Dragon Well Chinese Green Tea (AAA Grade) - May 2007

by Sigurd Ruschkowski

Dragon Well tea leaves and sprouts

Dragon Well tea leaves and sprouts

I ordered two 100g Dragon Well tea portions, and after a few days I received the tea. Each 100g portion was placed in an aluminum foil bag that was inside a beautiful painted metal can. Can't be more airtight than this.

Opening up the aluminum bag reveals a powerful scent of nypon, and many small flat leaves that are made up out of one, two, or three leaves. The colour is light-green with a tone of brown.

Brewing this Dragon Well tea is a real pleasure as it is quite spectacular to watch when the leaves first float on the top of the cup and then slowly sinks in vertically. Like a water ballet. Mentally soothing.

The smell is an amalgam out of algae, mushrooms, earth, and raspberry. Is also reminds me of how it can smell in an old untouched wood.

Taste is light but not boring. It is kind of a harmonic taste. It is not strong nor not too weak. It is a tea you can drink a lot. It is mild. Slightly sweet. The aftertaste is fabulous: looong and sweet.

Even thought the tea is relatively weak, it still is strong enough to stand three infusions.

It is like drinking an exotic wine (which I also enjoy, from an exotic wine yard that is owned by a baron).

The quest for finding top quality Dragon Well tea can be a long, frustrating, and painful one - and expensive, too. Amazing Green Tea has helped us searchers and made the journey much more pleasant. And all this at a relatively low price!

Julian Tai's personal enthusiasm really shines through when he writes about this tea. To know in detail where and when the tea has been picked, and what the tea garden owner's name is give me a more total enjoyment of his Dragon Well tea.

Service is top-notch! Highly recommended.

Next review will be on the Jipin Grade.

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Nov 24, 2007
Jipin Grade
by: Sigurd


Would be interesting to know how you find your Jipin Dragon Well tea today, and compare it to how you found it when the Dragon Well Jipin tasted when it was french this spring.

Have you tried this?

Nov 24, 2007
Jipin Grade
by: Julian

Sigurd, I have updated my review briefly since writing the April article. Interestingly, I found that the chestnutty aroma subsided, but favours became more rounded. In other words, the tea became more mellow.

Dragon Well Tea April Review

I really can't wait until March 2007. That roasted aroma just fresh from harvesting is really something quite exceptional. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long.

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