Caffeine Free Green Tea With High EGCG Content

by Shailina
(Melbourne, Australia)

Is there any kind of green tea which contains no or very little caffeine but more of EGCG (epigallocatechin galate)?


Shalina, the highest grade green tea is made of tea buds, which usually content very high amount of EGCG and caffeine. However, they are soothing to drink because they contains even higher amount of theanine, which has a natural decaffeinating effect.

Summer harvested tea is the lowest grade and contains the least caffeine, but because they lack theanine, they are very unpalatable to drink.

If you really want something that is near zero in caffeine and high in EGCG, then you really need to look into a processed tea or extract, such as a CO2 decaffeinated tea or a pure EGCG decaffeinated extract.

Further information can be found below ... I hope this is helpful.

Decaffeinated Green Tea


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