Essiac Tea Is Amazing!

by Susan
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

I wanted to share this beautiful testimonial that I received from a client who bought capsules for their much loved dog. Got to love natural medicine!!

Hi Susan!

The Essiac tea we ordered from you was for our much loved 6yr old Great Dane "Harley" who was diagnosed with Lymphoma. The vet told us to take him home and love him, that there was nothing we could do for him as with this particular type of lymphoma, by the time you see the symptoms (swollen glands) it is already to late. She gave him just weeks to live. At that point the only symptoms where the swollen glands other than that he was his happy normal self. We were told that he would wake up one day and not want to eat and would go down hill from there. A fast aggressive cancer. Not one to give up so easily, I got online and did my own reseach and amongst other things, found some astounding info on Essiac Tea. I decided to give this a go and was fortunate enough to find (I removed my business name from here as was not sure if it was allowed on this site). Unfortunatley our order took the long way getting to us, and during this waiting time Harley completely stopped eating, could barely walk, and was drooling constantly as it was difficult for him to swallow due to the tennis ball size swollen glands. He was reduced to skin and bone so quickly. With my husband working away I was faced with the reality that I would have to be the one to call the vet in to put him to sleep. Just as I had made this tough, heartbreaking decision, the Essiac Tea arrived! I gave Harley 4 capsules straight away. When I returned home later that afternoon I was astounded to be greeted by Harley! He was up and came straight over to greet me! I gave him another 4 capsules and later that night his energy levels were even better. Every day we saw a remarkable improvement. His appetite returned and the swollen glands reduced. It has now been 5 weeks since Harleys diagnoses and he is a happy, energetic boy who has a healthy appetite and is almost back to his normal weight. Along with an anti-cancer diet, Harley is now taking 2 Essaic Tea capsules twice a day. We are so pleased to still have our beautiful boy with us, and a happy boy at that. We were so close to losing him and I strongly believe that without the Essiac Tea Harley would not be with us today. Thank you for making this wonderful product available to us here in Australia.
Kind Regards
Bruce and Michelle

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Sep 08, 2012
Buying essiac tea
by: Sherley Lowe

Where can I buy essiac tea? Is there any pre- mix?
What is best to take.

I am 62 female. Lately, I have been feeling sluggish, poor circulation, hand as well as feet swell. Tired, low energy.

I have been known to have elevated liver enzymes. Low blood pressure not diagnosed but signs are evident. As you can see, something is going on in my body that seems to be slowly deteriorating. Before, I get worse, I would like to take preventative steps to ameliorate my health ,thus, my energy level.

Thank you for your time.
P.S do you deliver in Canada?

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