Decaffeinated Green Tea May Cause Shingles!

by Susan

I started drinking 2-3 cups of decaffeinated green tea per day because I heard that it was a good antioxidant.

Approximately two weeks into this, I had flu like symptoms,which only lasted a day or so and not nearly as bad as actually having the flu.

A few days after, I started to notice what I thought were bug bites on my torso around my rib cage.

The next day, there were more and they not only itched but they hurt as well.

Considering I was in my early 40's, I tried to dismiss the idea that they might be shingles.

But something in my gut kept telling me that's what it was, so I immediately called my doctor. Sure enough, SHINGLES!

I have given birth twice, and let me tell you, the pain I experienced with childbirth was nothing compared to the pain from the shingles.

Now, I can't directly connect the green tea to the shingles, however, considering it is an antioxidant, I felt it was very possible that the tea could have somehow triggered the shingles reaction.

Food for thought!

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Jun 21, 2010
Shingles related
by: Anonymous

I started using a different green tea supplement early on in my pregnancy (before i knew i was pregnant - so within the first month).

Of course stopped taking it once i found out i was pregnant as I was told it increases your metabolism therefore your body temp and thats not good when pregnant.

At around 10 weeks pregnant I got a rash on my right rib cage (that I just now found out was shingles) i had no other symptoms of shingles just the rash that itched, stung and hurt at different times.

I started spotting at 13 weeks and my 13 week ultrasound showed our baby had died.

After I miscarried our baby a week later. In the ER i asked the Dr if the rash had any part in the miscarriage, it was then that i was told it looks allot like shingles and that could explain the miscarriage, she did say that if this was the case my body is now immune to it and if i ever get it again in pregnancy it wont hurt my baby as I will now be immune to it.

I have treat the rash with Chickweed Gel and it has cleared right up. it was moving to my back and tummy but just put the cream all over there too which seems to have cleared it right up.

Feb 08, 2011
Ever lotus green tea may cause running tummy
by: Anonymous

I've stared taking green tea hour after hour then I heard from peoples that can I see that am losing weight.

October I was size 36 now I am size 32. Now my problem is I have this running tummy especially after food it become worse

Jul 12, 2020
Me too NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I wondered the same thing, so I googled "green tea trigger shingles" which led me to your article. I'm just getting over my first case of shingles. I'm 46 y.o. and I have been drinking green tea off and on for 6 years. For the last year, however, I have been drinking nearly a pot of decaffeinated green tea every night. Curious.

May 07, 2022
jesus christ.....
by: Anonymous

I have oral and genital herpes and a concussion and the antioxidants in green tea have really soothed the headaches and neck stiffness but i do suspect it might be helping with outbreaks. I really need this tea because i don't know of any other strong antioxidants that have strong evidence to help with herpes. im a bit scared

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