Caffeine Free Green Tea for Sensitive Drinkers

by Anonymous

I love green tea but am very sensitive to caffeine. It raises my blood pressure. I can't drink decaffeinated tea usually. I have read your article on avoiding the effects of caffeine in green tea. Now, what tea do you recommend for me?


The world of high grade Chinese green tea does offer some credible alternatives, based mainly on the fact that these high grades contain naturally high levels of theanine and antioxidants.

Theanine is what gives high grade tea its unique sweet and full-bodied flavors, commonly described as unami, brothy and fresh.

Further information of theanine can be found in the article below:

Theanine Health Benefits - 7 Reasons Why It's More Than A Relaxant

There are three important points to note from the above article:

- Theanine is found mostly in high grade green tea, primarily those harvested in early spring in the form of pristine tea buds.

- Theanine has been shown to offset the effects of caffeine. However, there is no study that shows that it can work for caffeine sensitive individuals. In other words, there is evidence that it works, but it has not been conclusively proven for sensitive individuals.

- Theanine has been shown to regulate blood pressure, i.e. it should not increase your blood pressure.

The advantages of drinking these high grades, as a "caffeine free green tea", is that they offer much high level of enjoyment, antioxidants and relaxing effects than a chemically treated decaffeinated green tea made from lower grade leaves.

Based on the above, I will recommend three teas from my tea shop. They are known to have high level of theanine. I drink them regularly, and have found them to be very relaxing.

- Mengding Ganlu Green Tea (Sweet Dew)
- Silver Needle White Tea
- Anji Baicha Green Tea

Amazing Green Tea Shop

I hope this helps answer your question.


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