Green Tea and Ovarian Cyst

Hi! I am an Indian. I am suffering from ovarian cyst. My question is that can I drink green tea?

I have been asked to avoid drinks that contain caffeine. On the other hand, I have learned green tea can avoid ovarian cancer.

Please advise.



Hey, it is true that green tea has been found to prevent ovarian cancer in numerous studies, but I haven't found anything that relates specifically to ovarian cysts.

You may want to consult to heatlh adviser on green tea as it does contain caffeine.

I hope this helps.


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Jun 22, 2014
Further update
by: Julian

There is anecdotal evidence that green tea works, but it is far from conclusive and I suspect different individuals will respond different to green tea. See Earth Remedy discussions below:

Jan 03, 2017
Does green tea cure simple ovarian cysts?
by: Sharmistha

I am a patient suffering from pcod which is simple ovarian cysts of 3cm and 2.72 cm in my both side of the ovaries due to which I face irregularities of my periods and I don't want to suffer my body with allopathy medicines side effects and even don't want to undergo with gynaeo surgical treatments so I am already taking ayurvedic medicines as it works slowly has no side effects and vanish every disease from its root. So my inquiry is that presently I am drinking green tea so will it cure my ovarian cysts? Will it be helpful to vanish ovarian cysts from its root?

Apr 06, 2017
Is green tea good for cyst
by: Anonymous

I had ovarian cyst on my right side and after it vanished i had pcos and again on the same side i had ovarian cyst is green tea a cure for it?

Jul 25, 2017
Ovarian Cysts
by: Anonymous

Im also suffering ovarian cyst size 7cm, im undergo some ultrasound and CT Scan because they cannot detect what king of lump outside my ovary, so i decide to second opinion to other OB Doctor she request immediately to undergo again transrectal with doppler ultrasound finaly the ultrasound result its ovarian cysts benign. After the result she recommend to take me VisanneĀ® and early in the morning i blend the 3pcs small ampalaya, 1 small turmeric,1 leaves kale and honey after 1 hr i eat healthy breakfast and my friend told me eat 1green apple a day and cucumber..

Mar 20, 2018
Green tea and ovarian cysts
by: Anonymous

I have had ovarian cysts for years. I have been drinking 64oz of Green Tea for the last month.

I hadn't had any issues till yesterday. I am having serious pain and bleeding the last 2 days.

I recommend no more than one glass or 5 cups a day.

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