Bodum Assam Teapot - Why I Can't Live Without It

by JCY
(San Francisco, CA)

I absolutely adore the Bodum's line of Assam teapots.

One of the reasons that I love them is because they all are clear teapots, which allows me to be able to see how dark the tea is after it has been sitting for a while. In old teapots, I could never see the color precisely but now I don't have to guess anymore. Furthermore, these teapots make it easy to allow tea to steep.

I tend to drink a lot of loose leaf tea, which can get a little messy but Bodum has teapots that has infusers inside that are really easy to clean - the leaves come right out! Since it's plastic, it is very easy to rinse it out with some water and soap.

When brewing tea, once I can see that the tea is strong enough to my liking, I can use the plunger to press down the leaves and prevent it from getting any stronger.

Make sure that you don't put too much water in it because the design is not meant to keep the water hot for long periods of time.

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