Geopolitics of China Continued...

by Ian

I was very interested to read your article on this topic some months back and especially enjoyed the linked economic article. It helped clear up a few things on what is a very little- and mis-understood country in the West.

Every country has its demons and it certainly needed clarification what is at the heart of China's difficulties integrating with the rest of the modern world.

The Geopolitics Of China

You can imagine my interest then when I came across this article on the BBC:

Opting out of China's rat race

I haven't actually finished reading it yet and have nothing really to comment, but I thought you might be interested in this.

Ian (cz)

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Dec 23, 2008
Chinese rat race
by: Julian


Nice article, very inspiring, thank you!

The Chinese people are indeed into rat racing... and how inspiring it is to read about people who decided to opt out of it.

Having lived through many Chinese societies, in Southeast Asia, China and the West, I did observe that compared to the other ethnic groups, the Chinese people are extremely earthy.

The Tibetans like to say that great Lord Mashjuri invented astrology to get the Chinese people interested beyond the material. And just see what they make out of it - martial art, herbal medicine and geometry - putting the knowledge of the unknowable into something so practical.

The more people have to compete for a finite amount of resources, the more intra-competitive they become. The city states of Singapore and Hong Kong are one example. And it has always been the case for China.

Having said that, this generation of young Chinese people have something afresh about them. Individually they may be rat-racing, but collectively they are creating a great piece of tapestry.


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