

Significantly, studies conducted by LU researchers on the healing effects of green tea extract have been published in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry of The Netherlands.

Source: Green Tea And TB. Express India.

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