Decaffeinated Green Tea Side Effects

by Colleen McGilp
(Butler, NJ)

Can decaffeinated green tea cause indigestion? I brew my own Bromley decaf and drink cold - approximately 2 to 4 16-ounce cup per day, sometimes a little more.

I had my gall bladder taken out almost 1 year ago due to terrible indigestion.

I have given up on all caffeine. I stopped most of my coffee and switched to decaffeinated green tea.

I am trying to get to the bottom of my indigestion and looking at what I consume most during the day.

Mind you I have altered my eating habits also.

Decaffeinated green tea seems to be what I consume all day long!!!


Colleen, I hope you do get to the bottom of this.

I am not a big fan of conventional (chemical treated) decaffeinated green tea. If it doesn't work for you, perhaps it is time to move on. Switch to herbal tea or something.

I wrote an article about this a couple of years ago, it is still as relevant today:

Decaffeinated Green Tea Warnings! Natural Versus CO2

All the best.


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