Grades of Tie Guan Yin - Can You Explain?

by Manfred

I have a question about the grading system for the Tie Guan Yin tea. I got the two sample packs from you. Now there are grades AA, AAA, Jipin, kin1 to king 5. I also heard there exist grades up to 6A or more. I realize that the king teas are more expensive than the others, but I do not know how to understand the grading system. Is king 4 better than king 2? Is AAA better than jipin, or the other way around?

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Mar 14, 2015
by: Julian

Manred, Tieguanyin King tea are the Tieguanyin tea plants that grow in the high altitude, normally 1000 meters and above. They are the higher grades. These are the Tieguanyin tea that we source from Shen.

For the Tieguanyin King tea, in descending grades of tea are: King, Jipin, AAA, AA and A. We don't sell any B grades.

We currently sell 5 King grades at the same price. They are the same grade, but different flavors.

Hope this explains it.

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