Brewing Iced Tea - Loose Tea Leaves for 2 liters

by Anonymous

I just bought some loose bulk gunpowder green tea. I want to brew 2 liters worth to cool and make iced tea. I was wondering how much to put in the tea ball to make 2 liters of moderately strong green tea? One tablespoon? Two maybe? Does anyone know the proper amount? The tea is kind of pricey so I don't want to waste it and use too much. I also don't want to use too little and end up with weak tea. Thank you in advance.


Brewing green tea usually works within the ratio of 50 to 100, implying that you should use 20 to 40 grams of leaves.

My recommendation is to test with a small sample first to get your ratio right, then go with the real thing later.

Obviously the more tea you use, the more difficult it becomes as you have to get the steeping time right (too long will make it bitter).

I am not an iced tea expert so this is just my intelligent guess. Any further suggestions are welcome.


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