Green Tea and Breast Cancer - Cause or Cure?

by Harriet
(New York)

A friend of mine was watching the TV Show "Extra" (9/18) and they had a "green tea alert" saying that drinking green tea stimulated breast cancer. Can this be true?


Harriet, for something as complex as cancer, there bounds to be a mixture of studies both showing green tea being positively or negatively linked with breast cancer. As scientists understand the underlying mechanism better and better, they would be able to get more consistent results from their studies.

In answer to your question, as far as I am aware, there is much more evidence that green tea prevents breast cancer than otherwise. For discussion on green tea's effect on cancer, visit

Green Tea and Cancer

To convince, yourself, visit and search for "green tea breast cancer", or simply search under

What is not so clear is what effect green tea has on woman experiencing PMS. You can refer to the article below for further information:

Green Tea and PMS

Hope it helps.


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