Green Tea And Sleep Disorders

by Julian

23 May 2008 - A green tea and sleep disorders study found that its reduces conditions such as memory problems and confusion.

The study was recently published by University of Louisville researchers in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

The animal study, led by David Gozal, professor and director of the Kosair Children's Hospital Research Institute (KCHRI), found that compounds in green tea seem to make the brain less susceptible to oxygen loss caused by sleep disordered breathing, supporting other research that suggests green tea may have therapeutic value.

"Drinking green tea may prove to be one strategy to help patients cope with the cognitive side effects of sleep disordered breathing and obstructive sleep apnea," Gozal said.

Green tea contains compounds known as green tea catechins polyphenols (GTPs). These chemicals antioxidant properties seem to protect against diseases associated with inflammation and oxidative stress damage that result from the body's interaction with oxygen although scientists don't fully understand why.

Sleep apnea is a condition in which an obstructed airway causes a person to snore as they struggle to breath and take in oxygen. Apnea, which increases oxidative stress and inflammation, has long been associated with learning and behavior problems as well as hypertension, cardiac disease and obesity.

In this study, two groups of rats were subjected to periodic oxygen depletion that mimicked the nightly breathing patterns of obstructive sleep apnea. During the two week study period, one group was given plain drinking water; the other, water laced with GTPs.

Both groups were tested for oxygen depletion and inflammation and given learning and memory tests in a water maze. The rats that drank the GTP-treated water negotiated the water maze considerably better than the other group of rats.

"This evidence supports other studies that suggest GTP may protect the brain and other organs from oxidative stress,"Gozal explained. "These novel findings clearly warrant further research."

For more information about green tea and sleep disorders, contact Anne Eldridge, (502) 852-0943.

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Comments for Green Tea And Sleep Disorders

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Jun 04, 2009
Is it good for sleep?
by: Anonymous

Is green tea good for sleep? I mean if it's not going to deprive me rom sleep like caffeine. Somebody knows?

Aug 12, 2009
re:sleep deprivation
by: Anonymous

Hi, I've been experimenting with green tea supplements("holista" brand) for weight loss for some time.

I found that for me at least that the green tea was making me tired during the day, not giving me the "caffeine boost" that others wrote about.

I've taken it before bed and not had any trouble sleeping.

This report is interesting as I think I have sleep apnea so I will try it more consistently at night to see if it helps.

Dec 21, 2009
It makes me sleepy too
by: Anonymous

I started drinking green tea powder with milk in the morning and noticed that it made me sleepy. I'm going to switch to drinking in at night.

Jun 26, 2010
Green Tea is awesome!
by: Anonymous

I have been having green tea without sugar or milk about three times a day for the last month. I have found it to be extremely helpful with my digestion as I have always had problems with digestion, bloating and acidity. and I suffer from breathing difficulties almost every winter.

But this winter i hvnt yet had any sniffles yet. But I do wake up around 3/4 am at night, which night be due to the fact that I have been very tired lately as I am not eating as much as i used to.

I do feel tired through the day, this also might be because of my changed eating habit.

I have recommended green tea to my mom and she asked me whether green tea disrupts your sleep.

There can be many reasons why mom is having sleeping problem , but overall I would take the tiredness and early mornings over indigestion any time. :)

Oct 24, 2010
Maybe, Maybe Not
by: James

I've been drinking green tea for about 5 years now. I average about 3-4 cups a day throughout the year, although in summer maybe I'll only have one cup a day, and in winter I probably average 6 cups a day.

I love green tea, however, I must admit that I notice when I drink more, I need more sleep. When I drink less I don't need as much sleep.

I hate to say it because well, I love green tea, but at least in my own little experiments I've found that green tea throughout the day will make me a lot more sleepy in the mornings.

The only thing that seems to slightly prevent this is if I stop drinking any green tea after about 5-6pm.

But besides that, since I have started drinking a lot of green tea I have noticed many benefits too. For example, I used to get sick (a cold) about 3 times a year or so. Since drinking lots of green tea I have _never_ been sick yet. 5 years without being sick. I'll get close to being sick like, can feel it coming on, but thats as far as it gets.

Anyways I just thought I'd add my comments,


Jun 03, 2012
Green tea helps me sleep
by: Gini

I have been trying to find out why green tea helps me sleep. Most people seem to think it wakes them up! however - it definitely helps me sleep while coffee wakes me up. I do not sleep well naturally so can recommend green tea as a help for insomniacs.

Jul 16, 2013
Green tea and sleep
by: Anonymous

Just started green tea about 2 weeks ago.
Am taking it for various reasons and cannot comment about them due to short span of drinking the green tea, hoever to my surprise, it makes me sleepy---just the opposite of what I anticipated.

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Green Tea Caffeine Act Differently - It Helps Me Sleep Better!

by Anonymous
(Indiana )

All the symptoms you listed at the top of the article is obviously from the caffeine.

Everyone know that if you drink tea before going to bed or even a couple hours before your not going to be able to sleep.

I have been drinkin tea my whole life and maybe like 1 or 2 have happened to me and that was only from the caffeine. But I have.

Green tea helps me actually sleep better. I can fall asleep faster and stay a sleep.

This is a false article about green tea caffeine and should be taken down!

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My Insomnia remedies - Three Recommendations

by Sylvia
(Parsippany, NJ)

My discovery that is effective for me after trying many others:

1. Traditional Medicinals - organic Roasted Dandelion Root tea

2. Celestial Seasonings - Sleepytime decaf green tea, Lemon Jasmine

3. Design a Tea-Egyptian Secret, almond Egyptian chamomile, rooibos

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