Best Place to Find Tea at Hangzhou?

by Syukri

I'm Malaysian, now studying at Zhejiang university.

I tend to buy teas for my relative when I want to go back to my country this June.

Where is the best place I can buy those teas at reliable price?


Syukri, I am not familiar with the tea shops in Hangzhou so I can't say. All I can say is that be very very careful in opening your wallet, and try before you buy. Don't believe anything on the surface, including certificate, packaging etc.

After all, unless your aunt is an expert drinker, she will have the same problems as you (trying to tell the good apart from the bad.) So, get something to her that you have tried and liked. Preferably fresh. It doesn't have to be expensive.

This site contains extensive information on the characteristics of good teas. Feel free to browse.

Dragon Well Tea - How I Discover Chairman Mao's Cup Of Tea

I hope this helps. If anyone else know of a reliable tea shop in Hangzhou, please can you share with Syukri?

Thank you.


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