Essiac Formula - Never Seem to Work?

by George
(Victoria, BC)

From a book called "cancer-there hope" by Byrun F. Tylor, the recipe is as follows:

Use stainless or glass. Make one 4-ounce batch:

- 54.28 g of burdock root
- 32.14 g of sheep sorrel,
- 16.42 g of red clover,
- 2.14 g of turkey rhubarb,
- 8.57g of slippery elm bark.

A healer lady I met who worked in health care for 20 years said she never saw any one get well using Essiac.

My wife's sister-in-law just died from cancer while taking Essiac.

She may have irreversible organ damage.

I don't know what's going on.

Reading the positive results of Essiac treatments when Caisse was treating and now it doesn't work?

Smacks of possibly something sinister. Will someone do an analysis on the now available online Essiac tea?

I am not rich enough. Good healing.

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Dec 28, 2009
Essiac - Before and After
by: Julian

George, as far as I understand, the real Essiac herb is not easily commercially available, mainly because the herb sheep sorrel needs to be harvested with the roots.

The charity I worked with Clouds Trust harvests their crop from the wild in England, even they have such a limited supply.

This factor alone will explain why the herb is lost much of is potency through mass commercialization.

Jul 18, 2011
Essiac Tea
by: Anonymous

My sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995 while living in Vancouver. She was originally from Greece and ended up going back because she felt more comfortable dealing with her own doctors. Before she left a friend told her about Essiac so she took it back with her and has been using it ever since.

She did NOT do any radiation or chemo ... not even surgery ...nothing. I believe she still has the cancer it's just not doing anything. I guess you can say it's been in remission all these years. We all credit the Essiac.

There are countless success stories using Essiac. One should question why they haven't studied it ... hmmm a natural product $$$ in that. The end.

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