Green Tea and Potassium (Hyperkalemia)

Can drinking approximately 6 cups of tea a day lower blood potassium levels?


Hey, I am not aware of any study that indicates such effect, and the amount that is needed to do so for human. The following study is related to potassium but it is done with using cells culture and at very high concentration.

Perhaps other readers might have a better idea? Suggestions are welcome.


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Oct 21, 2009
Tea and hypo/hyper-kalemia
by: Anonymous

Yes, 6 cups of tea could possibly have an effect on serum potassium. Though tea does itself contain potassium, tea can have a pronounced diuretic effect, maybe more so for some people than for others.

If you notice that drinking a certain quantity of tea sends you to the bathroom more than drinking an equal amount of water, then tea can be acting as a diuretic, and can be washing minerals such as potassium and magnesium out of your body, along with sodium, which is what we usually think of as being lost with diuresis.

Whether this is a good or a bad thing for you depends on your electrolyte balance, medications you may be taking (some of which may preferentially spare sodium or potassium), and the status of your kidney function.

If your concern is that you are losing too much potassium, be aware that all these minerals have complex relationships and are at least partially dependent on the amounts of other minerals in your body for their regulation.

For instance, low potassium levels are difficult to replenish in the absence of adequate magnesium.

I am not a physician or a nutritionist, so please do your own research and check my statements for accuracy. They reflect the present level of my understanding only.

Mar 03, 2010
Leg cramps
by: X-Ray

I have really bad lower leg and foot cramps that occur in the late evening and during the night. I also have some cramping in my back muscles. I drink maybe 3 cups of coffee in the morning. Then I may have 2-4 cups of green tea during the day.

Sometimes I don't get to the green tea part = nothing else to drink till evening. Even on days when I think I am drinking good during the day, I can have the cramps when I go to bed. The cramps seem to be getting more frequent and severe.

I've tried the MagPro cream. It helps a lot. But the leftover pain the next day really hurts. Any comments or suggestions?

Mar 03, 2010
leg cramps
by: Anonymous

Depends on your diet.

Leg cramps can happen if:
you are not eating enough sodium (salt)
you are not eating enough calcium
you are not eating enough potassium (or magnesium which helps potassium absorption).

If your diet is rich and varied and you already have a multi vit as well as a varied diet you could still be low in potassium because you should aim for 3,500mg a day but multi vits only have 40mg-99mg in. Check out high potassium foods and see if you eat any. Bananas and beans are high in potassium.

If you still have the problem then check out a herbal supplement called "Horse Chestnut Extract". It stops leg cramps. Amazing. Just 1-2 pills a day. Cheap from healthydirect. They use this stuff in Germany (doctors prescribe it there) and it does work. I have taken it for 10 years. I used to get cramp all the time but now I don't at all.

Mar 19, 2011
Potassium levels after taking green tea supplements
by: Anonymous

Green tea supplements, via weight loss advertisements,,, Started Walgreens brand of Mega-Tea green tea supplements two months ago and yes> my doctor did a potassium level test on me last week and it came out lower than normal.

I have been going to the bathroom more than usual and have had severe constipation. The other symptoms that have appeared to be mild but uncomfortable is heart racing, anxiety, and fatigue.

It should be noted that low potassium levels are dangerous and can affect your heart and kidneys not to mention other areas of the human body. If anyone is thinking of green tea supplements for weight loss they should be monitored by a doctor.

Dec 23, 2011
High potassium
by: Anonymous

I was intrested to know if green tea contained potassium.

M ine is slightly elevated and would like to lower it some.

Aug 23, 2015
leg cramps
by: RJ

I too experienced leg cramps during a period when I was drinking 3-4 cups of green tea daily for about 2 months or more. I lost weight, it really cut my appetite I was grateful for that. But I stopped drinking it for two months or more and I didn't experience leg cramps any longer. I experienced that many years ago. I just started drinking it again yesterday. I only had one cup and one cup of black tea at that same time. I don't plan to start drinking it every day maybe just a few times a week to test if any problems occur. Take care :)

Nov 09, 2015
Green tea caps.
by: Anonymous

I have been taking green tea caps . Can it raise potassium? My tests are rising in too much potassium.

Jun 05, 2017
high potassium
by: Anonymous

I have gotten high potassium so high that the doctors thought I would have a heart attack. I was in the hospital for 3 days. they were giving me an infusion to clean out the potassium in my blood. So be aware too much potassium is very bad for you . PS I also lost my leg muscles to where I could not walk .

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