Eating Tea Leaves Are Good For You (A Reader View)

by FounderChurch
(Washington DC USA)

Tea And Other Food Consumption: Tea nuts are like the nuts in relation to all the things of life on earth, but just now focusing on foodstuffs like tea, wine and so forth.

Nothing wrong, and everything good, about the consumption of tea and other healthful products, but to turn into a neurotic nuisance menace nut about any item of nourishment is, well, nutty and dangerous.

Most taboos are just that, taboos, and lots of times serve no particular good purpose and often a lot of bad purposes by not nice people.

One of the biggest attractors of nut bigots is the drinking tea and how you drink it, and whether you can or should eat the tea leaves either dry, or after making tea with them.

First off, we should understand that the reason tea (and even coffee) drinking has always been popular around the world, has less to do with anything nutritional and medicinal than with the fleshly desire of the imbiber to consume lots of needed liquids in an enjoyable tasty manner.

Then there is the proven medicinal benefits of the multitudinous number of vegetations of which tea is made. So, "TEA" ( and other liquidated foods usually have these two primary benefits, 1. a pleasurable, good tasting drink, and 2. Medicine for what ails us.

But beware, and you may be one, that there are wine snobs and tea snobs and snobs hanging around just about everything humanity consumes or does, including surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, religious snobs.

So, be informed, these universally present snobs, which mightily abound, and are always a bore, a pest and a nuisance, are interested ONLY in serving their own narrow self interest, lots of times MONEY. In pursuit of this ignoble goal they work night and day to turn perfectly innocent products and other useful practices into objects of snobbery.

They have purposes and reasons to do this such as: 1. They often use it to make MORE MONEY, and 2. They often use their snobbery to practice all forms of hateful senseless bigotry toward other human beings, and other groups of human beings, and 3. And worst of all, they use their snobbery, which almost always has no foundation in science, logic or truth, to try to egotistically, narcissistically, and nihilistically elevate themselves above somebody, anybody, or even everybody.

So, the rule is beware of SNOBS of all sorts, they are not good people up to anything good, either here on earth or even in heaven. And yes, Religion overflows with snobs which accounts for the vast proliferation of religions, sects, denominations and hateful division among those who mostly just want to love and serve God.

NOTE: There is but one God, and He cares less, about whether we burn one candle, two candles or no candles at all. Amen.

PS: Drink any wine you want, (but not too much) any time, any way you want to drink it, and drink any tea you want, prepared any way you want, including eating the raw leaves off the tea plant, or the dry leaves right from the bag, or the dry leaves ground to powder, or the leaves soaking wet after you have used them to make tea. They are all good for you no matter how you consume them. But just don't overdo anything substance you put in your body.


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Feb 05, 2016
Eating tea leaves
by: Julian

FounderChurch, I respect your views. May I just add you it is no fun eating low quality tea leaves (say green tea bags), they taste bitter and probably doesn't have much nutritional value.

If you love eating tea leaves and they are high quality stuff, I will go along with it!

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