Green Tea and Nasal Congestion

by Bernie Morningstar
(Ljamsville Md USA)

I drink a couple of glasses of green tea every evening. By the time I go to bed my nose is stuffed tight. I began to wonder if the tea was causing it. I stopped the tea and now I don't get the nasal congestion.


Bernie, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, green tea is considered cooling and damp. My experience with green tea is that drinking green tea stimulates mucous and phlegm production, which might cause nasal congestion.

On the other hand, drinking high quality green tea can improve immunity. This can be helpful when you are at the onset of catching a flu.

On a related point, I wouldn't recommend drinking green tea in the evening as it contains caffeine and may reduce sleep quality.

If you experience similar things to Bernie, could you please add your comment below? Thank you.

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Sep 10, 2009
Green tea and nasal congestion
by: Anonymous

Yes, I've noticed experiencing this as well. And when I stop drinking green tea, my nose clears up in a few days. I've rechallenged and dechallenged several times and I am quite certain green tea caused the nasal congestion.

Jan 01, 2010
Association of Caffeine with Congestion
by: Anonymous

I have experienced similar nasal congestion but after consuming Darjeeling variety tea in the evenings. I have found a decaffeinated variety of Darjeeling which is my preferred type of tea and will report if my congestion improves.

I also have been diagnosed with a mildly deviated septum which aggravates the congestion problem. I will measure caffeine levels for comparison.

I have learned that to earn the designation "decaffeinated" for label copy, one merely has to demonstrate that one-half of the original caffeine that was present before the process has been removed.

I am an analytical chemist and have personally verified this to be in line with my testing results.

It is interesting that I found Crystal Light instant teas and flavored instant teas that I have tested contain no significant amount of caffeine.

Mar 07, 2010
Pre-existing condition
by: Anonymous

I have had chronic sinusitis for years and recently began drinking green tea regularly, and for a while it caused pre-existing congestion to drain down from the upper sinuses out through the nose, in the same way that taking vitamin C during a cold often causes the sinuses to drain down.

Agreed that green tea contains a caffeine-like substance that can keep you awake. I drink it only in the morning and early afternoon so it does not cause insomnia.

Apr 06, 2010
Green tea?
by: Tina

I just looked up to see if afternoon nasal congestion was common. Maybe some kind of allergy.

Interestingly enough I just started talking green tea pills for energy at work this week. By 2 in the afternoon for the past week I get completely stuffed up. Could it really be the green tea???

Jun 01, 2010
I'm allergic to green tea.
by: David

So far I've been taking Green Tea Extract for 2 weeks, I've noticed I don't feel bloated anymore but the bad news is I also feel drowsy very slow, but I been taking also vitamin C since a few months ago, I decided to also take multivitamin and vitamin B too, I noticed when I take vitamin B I feel a little better.

I will see how it goes taking Green Tea I will give it another week, but I will keep on taking vitamin B.

Jul 07, 2010
Green Tea and Nasal Congestion
by: Anonymous

I get congested from drinking green tea.

I drink it daily in the afternoon for the health benefits and every time, by the time I'm done my green tea, my nose is quite stuffed.

It clears after a few hours though. My wife thinks I'm nuts but it's a fact. This seems to happen with every green tea i've drank (loose leaf, processed bags, Jasmine, etc).

It doesn't seem to happen as badly with black tea though. I also get congested by beer and wine which leads me to believe it might be tannin related but I can't explain why green tea has more effect than black tea.

Other than that, I've got no known allergies other than I'm generally susceptible to sinus congestion (which may mean other allergies exist.)

Aug 05, 2010
Kidney stones
by: jerry

I have been drinking Lipton Green ice tea for a few months now. I love ice tea. My question is Will Ice tea cause kidney stones or ice tea may cause kidney stones. The thought of me getting kidney stones worries me so I have stopped drinking ice tea unfortunately. Should I stop drinking ice tea altogether or cut down on drinking ice tea.

Thank you

Oct 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

I've had the opposite effect with green tea. When I'm congested, I drink green tea to *relieve* me of congestion. It instantly breaks it up and brings relief.

Green tea also gives me a nearly instant energy boost. I know I'm in the majority since a quick Internet search shows that most people experience the same great results as I have.

That's why this thread makes no sense to me. The only downside to the green tea for me is that it tastes horrible.

Dec 01, 2010
Allergy to any organic tea
by: Tony

I have a bad reaction to any organic tea with a constant drip down the back of the throat, incessant cough, and retching. Need prednisone to remove symptoms which can last up to a week.

Am ok with non organic teas except for reaction to caffeine. Can drink some herbal teas especially rooibos, and chamomile. Have been unable to drink coffee for last 20 years, same symptoms appear as they do decaff coffee.

I suspect some form of mold or fungus not removed by processing to ordinary tea. Anyone else have any ideas?

Dec 17, 2010
Sinus congestion
by: Anonymous

Yes, I have also experienced stuffed nose, mildly tight throat, and sinus pressure/shoulder aches from drinking only certain brands of green tea (nonorganic) and organic chai. The reactions arise in about 20mins but go away after a few hours. I suspect I might be sensitive to some of the chemicals in the tea from the processing.

Also, my father gets a skin rash if he drinks green tea. I have been tested for allergies and are allergic to only certain types of tree pollen.

Sep 08, 2011
Green tea allergy
by: Anonymous

I have had the same problem. I had a good friend bring me a lot of green tea straight from China. I started drinking it regularly and noticed my nose was stuffed and I was losing sleep due to not being able to breath. The reason I noticed it was the tea is because I drank it in the morning once and the rest of the day my nose was stuffed, whereas it was only happening in the evening in the past. I am glad I figured this out!

Dec 05, 2011
Green tea allergy
by: Paul

I love all the things they say about the good things in green tea, but I have had to stop because it makes me feel congested and very on edge. Coffee does not do this to me, so I know it's not the caffeine. Dark tea has a lesser effect on me than green tea.

Jan 03, 2012
Yes, green tea causes mucous response
by: snowheart

Yes, unfortunately green tea causes a mucous reaction in my upper respiratory track , almost immediately. The back of my throat and upper lungs will produce phlegm as a reaction to green tea. My ears even clog up. This can happen with red wine sometimes but since I don't drink a lot of red wine, I don't have much to report on there.

Mar 06, 2012
Nasal congestion
by: Anonymous

For several years I was congested after drinking my morning coffee so I switched to black tea in the morning. The same things happens though not to such a severe degree. There must be some connection.

Jun 08, 2012
Mucus in throat
by: Anonymous

I had constant phlegm in my throat for 6 months before I figure out it was the green tea causing it.

I quit drinking green tea and it completely went away. But now I have the phlegm back so I think I must have a tannin allergy and need to cut out red wine etc.

I love red wine so this is really hard for me but the phlegm in the throat is annoying enough that I will have to stop drinking it. Glad to find others with the same reaction. I thought I was crazy!

Aug 15, 2012
Are salicylates in green tea and red wine the issue??
by: Anonymous

Hi all, Yes I too get a cough and tight throat almost instantly from drinking green tea and with some red wines and seemingly from a vast range of what seem like unrelated foods.

My doctor suspects it may be "salicylates".

Apparently green tea and red wine is high in this, and so too lots of other foods.

Avoiding salicylates seems very hard. She has recommended supporting the immune system and detoxing system (liver) with, among other things, a good liver tonic, selenium and Vitamin D.

She thought the selenium in particular would be helpful.

Starting the selenium (200 microgram)tomorrow.Here's hoping it helps.

Sep 02, 2012
vasodilatation => congestion
by: Anonymous

tea, especially green one, is known for having vasodilator properties. while generally a good thing, it can increase nasal congestion too.

Sep 11, 2012
by: Anonymous


Oct 24, 2012
Congestion from green tea
by: tia

Ok this is Great! I also have the same problem, and am just now realizing what is happening. I love tea, all kinds of tea, and now im paying attention to what kinds make my congestion better or worse. I hope its just the specific bracd, maybe its because it itsnt organic? Could be pestacides... Glad we are all figuring out what ales us.

Good Luck!

Feb 12, 2013
Organic green tea=mucus
by: Anonymous

I have been drinking green tea, morning , noon, and night. It's a great relaxant.

However, I just realized that the coughing I've been getting lately is associated with the drinking of tea. So glad to hear from others that it's not my imagination.

Don't know what I'll do now without the 6 or 7 cups of tea per day.

Feb 12, 2013
Cause colds
by: Anonymous

When I buy a 6 pack of Diet Lipton green tea I start to get a cold!?!? My nose starts to run and my throat gets sore. But when I buy the individual bottles this doesn't happen!

Feb 15, 2013
Nasel congestion
by: Anonymous

I started drinking green tea a few months ago for the health benefits,ever since then I seem to have always been blocked up, only I have only just realised that it might be the tea, I will now not drink for a few days to test out this theory.

Apr 05, 2013
by: holly

I have just noticed the same thing!! I love love love my green tea, disappointed and surprised that it was that which was causing me to have such painful sinuses :(

May 22, 2013
Me Too
by: Anonymous

Just starting drinking green tea trying to get off diet cokes. Drank a big glass Monday night after cutting the grass and suddenly I was completely stopped up. Thought it might be allergies from the grass cutting so I drank several more glasses on Tuesday but felt terrible all day. Thought I had a sinus infection but started questioning the tea because it seemed to get worse every time I drank a glass. Woke up Wed. not nearly as bad. Was up for about 2 hours then had a glass of tea and before I could finish it I was completely stopped up again. I think there has to be a connection. Going to have to give it up I think.

May 24, 2013
thickens my mucus
by: Zuzu

I adore green tea, I don't think i can be without it, but I have noticed that it thickens my mucus, at first I didn't want to believe it's the green tea, but I am most certain now that it is, its a shame because I haven't been able to stop myself from drinking and I will have to because its causing lots of problems for me with breathing.

Jun 05, 2013
Green Tea
by: Joyce

Yes I too am concerned that I experienced stuffy/runny nose, sneezing, throat irritation, and sinus pressure after drinking green tea regularly (daily). I have tried several different brands of green tea and I continue to have the same affect. However, when drink green tea periodically it doesn’t seems to be a problem.

Oct 19, 2013
Black vs Green vs White?
by: Conny

I've got a chronic sinus infection for the last year. Strong black tea seems clear it up a bit, so I thought green tea would be even better. But after reading all of this it probably will not help. Has anyone tried white tea and had a sinus reaction with that?

Nov 19, 2013
I drank tea 2 hours ago
by: Guchi

Same for me! after reading all benefits of green tea. I've used it for about 1 year. but til now I felt good 2 hours ago, then I am feeling my nose stuffy and get headache. I suspect because tannin and the amount I consumed.

I will lower doses. but for the moment I have to give up drinking tea.

Nov 19, 2013
Happening to me
by: Anonymous

Same with green tea infusion using infuser. I think too much tea.

Dec 11, 2013
Me As Well
by: Fred

I just did this search on Google because of it. It's really a shame because I just bought the best green tea directly from China for $120. Doesn't matter if it's hot or cold. Not worth the side effects. Interesting Cure: Hot coffee clears it up much faster than waiting.

Feb 09, 2014
Hot coffee
by: Guchi

Interesting, I am looking for ways to clear up my nose, same happened to me to vitamin c, thing is that I took both green tea and Vitamin c for long periods that somehow became allergic, I asked Doctor, she said that my Evastel will help to clear those provoked allergics.

In the mean time will try hot coffee to see if clears up.

Mar 18, 2014
Another 'Sufferer'
by: John

I've been drinking green tea for 15 years, and, I have been rather stuffed up and minimal sneezing for many years as well! I have eliminated and re-introduced various foods or drink through the years, but now feel called to eliminate my green tea consumption altogether to see what helps. I used to drink coffee before that, but it was harsher as I would get a skin rash after 2-3 cups after a few years. I also react in similar ways to red wine. I have tested 'negative' for many foods/drink after two rounds of alergy tests over the past several years, and was diagnnosed decade or so ago with Perinial Rhinitus. I'll quite today, and try to remember and post here in a month or so with my findings. (I am going to miss my caffeine pick-me-up!)

May 16, 2014
Green tea stuffiness
by: Danielle

I too have experienced this concern about green tea. I currently have 3 cups a day, and I started about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, it causes me to cough up thick mucus throughout the day and night. I am sad to know that I cannot benefit from its healing properties...

Jul 07, 2014
Yes, me too
by: Lee

I got hooked on Tetley green tea thinking it was a healthy option....felt good that I had made that choice. I have noticed that if I have my first cup in the morning I instantly start coughing up little green balls of mucous and dry, irritated cough throughout the day. If I drink a coffee, water or juice I don't seem to suffer this.....I thought this might be the anti oxidant effect, clearing my lungs....but my breathing is like through cotton wool and laboured, had all the tests for asthma, blood work & chest xray and all were infection or shadows etc, so I have been referred to ENT. I figure that the green tea may have a lot to answer for, I don't get a problem from other drinks so I think leaving it out could be the much for going healthy!!!!

Sep 17, 2014
Spotty mucus from green tea?
by: lmbpoohy

I drink 2 cups of hot tea every day. I have noticed if I have any kind of mucus it looks spotty. Brown speckles. Is it from the tea? Or should I be getting checked for something more serious?

Oct 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

I've been drinking green tea for last 2 yrs cause of dairy allergy affecting Eustachian tubes !!! I'm amazed what I've read about green tea , defo going to give it a try without it now !

Feb 02, 2015
Yes! Nasal Congestion happens after drinking Green Tea
by: Anonymous

Yes, I noticed that as well! I'm drinking Green Tea as I write this and instantly I felt my nose closing up. I thought I'll Google and see if this has happened to anyone else...thank goodness it's not all just in my head!

Feb 09, 2015
Green Tea
by: Anonymous

Don't drink Green tea when you are having a cold. I had a cold, and my nose was dripping faucets. After a hot shower, my nose was dry. After several hours later, my nose was still dry. I thought it would stay dry when I drank Green tea. After taking several gulps, my nose started dripping again. Green tea is very hydrated, therefore, causing excess saliva to build up in the mouth. I believe this does the same with my nose!

Feb 12, 2015
Green tea sinus
by: Anonymous

Me nasal congestion has increased +++ and I have only recently starting drinking greem Matcha tea

Feb 16, 2015
Green tea reaction
by: Anonymous

I have found that I am also experiencing the same symptoms. My congestion got so bad, I use to get terrible migraines as well. Realized it was green tea so I stop. My sinus cleared so I decided to try a very small dose of high quality Matcha. My nose is just running like a tap now. I don't understand what in the green tea causes this but no more for me.

Apr 13, 2015
Yes, me too for nasal congestion and cough
by: Anonymous

Have been drinking green tea, and had an irritating drippy back of throat switched to organic white tea with unbleached bags...also gives me the same symptoms! Congestion with cough!!
Also, starting to make me wheeze slightly, so there is definitely an allergic reaction to both teas.
Finally switched to chamomile, and the problem has cleared up!!
Sad that i cannot enjoy the benefits of green tea!!!
My mother also says green tea upsets her tummy and gives her bad indigestion!!

May 17, 2015
Chronic sinus headaches
by: Sally

Have been taking green tea in tablet form as antioxidant and sun protection and my head just pounds as I'd someone is driving a skewer under my left eyebrow. Gonna give these tabs a miss as am sure it's at the root and report back!!

Jun 01, 2015
Green Tea / Congestion
by: Anonymous

Could it be because the tea is hot and the change of temperature might have caused a sinus change?

Aug 07, 2015
think green mucus and phlegm
by: Jaseline

I'm experiencing it as well. It has been about a week now since I was introduced to 2 cups of green tea daily. The only different was that I drank in the morning. I've been coughing out phlegm non stop throughout the day for the past few days. Its not bloody, but thick and green sometimes yellow and foam like. I felt there are something within the throat that was stuck and it is really difficult to expel out. Now that I've stopped consuming green tea, I hope my nose and throat will clear up soon. Really did not expect this from consuming green tea. I always thought green tea is good in terms of health benefits not until I drink it.

Sep 15, 2015
Green Tea
by: Riyma

Yes, i have experience Nasal Congestion few minutes after drinking green tea.I was drinking green tea for 2 weeks and after these two weeks i started to noticed that after drinking green tea i am having running nose, headaches and sneezing...

First i thought that its a flu but later i realized that it was from green tea..
so i stop drinking green tea....

When i drink green tea i feel light in weight but than its also causing me problems...

Oct 13, 2015
Mucus after green tea
by: Anonymous

I don't want to believe it but I've notice that after I start drinking my beloved green tea in the morning, I start to cough and produce mucus in my throat and lungs. So sad about the thought of giving up one more thing, but glad to know I'm not the only one experiencing this. Please post if anyone has found a brand or type of tea that does not cause this.

Dec 04, 2015
Green Tea gets rid of nasal congestion
by: Symeon Christos Ioannou

It has actually been proved that Green Tea can relieve nasal congestion and even sooth a sore throat because. So it does not cause nasal congestion but relieves it because the scent and the natural elements inside helps the mucus to flow and relieves the so called blocked nose. Hope this was helpful.

Jan 06, 2016
Matcha causes congestion!
by: Lola4rmKona

Agreed. I am a recent drinker of Matcha green tea and I have gotten congested almost on a daily basis. I thought maybe I was getting a cold so I stopped drinking it for a bit and oddly enough it stopped too.

I started again and same thing happened! Brown or greenish spotty hack from the bottom of your throat type! I decided to "experiment " and alternated a weeks with and without.

Sure enough it stopped again. Thought I could implement the "healthy" benefits of Matcha this year but sadly I prefer breathing through my nose so into the trash it goes! Good luck to everyone else=)

Mar 11, 2016
Sinus congestion after drinking Matcha
by: Cristiana

I have recently started taking Matcha tea (one cup in the morning) and have noticed that I'm suffering from congestion and painful sinuses. Years back I tried taking wheatgrass and experienced the same problem. Could this be a type of allergy? I will persevere with Matcha for a few days and see what happens.

May 21, 2016
Increase in mucous definitely
by: Green Tea Fan

I've noticed this with Jasmine and Japanese Green Tea. I like the teas, but too much of it seems to cause this condition. I'm experimenting to definitely pin down a cause to see if this happens with other teas.

Jul 26, 2016
Tea and Sinusitis
by: USMC 8152

I have stopped drinking all tea altogether as it has a negative reaction on my Sinusitis 100% of the time.

Sep 12, 2016
by: Anonymous

I am on my third pack of tea, which I started taking all the time so I don't get hooked on coffee. Since then I have had these reactions as if I have a cold flu. It just occurred to me Google tea and flu together and see if there is a connection...and viola!

Just had my last bag!

Nov 13, 2016
Similar effect noted
by: Samc

I usually stick with coffee at Starbucks.

But reading about green tea online I started drinking green tea some time in the day at infini tea and I notice immediate effect of increase mucus in my throat as soon as a hour of consumption.

I do not blame the leaves but I guess it's the milk which is responsible. Because as milk alone at its natural properties promotes mucus. There goes.

Jan 01, 2017
epiphany about green tea and milk
by: Anonymous

I am fascinated by this post because I, too, have had terrible sore throats after drinking a green tea latte. For a while I thought it was the milk, so I switched to almond milk. No help. Then coconut. Then flax. And here it may simply be that it's the green tea powder??? Gahhh!

Jan 03, 2017
It is because Green Tea is high in histamine
by: Angie

I have been on this journey for over 5 years and I can tell you now that the reason you are having nasal congestion is because green tea is fermented and therefore high in histamine. Look up histamine intolerance. Black tea, green tea, coffee, fermented foods like sauerkraut, beer, wine, are all high histamine and can trigger allergies. Green tea was my original trigger 5 years ago, but now there are many other things that cause me to have the same reaction. Good luck!

Mar 25, 2017
Jasmine Green tea & Mucuous.
by: Carolyn

I usually drink Jasmine tea on a regular basis. I wasn't able to purchase any this month. After about 2 weeks I noticed my mucous and phlegm has stopped. So it was definitely the tea.

Apr 25, 2017
Yes - green tea makes me phlegmy (increases mucous production)
by: Anonymous in S California

Yes! I have noticed for years that green tea makes me phlegmy - I have bad allergies so am very prone to sinus issues (post nasal drip - ick)! But I always wondered if it was just in my head. Happy to see at least I'm not crazy. Interesting about Chinese medicine - I will research more.

Jul 23, 2017
Drinking large amounts of Green tea turned my health around for the worse
by: Anonymous

Just want to share that too much of anything is no good for anyone. So I started drinking large amounts of geen tea because it was touted as the next best thing to water. I didn't drink it at night so it wouldn't interfere with my sleep. However I did drink it everyday for about 3 years straight in large amounts. I was drinking probably about 50 ounces to a half gallons everyday. Well as it turned out that was detrimental to my health. My blood pressure had soared through the stratosphere. My doctor immediately put me on meds for the high blood pressure. Next thing that happened to me is that I suffered from a constant clogging feeling in my left ear. I went to have my ears flushed out because I thought it was an over build up of wax. However that wasn't the case. The doctor said my ears were clear of any wax build up. Then I noticed a funny headache on my left side that would come and go. It was a funny kind of headache similar to eating that pop rock candy years ago. Then at times I would have rapid heartbeat, panic and anxiety attacks. Sometimes I would wake up at night from my sleep thinking I was having a heart attack or a stroke becaus sometimes I would feel tingling and numbness on my left side of the face. I went to the doctors and hospitals because of all of these symptoms and all tests would say everything is fine. With my last visit to the hospital I had the doctors do a cat scan on my brain because I thought I had a brain tumor or cancer or something going on with the head with these strange headaches. But the cat scan showed that all was clear of any abnormalities. I swear I thought I was going crazy and the doctors even looked at me as if I was going crazy or making these things up. Well low and behold I started to think maybe the green tea is causing all of this especially since it contains caffeine. So I started drinking decaffeinated green tea and drank the same large amounts. Well apparently not much changed. I still went through the same problems. Then I said to my self that decaffeinated doesn't mean free of caffeine. So I finally decided to give up green tea and see what happens. OMG, one week later and everything took a turn for the better. My rapid heartbeat disappeared, the clogging of my ear dissipated, my headaches went away, the numbness and tingling on my left face vanished and the biggest of them all is that my blood pressure went back to normal and is now optimal. Right now I just drink natural spring water and I must say that I feel great. I won't say that I will never drink green tea again but if I do maybe it will be 1 cup once a week. So if any of you are experiencing what I experienced then maybe letting green tea go may help.

Sep 09, 2017
Black Tea
by: JuneBug

I never experienced congestion at all until this year. I put all plants out to find cause and effect. But it came to me that I drink black tea unsweetened must everyday. So, I decide tonight to look up: "how black tea have an effect on sinus", and I found this blog. My next step is to stop drinking the tea. I will start as I am writing this comment. Just prior to me searching, I have just opened a black tea and drink and start sneezing. My wife kidding, said the sneezing started after you drink the black tea.

Dec 05, 2017
by: Allannah

I have a secondary sinus infection after a case of flu. My eyes are puffy and sinus passages very sore to the touch. After drinking my regular earl grey tea, I find it makes it much worse within minutes, my nose is stuffy, my throat feels constricted and the pressure in my eyes and temples is much more severe, I even feel dizzy. I thought caffeine might help constrict the blood vessels and help, but no. I wonder this is? I was going to switch to green tea to help, but I absolutely won't be doing it now. Thanks for your help xxx

Dec 05, 2017
Tea - the culpit
by: Allannah

Just did a quick search on this and here's an explanation from a western medical perspective. Tea - green or black is a DAO - Diamine Oxidase blocker. DAO deficiency leads to high histamine levels which, if you are susceptible to nasal congestion or have a sinus infection, will make things much worse. Like drinking red wine, which block DAO and releases histamine.

Jan 05, 2018
Constant drip
by: Anonymous

I will give up tea if this is what is causing my constant nasal drip and congestion and headaches. I also noticed I seem to have a worse drip after consuming ACV.

Feb 03, 2018
Instant sneezing around match a powder
by: Anonymous

I bought a bag of matcha from Costco because of its antioxidant properties, with the plan of mixing it into beverages (yuck). But whenever I open the bag I start sneezing instantly, my nose congests and starts running, and I feel sinus pressure. Today,I tried opening the container carefully so that I wouldn't inhale any of the fine powder, but it still got into my nose and started the whole sneezing/sinus reaction again. So here I sit, mouth breathing. Yesterday I tried an experiment by opening the container with a dust mask on, and my nose got itchy but the sneezing fit didn't happen. Strangely enough, I think I can ingest it orally no problem, but inhalation is OUT! Since I don't like the taste of green tea, I guess I'll just have to settle for the antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate!

Jun 06, 2018
It helps me
by: Anonymous

I drink one to two cups of hot jasmine green tea and found it actually helps my congestion. I bet it’s probably cuz I drink it hot though.

Jul 11, 2018
green tea phlegm
by: Brian

Green tea appears to cause me to get phlegm. This causes me to cough which is caused by the phlegm. It is very annoying. If it continues, I'll have to stop having green tea. Brian

Jul 26, 2018
Oh tea?
by: Kari

I am soooo happy that i stumbled upon this forum...i would hug you all, if i could. For a couple of years i began strugging with a dry, nagging cough and a horrible mucous build up. I never in a hundred million years thought that green tea could be the culprit. But, i started drinking green tea a couple of years ago, too. Every single day. Two big huge mugs of it (30 oz) first thing every single morning. I just finished a mug just now! The irony is that i used to detest the stuff. I had to acquire a taste for it. I love it now...with lots of honey. I was so afraid I'd have to give up dairy and wwheat. This, i can do.

Aug 23, 2018
green tea and congestion
by: Claudia

I began to suspect a connection between green tea and an almost instant and strong increase in mucus both in my nose, throat and lungs. Glad to find that this is common and explicable on a scientific basis. I love my cup of afternoon green tea but no more.

Aug 27, 2018
Just start drinking genmaicha and...
by: Masay

Ok. I usually drink black tea (English breakfast, earl grey, etc) and doesn’t have any problem them.
But o boy, since three days ago I started drinking genmaicha (green tea with roasted brown rice) it’s super delicious and I drink it cool (as per the instructions I can put them on fridge overnight and drink it cool) and then I started feeling warm and got nasal congestion 😭 I don’t think it’s because of the green tea! I though I got cold... but it happened everytime i drank my tea... so after I found this, I’m gonna to stop and see what happens

Sep 06, 2018
Slight sinus trouble
by: Anonymous

I used to drink black tea regularly. But now only I am facing slight tightening in my sinus while drinking black tea. May be that particular tea brand is allergic to me.

Jan 22, 2019
I stopped drinking tea of any kind NEW
by: Anonymous

I stopped drinking tea about a week ago after months of congestion and coughing. Last night I had my first cough and mucus free sleep! I now just drink one cup of coffee in the morning and hot or cold water the rest of the day.
Very happy that this seems to be working.

Mar 29, 2019
Sad but I’m going to have to stop drinking matcha
by: Leslie

I’m also experiencing the bad cough, constant phlegmy throat, insomnia & now aches on my left side. The other night I woke up with heart palpitations. I’m so glad I found this post because it took me a while to associate the green tea with these side effects. I usually only have one matcha latte in the morning but day after day apparently it’s enough to cause these problems. I’m going to have to limit my intake to once a week or maybe stop completely. So sad because I love my matcha lattes!

Jul 09, 2019
Sinus congestion and change of voice
by: Anonymous

I noticed the sinus phlegm build up but was more concerned by it affecting my voice. I drink matcha tea and noticed that if I drank k it not, it didn't affect my voice as much as if I drank it cold. I'm seeing an ENT doctor to see if there's a more efficient way to drink this, because I really want to keep the mental acuity benefits that it gives me. Maybe I need to cut it down from 2 teaspoons down to 1. I don't know, but drink the tea hot has helped. I have my voice back.

Sep 11, 2019
Green Tea NEW
by: Anonymous

Could it be the green tea is causing the congestion to clear out the nasty stuff? Is it possible it is just getting stuck and needs to be cleared out of the sinuses? Just a thought...

Oct 09, 2019
Congestion from Green Tea NEW
by: Anonymous

I've drank Green Tea a handful of times, and experienced congestion almost immediately after drinking, therefore I do not drink it anymore. I'm so glad to hear others have experienced the same, as I thought it was just me.

Oct 16, 2019
Congestion NEW
by: Anonymous

Very congested and headache like symptoms I’m happy I’m not alone!i will stop drinking green tea!

Aug 07, 2020
green tea and mast cells NEW
by: William

It's difficult to reconcile all these reports of coughing and congestion when the medical literature reports EGCG (the most active component of green tea) to be a potent suppressor of mast cell degranulation. Mast cells release histamine when they degranulate (rupture) and that is what causes the runny nose and congestion during a bad cold. Also itching from insect bites, etc. Antihistamines counter the effect of histamine, but preventing the degranulation of mast cells stops the release of histamine and the scores of other chemicals that we haven't even identified. Perhaps most who come to this website share the same problem and have an allergy to the tea itself? I have the opposite effect and take a decaffeinated EGCG capsule for better relief than antihistamines. BTW, someone posted that green tea is high in histamine because it is fermented and that is incorrect.,white%20tea%20is%20entirely%20unfermented.

Nov 06, 2020
Homemade Remedies for Sinus NEW
by: Anonymous

Best Blog about green tea
For Homemade remedy of sinus please visit:-

Dec 19, 2020
Yes! NEW
by: Memorie Scott

Yes, after drinking green tea for several days, I repeatedly
have developed progressive sinus swelling and drainage.
After a while, both ear tubes become swollen and hurt terribly
Only giving up the tea helps with symptoms.

May 27, 2021
matcha tea from Starbucks NEW
by: Jane

I loved green tea in general especially in Japanese Restaurants and have never had an issue with it. However, I discovered by accident in the fall of 2018 (a barista gave me a cup that someone had not picked up) that I really liked their Matcha green tea. I started ordering Matcha from Starbucks frequently rather than coffee. At some point within about 2 weeks when I was drinking the Matcha almost every day. I came down with the worst cough of my life that would not go away for some weeks and entered my lungs. Finally by eating raw garlic I was able to cure ot. I have always attributed the way the Matcha was was coating my throat and the cough that arrived to the Matcha tea from Starbucks that I fell in love with (temporarily) and don't order that drink any more. I have not had a cough since.

Sep 23, 2021
Cough and mucas
by: AJ

I didn't drink green tea for few weeks and noticed that my nose wasn't blocked still had a cough as u had covid. But prior to that I had a cough. Since I've started drinking green tea again my nose is always blocked and coughing up phlegm.
I had 2 cups this morning and I'm coughing more than usual. Could be after effects of covid still, but I will stop drinking green tea for a while and see what hapens

Sep 25, 2022
Sniffing green tea to clear nose in the am NEW
by: Anonymous

Iam not worried about the tea causing congestion. I started sniving it in the am back into the cavities. i like how it opens me up. If you can drink it then why not sniff it. My concern is can it hurt me to inhale it. I do not notice congestion afterward at all.

Mar 17, 2023
AZ Diet Green Tea with Gensing
by: Captain Clay Crash

After swearing off of soda pop in 2017, I discovered that I love Arizona Green Tea! I drink it by the gallon. It's all I drink besides water and hot cocoa in the winter. Thanx to this article, I am going to go a few days without my delicious AZ Green Tea and see what happens.

Now, I'll have to find a healthy alternative.

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