Gluten Free Dandy Blend?

by Diane
(Naples, FL)

How can Dandy Blend state it is a "gluten free" product if it contains barley and rye?

I am looking for a 100@ gluten free chicory product. All suggestions are appreciated.

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Jun 27, 2010
Gluten Free
by: Anonymous

Gluten is just a name for the amino acids in wheat.

It is the "protein" in wheat. When you make bread, kneading the bread develops the gluten and makes the bread chewy and springy.

Grains such as rye and barley have very very low levels of gluten (I'm actually not sure they have any, but don't quote me on it). However, you can make any kind of grain "gluten free" by cooking, roasting, or baking it twice to denature the amino acids or protein.

A lady I know makes delicious gluten free cakes out of whole wheat flour. How? She bakes loaves of bread, crumbles the loaves into little crumbs, and bakes the crumbs.

I'm sure there's some more scientific way to do it to make sure there's no gluten left at all, but that's the basic process.

Hope this helps.

Jul 31, 2010
It isn't
by: Anonymous

It cannot be gluten free if it contains rye or barley.

Whoever says you can bake gluten out of wheat is full of crap. It's a sticky protein that cannot be eliminated from wheat, rye or barley. If it was so easy, gluten free breads wouldn't be $5.50 a loaf or taste like cardboard.

Aug 25, 2010
Are you kidding me?!
by: Anonymous

You must be absolutely misinformed, crazy, or just plain ignorant about gluten and what it is or isn't! Stop playing dietician and expert here and misleading people into a belief that ISN'T TRUE!

I am a nurse who specializes in dietary needs and this is poppycock!

READER BEWARE! Twice baking regular gluten-laden bread DOES NOT GET RID OF THE GLUTEN!

I pray no one has read this and tried it and gotten ill because of your BS!!!!

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