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Feb 21, 2009
Green tea and sickness
by: Jane

Hi unfortunately I too have a strange reaction to green tea. within 5 minutes of drinking it I become nauseous and develop a thumping headache and then I vomit.

The headache then subsides and I feel fine about half an hour later. I have tried different brands of tea but the result is the same. No more green tea for me!

Feb 22, 2009
Green tea reaction/allergy/anaphylactic shock
by: Karen

Two incidents happened to me before I realized I have a violent reaction to green tea.

First time at a Chinese restaurant where I asked for Jasmine tea. They had none but brought me copious cups of green tea. That night while sleeping I began to vomit, my husband tried to get me up so I would not aspirate. I don't remember more than 2 minutes, but he said I was up for 30. I do remember once him asking me if I wanted him to call 911 and I could only say numbers, and no words.

The next time, I tried the supplement Theanine
not knowing it is the EGCG which is what makes green tea effective. It is a concentrated form. Similar thing happened, only this time my husband could not get me to respond. Called 911, at 3 a.m. I had vomited and was not arousable. I woke up at 10 a.m. in the ER. The only thing they found on tests abnormal was potassium level.

I was taken to the neurologists office and I told her I thought it was the theanine. She had never heard of it. The back of the bottle said something about that it affects the brain waves causing relaxation. Bingo - I think that is my problem. It does something to my brain waves that is not good. Anyone else ever have anything like this? Regular tea does not cause this.

Feb 25, 2009
Tea Allergy
by: Julian


Really sympathize with your allergic reactions. And thank you for sharing your experience with the readers.

As for Karen, I just want to say I am surprised that theanine has caused reactions. May I confirm that what you took was 100% theanine and nothing else?

If you don't mind sharing, who is the manufacturer?

The reason I am surprised is because theanine is a form of amino acids with very mild side effects at extreme high doses. Compared to green tea, I would say it is safer.

The supplement is manufactured synthetically - so it is not even exposed to farming contamination.

My research summarized here...

Theanine Side Effects -
Can Too Much Be Harmful?

Could it be a case of bad manufacturing practice? We don't know.

So you have experienced is surprising, and very important. Thank you again for sharing.

Feb 27, 2009
Terrible skin rash from green tea
by: Anonymous

Oh my god. you wouldn't believe the nightmare I've been through in the last six months. It all started when I began drinking green tea on a daily basis.

Suddenly I started getting this horrible rash that would not go away. Then my normal blood pressure became high. By the time I realized it was the green tea, my skin was covered with marks. Now I have disfiguring scars left over from horrible lesions.

Had I known something as innocent as a cup a tea in the morning would ruin my life, I would have never ever touched the stuff. I will never drink any herbal tea ever never again.

Mar 24, 2009
Green tea allergy can result in hives
by: Anonymous

I started drinking green tea about 2 months ago and started to itch, developed rashes on my back and neck. Did not connect this to drinking green tea. A few weeks later, I went to Asia, drank green tea and was slightly itchy. Still did not connect the dots. On the second day of my travels, I had some soup which unknown to me, contained crabmeat, which I am allergic to. I developed HUGE itchy bumps on my arms and legs, itched for days. Benydryl only helped temporarily relieve the itching.

Went to a Dr. in Hong Kong, he gave me a shot and some pills as well as a topical ointment. He said it was a severe reaction to the crab. All the itching and rashes disappeared the next morning and I stayed on the meds for 7 days ... still drinking the green tea but was fine. No itching. Then after I finished the meds, on the flight home, I asked for a cup of green tea on the plane. Slight itching developed at my neck which I thought was maybe a heat rash. Didn't drink any green tea when I got home the first few days.

Two days ago, I had a couple of cups of green tea .. the itching came back as well as rashes on my arm, neck and back. So I went on-line and to my surprise, read that HIVES is a severe allergy reaction to green tea ! Green tea is NOT the healthy tonic it's touted to be ! In fact,I also read that as I have high blood pressure and am diabetic ... I SHOULD NOT be drinking green tea at all ! THIS SHOULD BE LABLED ON ALL GREEN TEAS !

I'm seeing my Dr, this afternoon and will ask for allergy tests ... if what I suspect is true .. that green tea can cause hives, I will leave another post. Go to : ... check out Green Tea side effects. I will contact the FDA, suggest you do the same if your symptoms are like mine at : 1 - 800 - 332 - 1088.

Apr 19, 2009
Drink it yeah right I can't even touch it
by: Falon

I have a swelling and hives reaction to I can't even touch it or anything its in and it is an immediate reaction.

Apr 19, 2009
Green tea/theanine reaction
by: Anonymous

Sorry I just saw a comment to my first post.

I believe Sun was the manufacturer of the theanine I took. I do believe with me it has an effect on my brain waves and causes a stroke like reaction. I hope none else has this reaction.

May 03, 2009
by: Anonymous

I am trying to be healthy and not drink as much soda and energy drinks and began drinking green tea. I was taking antibiotics for a lung infection and after fininishing the meds started to break out into hives. My doctor said sometimes that happens after finishing antibiotics. Well it's going on two weeks and I am still getting hives. I started brainstorming about eating anything different and the only change was the green tea. I will stop drinking it and report back to this web site to let everyone know. Thanks to everyone for reporting their symptoms. I have never had hives before in my 37 years of living. Frustrating.

May 07, 2009
Hives :(
by: Anonymous

May 7th and still have hives. I don't if it is was the green tea or antibiotics, so I am going to see if my doctor will allow me to go to an allergist instead of just putting on allergy meds, I would like to get to the root of the problem. I have never had these before as I have mentioned in my last posting. My doctor said it could be from the mold outside. Mold count is 25,000. Does anyone get hives worse first thing in the morning? When I first get up is when I have them and they are extremely itchy.

Jul 02, 2009
Allergic to tea
by: Adam

I no longer drink tea due to allergies, though every once in a while I'll consume a product with "tea extract" in it and break out in hives. At other times, I've had to go to the ER.

Jul 09, 2009
Little red bumps
by: Anonymous

Yesterday morning I woke up with a rash on my upper chest in the vally region above my bra. I first thought it was just prickly heat and when it started itching I applied the betamethasone valerate cream that I have for poison ivy as I am very allergic to that and preach to everyone "leaves of three leave them be!"

Once I got to work my back started to itch and had co-worker look at it and she told me I had the same bumps on my back so then I thought it was a the sleeveless shirt I wore the day before my Mom had given me.

I thought maybe she had used a different detergent to wash it because I've had those issues in the past too.

On my way home I drank a bottle of Diet-K (Kroger brand) green tea with berries and later that evening the rash was up my neck, chin, and inner and outside of my arms so then I knew it was not the shirt and the only thing different is buy the green tea to stop drinking so much Diet Coke.

I was making pitchers of Lipton cold brew which I believe is black tea and had no issues nor when I drink Lipton white tea.

I am going to stay off the green tea keep taking my claritin and see if the rash goes away. I will report those findings especially if I try to reintroduce the green tea and the bumps come back.

Jul 22, 2009
Not sure if Green Tea is the cause for my hibes
by: Ailene

This is such an informative site/forum. I never thought that green tea could have such effects.

I've been drinking green tea & oolong tea for the last 2 years and haven't had any side effects as such.

I broke out in hives 2 weeks ago and it hasn't stopped.

I've been keeping a daily food diary and I'm not eating/drinking anything out of the norm.

After I read this forum, i just realised that I changed Green Tea from my usual one as they didn't have it at the supermarket.

Could this be the cause???

Aug 22, 2009
Itchy skin in the evening
by: susan salazar

I have always drank herbal green tea without any problems of itching. My itching is severe in the evenings my skin will turns red hot with welds after I scratch the skin.

This itching started 2 months ago when the doctor discovered I had a vitamin D deficiency. The deficiency has been resolved so I don't think my itching is due to that.

I have made a doctor's appointment for next week hopefully the doctor can subscript something for this itching.

Jan 14, 2010
Vitamin K
by: Anonymous

I'd like to try green tea but am a little apprehensive because I understand it contains vitamin K.

I once took a medication containing principally this vitamin and within ten minutes I felt my face burning. When I looked in the mirror it was as if I had been sunbathing all day.

The effect didn't last long, but was very frightening. Anyone had a similar experience?

Jan 14, 2010
by: Lisa

I love the taste and benefits of green tea, but I always get headaches. I know it's not the stevia I use, and I don't get them with herbal teas, only the green.

I don't want to quit drinking green tea, but sometimes the headaches get pretty bad

Jan 31, 2010
Excema/Rash Under Arms
by: Anonymous

About two months ago I gave up coffee and started drinking green tea instead. I usually consume about four cups a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.

About a month ago I noticed red splotched under my arms. I thought I might be having a reaction to my new antiperspirant so went back to my old brand. No improvement. No change in laundry detergent.

I showed my doctor and he said it was excema, I was having a reaction to something in my system.

I thought it might be Oil of Oregano, something else I've been taking, but I stopped that almost a month ago and the rash is still here and has become worse.

They are red splotches that are sort of dry. The skin flakes off and leaves a red mark underneath.

The doctor did prescribe an ointment but I haven't filled the 'script yet because I wanted to see if something nature might work first.

Could this be an allergy to green tea?

Feb 12, 2010
Allergy to Lipton Tea?
by: Ann

I had a hip replacement and came home fine. After one week, my tongue swelled so bad I couldn't talk. The ER gave me several meds IV and suggested it might be Advil. After two more incidents, which I was able to control with Allegra and Benadryl, I have decided it is Lipton Tea. I ran out of my regular brand and found this in my pantry.

I am convinced it is this.

Mar 08, 2010
Reaction to tea
by: Rose Henry

I have consumed many kinds of teas over the years and never had a reaction until last week. I was served tea at a Chinese restaurant. The tea was thick as if it was from a concentrate.

My reaction started within three hours and was at first confined to my chest, back, and shoulders. Within 24 hours it had spread to my neck and face - raised welts, inflamed skin, and itchiness.

I think for me freshly brewed teas are okay but the concentrate with possible additives is the problem.

May 10, 2010
Allergic to green tea
by: Anonymous

I recently started to drink green tea for weight loss. My face started burning, got flushed, itchy n get hives. all along i thought it was my high blood pressure med.

Thanks to all of you i know it's the green tea.

This is it for me no more green tea. I forgot also bad headaches.

Thanks again.

May 11, 2010
I have never tried the green tea but allergic
by: Anonymous

I have never tried drinking green tea simply because I didn't think I would like it, however, have discovered that I am probably extremely allergic to anything that has it in it.

Several years ago I began using a toner that had green tea extract and after about two weeks, my face became inflamed, itchy, and scaly along the cheekbones. I stopped using it and my face finally cleared up almost a month later.

Two months ago I began using a new line of skin care and two weeks later began to experience the same symptoms I had earlier. My cheekbones became red and inflamed and had intense itching around my eyes. It gradually spread to my whole face and I felt as if my face was one huge welt. My cheeks even hurt when I touched them. When I examined the ingredient list, I found that both the facial serum and eye serum contained green tea extract.

I immediately stopped using these items and my face is now beginning to heal. Now I have to examine the ingredient list of any type of skin care before I purchase it to make sure it doesn't contain any green tea, no matter how minimal the amount.

Jun 07, 2010
Red, hot, itchy welts!!
by: Anonymous

I have been drinking green tea for about a year. After reading this page, I believe the green tea is the problem. I get the same symptoms every evening.

Last year, I had hives for 3 months straight. I took several rounds of steroids, which did not help my diabetes.

After several months on Zyrtec, Allegra, Singular, Ranitidine, I still had hives.

BYE,BYE GREEN TEA! No more green tea as of today. I will post back in a week.

Jun 14, 2010
Allergy to tea
by: Anonymous

I just looked up hives and itching,and all this stuff about green tea being the cause seems true. Any tea seems to give me these huge welts and itching problem,morning noon and night.

Foods must be carefully chosen because their effects on our bodies can make or break our day.

I am keeping a journal, so many foods bother me, even if i have to live on water and bread I WILL.

Allergies are hard to live with, anything with a green leaf or any wild greens you eat be aware.

The hives and itching will come, someone with pull, please let these tea mfgs understand that they must put a label or note on their product that their teas will effect allergic persons.

Thank you,

Jun 22, 2010
Tea allergy
by: Anonymous

This morning I was drinking green tea for the first time in many years since I never really enjoyed it and I looked down to realize as I was drinking it I also was scratching my arms. Where I had been scratching were red hives that I have never had before. I think it is definitely possible to be allergic to green tea and think that I am allergic to it.

Jul 28, 2010
Excema, small hives, rash ON FACE!
by: Pancho

I started drinking green and black tea on a weekly basis about about a year ago.
During that time, I developed excema on my forehead and cheeks, and finally I went to the dermatologist who didn't suspect allergies.

It never went away, it always came back. I would treat it with a little cortisone, but it always came back.

Smoking really seemed to aggravate it, but I smoke infrequently. I started to believe it was allergy related. So, I started to take antihistamines (sic), and it seemed to temporarily improve!

Then, last week I decided to give up coffee and started heavy with the green tea. My excema turned to little hives, and even seemed like acne.

I noticed 2 days ago, I had 3 or 4 cups of green tea on one day, and I the same places on my cheeks and forehead became an outright rash!
Needless to say, I suspect the green tea. I stopped drinking it, and I think my skin is clearing up.

I may have the same allergy to black tea, I don't know, but also I suffer migraines, and recently, it seems that jasmine tea triggered one. Its probably physiological, but I smell dried jasmine during several of my migraines.

Aug 02, 2010
Welts and Hives
by: Bald Eagle

Over the last several day's I have developed welts on my face, forehead and behind my ears. Also spots on my arms, fingers as well as back and chest.

I have been drinking green tea, with berries for a couple of years. Now I wonder after reading some of the comments that possibly it's not my medication, but possibly green tea.

I purchase my tea at Krogers or Costco. I will discontinue the tea and see what results, if any, I experience.

Oct 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

No hives or welts here, but a tingling kind of itching. Face, back, arms, even legs. Does this sound like what some of you have had? I have been drinking green tea for only 2 days.

Nov 09, 2010
Tea did me in too
by: Anonymous

Drinking Green Tea for almost 2 months. Had itch on fingers. went to doc, steroids cleared it up.

Few weeks later comes back. Then a week later my face blew up - entire body covered in welts/hives. Eye swollen shut.

Went to hospital, iv benydryl iv steriod(brutal on stomach) did predisone for 5 days now (been week since attack).

It has to be the tea! it is the only thing i can think of that I started.

Can't believe never heard that could be allergic.

Bad thing is I LOVE DRINKING IT - used to drink coffee with cream and sugar and the green tea was my key to weight loss.

Better to be healthy than puffy!

Nov 12, 2010
Hot- flushed-perspiration
by: Bob

Had several cups of green tea at restaurant with a salad and one hour later became hot,flushed and perspiring. Had to go outside in the 40 degree weather to secure relief. Symptoms lasted 30 minutes whereupon I returned inside. Bob

Nov 25, 2010
Hot green tea
by: Anonymous

She got worse because of the heat. hot drinks and soups will make hives and rashes look worse.

Dec 13, 2010
Itching and sleeplessness from green tea
by: Anonymous

I have drunk green tea for several months now but have previously only drunk no more than 3 or 4 cups.

However yesterday I drank tea all day, about 6 or 8 cups in all. The result: I had a very difficult time in falling asleep and I began to have an itching sensation on various parts of my body.

With my experience, I realize now that I will have to limit the usage of hot green tea.

Dec 18, 2010
Warning labels on Green Tea?
by: Melanie

I started drinking green tea because I read that it was good for your health. What a mistake that was! I broke out in welts, my hands swelled up and my joints hurt so damn bad that I thought I was getting arthritis!

After reading these comments, I see that I'm not the only one! Green Tea should definately have a warning label on it.

I wonder if we have a class action lawsuit on our hands?

Dec 26, 2010
hey I heard green tea helps build up a defence to hives and swelling
by: Anonymous

I just read that green tea helps build an immunity to the suspect cause and alleviates the symptoms of hives and etc.

Dec 30, 2010
Itchy eyes face
by: Mike

Yes, after months now I have tracked it down
to the green tea I drink. I get itchy skin and
my eyes get so itchy where I can't sleep. I pulled
the tea away and within 2 days the itching stoped.
The brand is fusion green & white tea from Stash.

Jan 27, 2011
Tea causes blurr visions
by: Anonymous

Does any one has problem with blurr vision that links to tea?

Feb 11, 2011
Fertilizers for Tea Plants
by: Anonymous

Many tea plants are fertilized with fish fertilizers which contain ground up crab and lobster shells along with chemicals.

In some cases the tea even smells fishy. Shellfish allergies sometimes go along with tea allergies as the tea plant expresses the fertilizer in its cells.

Feb 15, 2011
Breastfed baby covered in hives
by: Christine

Two nights ago I had a drink of a korean green tea (Dong suh) as I ran out of my normal peppermint tea. The next morning I breast fed my 9 month old baby girl and within an hour noticed a rash on her legs and on the back of her neck.

I took her to the dr who told me it was hives. It was not until later in the afternoon, after a visit to a dietician for my other children, that I made the correlation between the tea and my baby's reaction.

The hives are still coming out and are not itchy on her (just unsightly and extensive. They now cover her entire body) and I am hoping they start to go away soon. I am not sure how long it takes for something to get out of a baby's system. I will stick o my peppermint variety from now on!

Mar 30, 2011
Where do you buy it?
by: Anonymous

I would never buy green tea from a grocery store. It's too processed.

I go to a Japanese/Chinese specialty store that imports the green tea and white tea from Japan and China. I have never had problems.

Apr 29, 2011
Hives for 5 months
by: Tracy

I stumbled across this posting and was curious and continued to read. I have had hives for 5 months now with no relief. In the past, I have occasionally had hives, only lasting for a week or 2 and always knew what caused them This time, they just showed up and not going away. I'm taking zyrtec and benadryl daily. Very frustrated.

I see an allergist regulary as I have several seasonal and food allergies. Diagnosed with chronic idieopathic uticaria. I have been drinking green tea at least every other day to be healthy. But after reading this, I'm thinking im going to stop!

I'm hoping this is the answer to all my questions. Ill post back in a week or 2 with an update if they get any better. After 5 month sof non stop itiching, burning and sleepless nights. I'm ready to try anything!

Apr 29, 2011
Where are you getting it?
by: Anonymous

I know know where you people are buying your green tea. You should not be drinking green tea from the grocery store or crap from online. You should only purchase from a japanese/chinese store.

May 02, 2011
Breaking out in hives!
by: Anonymous

I just bought Matcha green tea to make a green tea frappuccino which I finished drinking about an hour ago. I used quite a bit of the powder and now my legs and stomach are breaking out in hives.

I have been drinking the green tea frappuccino drinks from Starbucks and have had no reactions. I'm guessing that it's b/c my drink was more concentrated.

I'm really getting nervous here. I'm allergic to shellfish to the point that my throat closes and I can't breathe.

I'm afraid that now the same thing will happen. I have the worst anxiety and get myself all worked up. Maybe I should go to the hospital?!?!?

Jun 07, 2011
Flavia Green Tea with Jasmine
by: jsleepy

For weeks my eyes were very itchy and puffy. which is a NEW symptom for me, I never have had puffiness or itching from allergies, I actually thought it was alcohol but haven't had any in weeks, today I drank some Flavia Green Tea with Jasmine and not a few minutes after finishing my eyes became very itchy, hours later still itchy and not thinking rubbed my eyes and now very puffy.

I am thinking it may actually be the jasmine mixed with green tea, I dont think just plain green tea has the same affect on me. I have no other know food allergies.

Aug 22, 2011
Help I Itch!
by: ariannaa

Affter being sick with a sore throat and losing my voice a friend told me to have a cup of hot green tea w/honey.

The next day I had a severe rash which welted upon scratching. Went to emergency room was told it was an allergic reaction to "something" am now on a steroid the results are slow but the rash isnt now everywhere.

It does fell like my skin is crawling at times and I really want to SCRATCH but if I start it will end up (dmy skin) raw and bleeding. Never again will I drink green tea.

Sep 12, 2011
Chamomile allergic reaction
by: nic

I drank chamomile tea for the first time to help me sleep about 4 hours ago and 2 hours later started having hives on my body.

Took atarax 25mg and applied combiderm cream on the hives. Quite surprised that tea would cause such a reaction.

Sep 30, 2011
Absolutely it's the tea !!
by: John

And the effect can be almost instant, as many people above have mentioned. I can't believe I've been fighting this rash for two years, ever since I started drinking jasmine green tea, and as soon as I stopped, BAM, so did the rash. SPREAD THE WORD, peoples' needless suffering is at stake!

Sep 30, 2011
Now I know for sure!
by: FeatherMe

I have suspected green tea for this burning rash on my face, ears, neck, shoulders, and arms. Just proved it now and thanks to all of you I know I am not alone.

My dermatologist said it wasn't hives but my small fiber neuropathy. I wasn't in blossom when I saw him but he saw no signs of anything on my skin. He's usually right on. I will have to let him know.

I drink only decaffeinated but who knows how much is still left. I agree with calling the FDA and getting a label on tea.

I was also interested to read about the stomach and nasal problems. I have also had hoarseness and sore throats as well as sinus pain, runny nose, and facial pain. It was blamed on GERD. Could be a combination of both.

Thanks for all the sharing.

Oct 17, 2011
Good gracious - is the green tea...?
by: Nina

My experience is very similar to FeatherMe's. I have been suffering terrible hives on my face for about 5 months. Have tried so many topical creams, plus Zyrtec and Clarityn, but to no avail. I had been drinking green tea for months to aid weight loss. In addition to the hives, since July, I had an almost permanent sore throat and hoarseness.

I never made the connection with green tea because it is supposed to be so healthy, so instead, I changed my detergents, hair products and my entire cosmetics and skincare products - at great expense. Last week, still not having suspected green tea to be the culprit, I bought some organic green tea from the supermarket. I had two cups that day. The following day my eyes were itchy and the facial rash was the worse I have ever seen it. It is that reaction that prompted me to investigate a possible allergy to green tea. I am seeing my dermatologist tomorrow - for the second time - and will see what she says about this theory.

Thanks to everyone that posted. Now that I have given up green tea for good, I'm hoping that in two weeks I'll recognise my skin again. Will post to let you know...

Nov 20, 2011
Hives and green tea
by: Anonymous

I started drinking green tea 3-4 weeks ago. It was reccommended on the 17 day diet. I broke out in a rash a few weeks into the diet. At least I thought I had a rash. Later I found out that I had hives from my calf up to my neck.

To make a long story short... I ended up w/ an allergic reaction and on a steriod plus tons of other meds to cure the problem.

I'm not totally cured yet but I WILL NOT BE DRINKING GREEN TEA AGAIN!!!!

Good luck to all!

Nov 21, 2011
Green tea Alergy
by: Anonymous

I recently had patch testing done to find out I have allergy to nickel as well as green tea extract in cleansers and face products.

Doing some research, I have found that there is nickel in green tea. I am now on nickel free diet and reading labels on face and haircare products.

Nov 30, 2011
Hives from green tea
by: Chrystal

For the past few months I have been drinking 3-4 cups of green tea daly, as well as getting random hives all over my body. I just put the 2 together and green tea could very well be the cause of these unexplainable hives. At first I thought it might be bed bugs, then flea bites, chiggers, ect. At last I feel I may of finally found my culprit. I will inform in a few weeks with my no green tea diet.

Dec 04, 2011
Allergic to green tea
by: Anonymous

I can't believe all these postings. I started drinking green tea 6 days ago as part of a diet plan. drank 2-3 cups of green tea for 5 days straight, until I noticed hives from my chest down to my stomach and around my back. It's the green tea. I stopped drinking it two days ago but I still have the hives/rash, whatever it is. I am drinking lots of water, but now I think I need to see a doctor. Glad I realized this after just 5 days. No more green tea for me

Dec 09, 2011
Allergy to tea
by: Anonymous

I just turned 62 . I just came home from vacation and noticed that my sister had brought her bird over and gave it to my mother as a gift. Never had any allergies. Well since then i have been itchy. So we decided to take the bird out of my room for awhile to see if it was the bird. It wasn't the bird.

Went to the doctor's was tested for thyroid. The test on my thyroid was ok. now I have been drinking tea for years, not thinking it was the tea. I would go days without being itchy . But when I would have a cup I didn't realize until i read the stories. I will stop with the tea to see if that is the problem. Thanks

Jan 12, 2012
Green Tea Reaction?
by: Shauna

I used to drink coffee regularly. I gave it up and began drinking chai (black tea) with almond milk about 8 months ago without problems.

I go in spurts of drinking green tea. I recently started back up, drinking organic Moroccan mint green tea, 2-4 cups a day.

A few days ago I woke up with red blotches on my face, mainly my cheeks. They slightly swell and are hot and flaky (rough feeling).

I just started taking Benadryl and I am now thinking it was green tea. A few red spots are showing up on my upper chest now. I am cutting out green tea tonight to see if there are improvements.

I never have had a history with a green tea reaction until possibly now.

Jan 15, 2012
My face and extremities swell with green tea
by: Anonymous

Hello, just googled to see if anyone else experiences reactions to green tea. This is my third time trying to drink green tea for its benefits and the same thing happened. Swollen red face and hands and feet. It took two days to go away. Your mum is not alone.

Feb 05, 2012
Me too!
by: Barbara

I cannot believe all these posts! I read about the green tea benefits for the 17 day diet. I had started recently drinking it daily and have itched every day since! Thought I had a reaction to lotions, etc., but tonight I noticed that it happened 3 times today. And every time, I had had green tea (different brands)about an hour before! My legs are itching so bad that I just took Benedril and used steroid cream (hubby's). I have never had allergies in my life and am 38 years old. Why is there no warning for this?!

Feb 07, 2012
its the tea!
by: amango

WOW! I have been battling dandruff and red burning itchy scalp all winter. Discovered I am allergic to chamomile and echinacea. Switched to green tea and now have hives and excema all over. Saturday I drank only decaf coffee, mysteriously cleared up for the day, but have been drinking tea again. Super itchy. OMG its the tea! :(

Feb 13, 2012
No more green tea!
by: Barbara

3-4 days after drinking 3 cups, and coming off Benydril and Reactine, I am now free of it! Was so worried that I was going to be dealing with some skin condition for the rest of my life! No more green tea!!!!

Mar 07, 2012
Regular tea allergy as well
by: Anonymous

Green tea is worse, but regular teas create a problem for me as well. Years ago I discovered I have a pretty severe allergy to nickel and after a couple of years of very specific monitoring removing and adding foods to my diet, I confirmed that nickel ingested in various foods were triggering a very bad skin dermatitis - mostly on my hands. Apparently teas have a fairly strong concentration of nickel (absorbed from the ground) I live in south and drinking sweet iced tea was a definite no no but really pretty easy to give up after realizing the effect. I am with many of you = if I have to live on water and bread so be it!

Just sharing as mine is not so much hives but VERY itchy and skin just looks terrible. I remember thinking this sounded so odd as I had never heard of this but no doubt in my mind and fortunately I work with a dermatologist that subscribes to this as a cause and doesn't dismiss.

Mar 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

I believe I may have pin pointed what has been happening to me by reading all of this. Out of the blue my eyelids started to swell with a rash and itching. Also, some small hives around my eye area. I went to the dermatologist and that wasn't any help, just "quite using everything" detergents, makeup,lotions, shampoo, etc. etc. Let me say that I am not prone to allergies. Anyway, about a month later when my eyes were just about healed I went to dinner and drank a glass of wine. My eyelids immediately felt like they were on fire and it lasted for about 30 minutes. It dawned on me that I had drank this same wine just about the time that I originally had the problem. That was about 4 months ago and I hadn't had any more problems thinking it was just the wine. Well, this past week-end I ordered a very large green iced tea and would'nt you know I now have the little hives around my eyes and my eyes are itchy and swollen. Could it be that I am just getting too many tanins on occasion?

Mar 14, 2012
allergy i think
by: Anonymous

I think i too have an allergic reaction to green tea. Take zyertec, works pretty well. Didn't know thought it was my trygliceride meds.

Mar 20, 2012
My mom got hives from citrus green tea
by: Anonymous

My mom also started drinking Lipton Citrus Tea and all of a sudden started to break out in hives. She had never experienced hives before until she started drinking this tea. We didn't know if that was the case until she began to drink it again after taking a break and the hives came back.

Mar 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am also breaking out in Hives for the past 3 months.I don't know whether it's because of green tea or other food. I just had a cup of Green Tea and now I have Hives. However, I don't usually drink green Tea. Can anyone help??

Apr 10, 2012
Green tea toner
by: Anonymous

Wow! All these posts about green tea is incredible! My experience is slightly different, I've been drinking green tea on and off for a few tears now (by on and off i mean maybe 3 cups if that a week) with no issues at all.

About a week ago I started using a home made green tea toner (just 2 tea bags soaked in water for 1 hour), and started applying it to my face every night after washing my face. For the first maybe 4 nights my skin started to slow slight improvements but then about 4 nights ago i had a really bad sudden reaction and my face totally broke out all over with red spots/bumps. It is really bad! Not so sure what hives are so I dont know if thats what it is, they're not that itchy but they are red and raised bumps all over my face, kind of like pimples but they're not really pimples - except for my forehead which seemed to suddenly react with about 5 pimples!!!

I suspect its the toner so I stopped using it immediately! Although so many people say the green tea toner is amazing I wont be trying it again for fear of another severe breakout. I dont know if its related but it may hve happened due to me keeping the toner at room temperature rather than putting it in the fridge?

Jun 07, 2012
Green Tea and Hives
by: Quentin

I have been drinking green tea for many years and suffer from hives on my arms, back, legs and neck because of it. I drank it for the health benefits but recently decided to stop.

Other foodstuffs also cause me to have hives, like MSG in Chinese food, some spices, and some drinks.

It’s quite possible, like other readers that I have a level of intolerance that is lower than the average population to such natural ingredients and chemicals.

I have performed many tests and apart from the hives I don’t know of any other detrimental action this is having on my body, so in the absence of more knowledge and understanding regrettably the green teas have to stop.

Jun 19, 2012
From one anonymous to another.....
by: Anonymous

Anonymous with the home made green tea toner:

Something similar happened to me. I went for a facial and she used a 'green tea mask'. That afternoon my face seemed to start to itch and I couldn't wait to get home and wash my face. By the next morning I looked like I was sunburned and my face was hot and swollen. Took Benedryl and it seemed to relieve the symptoms for a while. Later that week all of this on my face turned into huge dry patches that cracked and peeled (almost as like a chemical peel) and itched like crazy. Two weeks later (presently) after nightly masks of oatmeal/yogurt/honey it's starting to clear up. I still have bags under my eyes where my eyes swelled. I don't think my esthetician has seen this very much either; she seemed surprised, shocked and embarrased at the result. I've never had a problem with drinking green tea but then I don't drink it in the quantities of some on this blog; just an occasional cup or glass. I certainly will be cautious of drinking it in the future and either get the 'good stuff' from Oriental markets or not drink it at all! And I certainly won't be getting green tea masks either!!! Thanks for your comments!

Jul 13, 2012
Green Tea Extract capsules
by: Calchick

I recently started taking Decaffeinated Green Tea Gold capsules (green tea extract) since I read about the benefits, lower cholesteral, weight loss and so on. The first day I took it I itched. So I didn't take for a few days thinking my body just had to adjust. I recently started taking them again, one capsule daily for probably a week now. The last 3 days itching again, yesterday red itchy welts on stomach, arms. So stopped taking it today. This is a product that is decaffeinated, and only additive is gluten free rice flour. Anyhow, will let you know if my problem stopped after stopping the capsules.

Jul 30, 2012
Makes sense
by: stephanie novinc

About 3 years ago I started getting this strange itching on my upper right arm and shoulder. As time went on it started on my left mostly at night the only thing that helped stop it at the time was ice. This January I decided to start juicing again and started with green juice every morning and the itching stopped and cleared up and I had been doing great. The other day I read about Matcha green tea and its benefits and decided to try it so I purchased it and steeped it and added it to my green juice the last 3 mornings. Today I wanted to tear my skin off my right arm started itching and today it really peaked it was unbearable do you think that its the Matcha? I had believed that the green juice detoxified my body and as I did that the itching stopped because skin issues is a sign of a toxic system, once you clear the system of toxins the skin gets better. My understanding is that Matcha Green Tea also detoxifies the body can this itching just be a temporary form of detoxifying or could it be an allergy? CAn you email me back at

Aug 03, 2012
The Devil Jasmine
by: Anonymous

Last year, in July, my eyes began to bother me -- tearing and a slight itch. Soon the itching became unbearable. Docs thought pink-eye, but no. Allergy tests to everything possible showed some mild allergies but nothing connected to my eyes. Somedays I broke out in hives all over my neck and chest. This misery went from mid-July through the first week in November. Finally, I went to visit friends in a distant city and took my travel bag with toiletries different from those in my bathroom. The third day of being away from home, the symptoms completely disappeared. Then, back home, they started up again, worse than before.

Then, while crying in my shower, I prayed that I could know what I had done during my weekend away that cleared the problem. When I stepped out of the shower my eyes lit on a roll-on deodorant I had started using in July. I stopped using it that day and on the third day the symptoms cleared. This deodorant had jasmine in it. Didn't know for certain, but stopped drinking the jasmine green tea I frequently had.

I have been fine and symptom free since excluding jasmine from my life. Then two days ago, I purchased a small amount of a green rice in the bulk foods department. The label indicated that bamboo was the only ingredient besides the rice. I had the rice with my dinner and next morning my eyes were extremely itchy and bags began to form under my eyes. By mid day the symptoms were gone, and I was suspecting the rice. I decided to test it by having it the following evening with dinner. Before I got to bed the symptoms were back and making me crazy. Next morning the misery continued. Struggled through the day and had some itching again this morning. Now, mid morning, things seem better. I must believe that the green rice was jasmine rice and will call that store later today.

Oct 19, 2012
Allergic Reaction to Green Tea (Skin Rash)
by: Liz

I can't stop scratching! I drank green tea for daily for 6 days. After a few days I began to itch in one area of my back. I am now itching my arms, legs, neck, back and scalp. I stopped the green tea on day 7, but it is now day 12 and I am in agony. I went to the doctor on day 11 (yesterday) and he just gave me a prescription for some cream and told me to take Claritin or Benadryl. No real relief....I'm hoping this clears up soon is very uncomfortable!

Oct 19, 2012
Allergic Reaction to Green Tea (Skin Rash)
by: Liz

I can't stop scratching! I drank green tea for daily for 6 days. After a few days I began to itch in one area of my back. I am now itching my arms, legs, neck, back and scalp. I stopped the green tea on day 7, but it is now day 12 and I am in agony. I went to the doctor on day 11 (yesterday) and he just gave me a prescription for some cream and told me to take Claritin or Benadryl. No real relief....I'm hoping this clears up soon is very uncomfortable!

Nov 08, 2012
The reaction could be to Nickel
by: Anonymous

Hi - I have had an allergy test and found out I am allergic to Nickel. Tea is one of those substances that contains a high amount, in addition to Chocolate, and other foods. You may want to look uo Nickel Allergy, more common than you think.

Nov 14, 2012
green tea hives
by: shannon

I am currently experiencing the burning,welts and itching. I drink this tea everyday all day would have never guessed it would be this until my husband mentioned it.

Dec 06, 2012
Chronic itchiness
by: RGV

I am glad I found this account to discuss my problem of skin itching. I have ths for more than a year since Aug. 2011. It was chronic and I had several tests about my health that might caused the itching, liver, urine, biopsya of swollen lympfnode in my nech, it was benign and now it shrink. So many blood tests and that yesterday, mya doctor told me there is no othere needed diagnostic procedures to be done to me. He gave me Cettalerg meds for itching, but I was taking that too last year and there was no help. Now I am about to start my daily routine of 3 to 4 bags of green tea everyday due to its antioxidant content that I am into. And have a second thought of checking the green tea effect and here I found you. Now I will stop taking green tea and hopefully will lessen the itchiness of my skin which is very very bad, imagine for more than one year already. Im also using specilal lotion and oil for washing. Hope this will help. Thank you for you further advise.

Jan 27, 2013
green tea - nickel sensitivity
by: Anonymous

I have been diagnosed with a nickel sensitivity.
Green tea is high in nickel, so it may be the culprit in your hives and rashes.

It did not even occur to me that there is nickel in many of the foods I have been eating. Another high nickel containing food is soya. Giving up soya has greatly improved my rash.

Research nickel content in food.

Good Luck.

Feb 19, 2013
Green tea
by: Anonymous

I have been drinking green tea for years. Now I find that I have heart quivers after I go to sleep. I think its the green tea. There is fermaldahyde (spelling)in tea bags. That may be it buy why green tea.

Mar 02, 2013
Have green tea drinkers used black tea?
by: chipper

I woke up one morning with a terrible outbreak of hives. First allergic reaction in my life!

I had Good Earth Green Tea with Pomegranate and Cherry before I went to bed. But I also had had one cup a couple days earlier with no problem.

I normally drink only English Breakfast Tea which is black tea. I would like to know if those people who have had severe hives, apparently from green tea, had previously been black tea drinkers or have used it since, without reactions.

I occasionally have had green tea in the past with no problem. Of course, if nickel is the problem, it could be in the soil in certain geographic areas or tea plantations and therefore, in certain batches or from certain suppliers, but not always present.

May 15, 2013
Break out in welts on face, neck and chest
by: Anonymous

Hi, I now see that I am not the only person who can't drink green tea. About a year ago, I started to take a green tea pill supplement and broke out in hives and welts everywhere, so I stopped taking the supplement.

Then, about two weeks ago I started drinking green tea every morning because it is supposed to help with weight loss, and I figured it was supposed to be so healthy and was more natural than a supplement, so couldn't cause a problem. Within a day of starting the tea, I started breaking out with what I at first thought was acne, although it was more like welts that then fill with pus (sorry, don't mean to be gross) and look sort of like pimples. They kept on coming and coming, more every day, and I couldn't figure it out. It spread from my face to my neck and now my chest. I haven't had acne or pimples in decades! I finally realized it is the green tea! No matter how "healthy" people say it is, it is NOT healthy for me!

Jul 13, 2013
Extreme reaction to green tea
by: Anonymous

I am a 40-something african-american female, and the only time I've ever experienced severe projectile vomiting is after drinking green tea. I also have a bad reaction to chamomile (stomach upset), so needless to say I avoid both! I am otherwise in good health, and I drink coffee and black teas with no problems.

Oct 24, 2013
Green Tea got me too!
by: Anonymous

After reading all these comments, I'm sure Green tea is what has been destroying my skin. Started drinking green tea heavy sometime last year in September (when I say heavy, I mean four or more cups a day.) I developed these terrible rashes on my face. Benedryl did not work as well as Aveeno creams, etc. In fact, it aggravated it even more. My aunt prescribed Desonide which relieved it temporarily. But ignorantly, I continued with the green tea. The rashes always came back. So my mom suggested that I stop eating/drinking several things, of which green tea was one. My face started to clear. But I couldn't pin point exactly what it was. 2 weeks ago, we ran out of black tea so I tried green tea again, now the rashes are back in full force. I think I found the culprit! Thanks guys!

Oct 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

I bought some Matcha powder which is a very concentrated form of green tea (the kind they use at starbucks) and everymorning I would wake up itching and now the whole trunk of my body and upper legs look like I went to bed with a swarm of mosquitos (hives).I have NEVER has this issue and have drank green tea countless times. What I am thinking is that since a lot of people here that have similar symptoms as I, don't just drink 1 cup a day and since I switched to Matcha I never had symptoms of an allergic reaction. I am urging everyone to first stop the green tea intake, if your symptoms subside try ONCE a week, every other day. Our bodies sometimes really don't need all that much help anti oxidizing. Once you find your happy medium, then stick with it as green tea is good for you, so are vitamins but you get sick from taking more multi vit's than directed. Seems moderations is key with green tea. Till then use some cortizone and claritin, or benadryl to help with itching I have also been using aveeno lotion for babies and it has been helping. Best

Apr 14, 2014
Tea itself , not necessarily processing is problem.
by: Anonymous

I'm the first to suspect additives, and have in the past when occasionally i'd have a hot fever vomiting reaction to a cup of tea.
Now I have noticed a reaction to the Tulsi organic tea, - breaking out in hives and swelling on my face, which I have never experienced from anything else. It is the tea itself apparently in at least this case.

May 17, 2014
Puffy eyes and top lip after drinking typhoo green tea
by: ddeb

I started drinking Typhoo Green Tea yesterday, I drank three cups over 10 hours and woke up this morning with swollen eyes and swollen top lip, quite a few of my eylashes seemed to fall out too. I immediately took one of my daughters hayfever tablets and the swelling did go down after about 40 minutes. I've never had a reaction to black tea or coffee so I'm surprised I had a reaction to green tea, which is supposed to be good for you. Could Tannin be the cause?

May 28, 2014
I am allergic
by: J Lumley

If I drink green tea, the creases in my face from my nose to the side of my mouth turn red and then welts appear. I am about to try the green tea powder, but in cold liquid.

My chiropractor muscle tested me with green tea. The muscle testing shows I can tolerate half a cup a day, but I simply avoid it totally.

I see you suggested to one lady it can be the additives from the manufacturing process. I agree.

Jun 25, 2014
Me too!!?
by: Su

I started drinking diet citrus green tea, both for the taste and the benefits. I am scratching constantly during the day, overnight I am scratching in my sleep. The bumps look like bites but no bite mark. My next thing is they must be hives. I take metoprolol and synth round and looked up interactions and citrus/green tea was never mentioned. I scratched my arm so bad I had what looked like a hickey( without the fun ) where a scratched. I took over the counter allergy medication and hope I can sleep thru the night. I have also had headaches too but chalked them up to meds, nothing else. I do not eat or drink grapefruit but when I drink the citrus green tea, that is what I taste after I swallow the green tea. I just bought a case of individual bottles and 6 gallons, hey the price was right, so I am not having any tomorrow and see what happens.

Jul 09, 2014
Reactions to Green Tea
by: Anonymous

Drank green tea a few months ago and felt pain on my left side -- stomach to groin. Next day had a large pimple on my stomach. Thought nothing of it.

A couple months later, same reaction: pain on left side immediately after drinking, and large pimple on left side of stomach.

Experimented two days later and ditto, except this time the large pimple was on my chest.


Aug 22, 2014
Weird Dreams and Rash
by: ron

Try to fall asleep after drinking green tea and my mind is like a race car going around in circles and also have red splotches on my chest. That's after not so much of it in a few weeks. All this BS about how great it is. Sometimes I think everyone just copies whatever health fad is going around with no real research. But I do wonder about the nickel, too bad so much of the planets food source is poisoned now. I worked in China and they have the worst environmental laws and the soil is all contaminated and they spray like crazy. I think a lot of tea comes from there, Yunnan province. No more tea for me.

Sep 30, 2014
List of Green tea alergy symptoms
by: Petra

Oct 01, 2014
Shortness of breath
by: Anonymous

All of the comments I have read are related to hives and vomiting from green tea. When I drink green tea my airway starts to swell and I get really short of breath with tightness in my chest. I have tried several different brands of green tea and they all give me the same reaction even if I drink or eat something with green tea in it. Has anybody experienced this before with green tea?

Oct 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

Same here guys, i broke out in hives on backs of elbows and on each side of tops of thighs...doc said excema but I am not buying that (never had that in my life!).

I was trying kefir milk too which might have contributed, but I'm pretty sure its the copius amounts of green tea I have been drinking EVERYDAY.

Quit kefir milk a couple weeks ago. Hives keep coming back and they get itchy (glad they aren't on face). Also I find it interesting that some say it is your toxins trying to get out of your body through hives etc.

Green tea will detoxify you, and kefir milk too. Some say to just keep going on it and eventually it stops but I'm freaking out a bit so I'm going to stop both for now and see if this reaction stops in say....a month?

Nov 19, 2014
by: Anonymous

I started drinking a new green tea around the end of Sept when these rashes and high BP started. I just saw the person who recommended this brand back in Sept and it made me recall what was new in the last 2 months. The brand is Dragon Well Green Tea. I googled it today. This must be why this rash won't go away. I've seen 5 doctors. Had two steroid treatments which helped but the rash always came back. My bp has gone sky high when it had always been normal. This must be the cause. I had no issues with Lipton green tea but I'm not chancing it. This has been an awful 2 months.

Thanks fr the posts!

Dec 30, 2014
Hot tea & hives
by: Frances

Hi there, Let me start by saying, I'm sorry to read all these reactions to the teas, but now, I a just about convinced, that's what my problem is.

I've been drinking green tea for a while now, mostly cold, and have never had an issue. I had a cup of Hot Lipton Green tea Sunday night & later I had a couple of bumps on my neck, not thinking anything of them (I just thought it was a couple of pimples coming up).

So I went on to bed, woke up Monday, they were a little worse, but still not connecting what it was (since, I've never reacted to any foods before, and the only allergy I do have is to Aspirin).

I grabbed a cold green tea for the local store when I went out do do some errands, neck didn't seem to get any worse.

Later I had another cup of the Hot Lipton, but the Lemon Gingeng one, and my neck got a little worse.

So I started doing some research, and I found this on Webmd. . . "Salicylates are chemicals found naturally in plants and are a major ingredient in aspirin and other pain-relieving medications.

They are also found in many fruits and vegetables, as well as in many common health and beauty products."

So, I don't know if it's that I drank it hot, or the brand (which I've never had before)but, I'm gonna give it a few days, for it to clear up. Then wait a few more, drink a couple of cold teas first, ones that I haven't reacted to before, the try a different brand hot.

Can anyone recommend a brand that I may not react to for hot tea? Thanks in advance.

Jan 14, 2015
matcha Green Powder Capsules
by: BethAnonymous

I began using 3 Matcha Green tea capsules daily approx 3 weeks ago and about 5 days ago I noticed a long red welt on the back of my thigh and a couple of days later 2 more welts underneath the first welt and now I notice 2 more red welts on the back of my other thigh and on my arm. No itching or discomfort, it's just that I didn't know what was causing them until I remembered that I had recently started to take the matcha green tea capsules and upon googling it I came upon this page which seems to confirm that these welts were caused by the Green Matcha Tea. I will immediately stop using the tea and wait a few days to see if the welts go away and if not I will head for my doctor's office. I really thought I was doing something good for my health. It was supposed to be the finest Japanese organic matcha green tea sold by The Synergy Company. .

Mar 05, 2015
Diet Green Tea
by: Anonymous

I have been drinking Diet Green Tea for a couple years and have experienced the hives, red skin, itching until I want to jump out my skin, but always attributed this to anxiety or irritability.
Once again I have been experiencing all these symptoms since Jan, and again could not put a finger on it. I have an appointment with a Dermatologist in the next day or so and may have to mention the green tea as a possibility. I have currently stopped the green tea and am testing to see if the itching goes away. I will keep an eye on this situation and post again after a period of time if this goes away. I was given some anti-itch meds by my general physician and also told I may have to see an allergist.
Hopefully the dermatologist knows about these Green Tea allergies or sensitivity.. Here's hoping for a Hive Free and Itch Free future.

The post here have been very interesting and may be the helpful information I was looking for.

Mar 31, 2015
molds & Toxins in teas causing allergic reactions
by: MamaT

All these allergic reactions...I have had some of my own with various teas and coffees. After much research learned that many people have allergic responses to the molds on the tea leaves it coffee beans. It ifs from the way they are stored. Even organic teas ands coffees can form molds after they are stored improperly. Europe has restrictions on these toxins from molds but unfortunately it seems that the United States gets their rejects. WHY? We no longer have to ask How our foods are grown but also How they are stored. Corn, wheat & other grains are also disposable to these molds. That is a big reason why we have so many inflammatory problems these days.
Good Luck all...don't put all your trust in your doctor if you're not getting any your own research. Yrs, it's hard work...but isn't your healthy life ands that odd your family worth it?!
Good Health to All.

May 11, 2015
12 year old daughter
by: Anonymous

We bought a cup of jasmine something or other tea at a café yesterday and my 12 year old daughter formed pronounced welts all over her face down to her chest and shoulders. After thinking on it some, I can't remember exactly what the tea was a year and 1/2 back or so, but it was not plain, I am pretty sure it was oriental, she had a reaction. It was not as severe as yesterday. It's early next morning and the welts are gone after the use of benedryl and skin ointment. Thanks for the blog as I could not find much on "jasmine" tea, yet I am not sure of the ingredients as we bought the tea @ a café.

May 18, 2015
by: Anonymous

I never knew so many people would react to green tea as I do!

It didn't occur to me that I reacted to it (for sure) until yesterday and this evening. Yesterday, I decided to put about 1/2 teaspoon of matcha green tea powder into my other herbal tea. Shortly after, I got an awful headache that resembled a migraine due to the nausea. I didn't think about it but this has happened another time when I had a matcha green tea from a nutrition store/cafe. Throughout the past weeks, I've had green tea on and off, whether it was one from a reputable health food store in glass bottles, or at home from a tea bag or the matcha powder. Randomly, I broke out in small itchy bumps and had other signs of allergy (itching/red eyes, lethargy, diarrhea, etc.). Finally, tonight, I purchased a "sencha shot" from a vitamin place. It's just strictly purified water and sencha green tea with vitamin C added. Within twenty minutes, I had a hive on my stomach. I'm most positive the effects will be worse when those of us who react to green tea consume the varieties that are more concentrated and/or use the whole leaf, such as matcha.

Jun 10, 2015
Contaminated Green Tea
by: Anonymous


Like many here I enjoy green tea but I notice no one mentioned whether their tea was organic or not.

Granted, "Organic" doesn't always mean it's true, it may still contain toxic substances. But for sure most green tea is heavily sprayed in China and elsewhere and these chemicals find their way into the tea. So...are the adverse reactions to the tea or the toxic compounds in the tea?

Here is a link that describes the testing of some brands of green tea and some of them actually contain the banned dangerous substance DDT.

I always buy organic and try to check the source but this is not always possible. I guess we just do our best. Even water is not what it used to be. Best of luck to everyone and good health.


Jun 22, 2015
Japanese Macha Power
by: Beth

This is a follow up of my comments of Jan 15, 2015. concerning this green tea which caused scarring on my arms and thighs after 3wks of use. It now appears that these scars are permanent and will never go away.

Jul 11, 2015
by: Chuck

I got a case of lipton green tea citrus and drinking it for a couple days and my right arm and fingers starting getting bumps and itching.
Thought it was a heat rash at first, and I haven't been working in yard so no poison ivy.Stop drinking the tea and arm is starting to look better. At least no real itching now.
I was wondering if other had same problem.I'm not a big fruit person, except apples. Was thinking maybe the citrus in the drink.

Jul 26, 2015
allergy itching red patches
by: sunil

OYes, Iam allergic with green tea..I am using green tea for more then 2 years..but for last 15 days I got itchy red buppy spots mostly on my wrist, shoulder, for arms, chest and back..I was thinking which foor is culprit for this allergy..I did not think about the culprit GREEN TEA for a once. But after consuming every evening, within 15 min allergy starts....

For sure, from tomorrow I am going to stop using green tea....

Oct 17, 2015
Immediate reaction to hot green tea
by: Yvonne

I drank a hot cup of Lipton Soothe Green Tea Keurig Brewed (contains soy)and my neck and lower face started to itch. It then broke out in hives/welts with slight burning!! Giving it a couple hours and I'm going to talk to a pharmacist!!

Oct 18, 2015
Possible Matcha allergic reaction
by: Anonymous

Just had a teaspoon of Matcha, organic, in a smoothie I made at home. Rarely do I have allergic reactions. This was my third time ingesting within a two week period, as an alternative to coffee and to get the additional antioxidant and nutritional qualites. Only thing new that I have ingested. Never have had a caffeine allergy. Surprised me. Just an FYI for you and others.

Nov 01, 2015
Green tea red rash and burning
by: Super allergic!

I drank just one cup of Salada green tea super fast because I was in a rush and within about 3 minutes my face turned bright red and was burning.

In the next few minutes, the redness and burning spread to my arms, chest, and back. I didn't know what to do since I had never experienced anything like that.

Then I worried that I was having a stroke so I went to the emergency room of my local hospital. They took blood and urine and all came back normal.

Within about two hours the rash was almost gone and I felt ok. One week later I went to my family doctor who agreed with me that it was the tea! So never again will I drink it! Hope this helps someone.

Jan 13, 2016
Itchy Rash above my Eyebrow
by: New Orleans

This evening I opened a new box of sleepy time tea, which is a green tea with spearmint and chamomile. I used 2 bags. I was watching tv and kept scratching my right eyebrow, and found a bump located just above it, which is where the itch was coming from. Then within minutes more of watching tv, I felt my eyebrow, and now there is a whole rash of bumps there that wasn't there before, and they feel slightly raised above the skin. The rash is 1 inch long now.

Apr 23, 2016
Green Tea allergy
by: Bobette

Hi - Green tea causes me to have severe facial inflammation and pain, itching, stomach upset, etc. I found out several years ago I am allergic and the facial aspect is excruciatingly painful.

Recently I started adding a SuperFood supplement to my daily protein shakes not realizing it had green tea and green tea extract in it. The itching started quickly but I didn't connect it to the green tea.

Other symptoms built up over a 2 week timeframe with daily use, maybe because of the delivery method. My question is, does anyone know how long or what the half life is for green tea and/or it's components when ingested in a concentrated form over a few weeks? I'm almost over the effects but ready to be completely done with them! Thanks so much

Feb 13, 2017
Definitely the green tea
by: Chaya

Working on making my monthlys better as they can be terrible. I suffered a magnitude of iron loss for months which made the pain terrible and I had been in the ER for very low oxygen because of it. I started drinking green tea about a week ago thinking it may help calm my body before time comes.. I've been drinking black tea all my life, so I thought nothing of trying green tea. I started drinking green tea the first day I purchased it excited to try it. I got itching around my wrists that evening. I thought nothing of it because sometimes I get mild allergy reactions to dust or from being outside.
I continued drinking green tea the next day, 2 cups. This evening I itched more than the first day.I didn't want to believe it was the green tea, but it was the only new thing I had consumed. And I rarely just break out on my arms. I stopped drinking green tea after 3 days of drinking it to test the results. Started clearing up. After 3 days of not drinking it I drank green tea again. That evening I itched terrible. So I definitely know it was the green tea. It's annoying to have to be like a guinea pig to know these things, but I'm glad to know for sure. And thanks to this thread, I know it's not just me, so it's possible.

Jun 04, 2017
You're drinking too much!
by: Anonymous

Some people obviously have violent allergic reactions to green tea. But many others who posted talk about headaches and hives after drinking numerous 12-16oz bottles or mugs of tea all day long. No wonder you get headaches! No wonder your mind is racing and you can't sleep.

Has anyone ever seen a tea set? Little tiny cups. Especially in China and Japan where they drink a lot. It's also usually much weaker tea. But Americans are drinking gallons of the stuff in intense concentrations. Crazy.

For those who don't have violent or immediate reactions, if you still want to enjoy green tea try drinking no more than a half cup (measuring cup, not a mug!) of weak tea and have no more than 2 a day. In the morning, not before bed (-it has caffeine!)

We don't need food labels. We need to learn to approach the world with moderation and common sense.

Jun 23, 2017
Green Tea Allergy

Couple of months back I started drinking green tea i got from Tea garden in India and couple after few days later I became itchy from neck down to my pelvic area only. Saw few doctors but no luck, I finally realized that it's the green tea that is causing me this. Stopped thinking that it may not be processed well. Last night I made green tea bought here in US and got rashes again. I use to drink green tea but now I will be stopping it. Have no issue with regular black tea so will stick with that.

Mar 19, 2018
allergic to green tea but not white or black tea
by: Shawn t

I had allergy testing done a while back. It was extremely accurate as it listed known allergies. The only surprise was a green tea allergy. I maybe Fri knit a few times a year and haven't noticed issues, however I often drink black and white tea and don't seem to have any reactions to those. I haven't tried green tea since I learned of my allergy but I'm seeing a lot of posts all over the net saying all teas come from the same plant and you will be allergic to all, if allergic to one. This is obviously not true based on those of us with reactions to one and not others, but I found a few articles that explained how the strains of tea are actually quite different. Just want to make sure no one else gets confused because of this common misconception.

Nov 23, 2018
Thank you all
by: Anonymous

For the past year I have had episodes of itchy burning welts on my sides, chest and legs. They looks dark red and itch and burn terribly. I am a health enthusiast so take a ton of supplements so had no idea one of them could be the culprit. Last night I suddenly broke out in hives again right after taking my supplements. I researched each one and voila, I believe it is my green tea extract. I will take no more and see what happens but I would almost bank on it. OMG I am sooo happy to have a good clue.

Nov 10, 2021
Green tea gives me hives, swollen lips and eyes NEW
by: Anonymous

It took me few years to figure out my hives were caused by green tea. All allergy test results were negative except extremely high IgE level.

I cut out soda and switched to drinking (supposing healthy) green tea 2-3 cups daily. Around that time, I started a new job and for the longest time I thought I was allergic to work. Ha.. My allergic reaction wasn’t immediate therefore hard to identify the cause was green tea.

On a casual conversation, I learned that my father and uncles are allergic to green tea as well. So I tried cut out green tea for 6 months, no hives that period. So I resumed green tea, I hives returned within days.

I am now drinking black tea and not had any hives for years. I am not allergic to caffeine nor red wine, so that rule out tannins. Therefore, I believe I am allergic to theanine which is only present in green tea and not in black tea.

Hope this helps solve your mystery.

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