Avoid Drinking Green Tea and Codeine

by Keryn
(New Zealand )

I used to be an avid green tea drinker. About 15 cups a day.

I had to have minor surgery, which my doctor gave me codeine tablets to take when I got home. I took the codeine tablets with my green tea.

Within the hour I was in hospital with excruciating pain through out my body.

As it happens, green tea and codeine don't mix well together an my body was shutting down.

I stopped taking green tea until I had taken the last if my codeine tablets.

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Dec 19, 2016
by: Anonymous

I have been drinking Ceremonial Matcha Tea from Kyoto Japan for the past year along with daily dosages of Codeine, 5 cups a day I have equivalent to having 50 cups of regular green tea. All it does for me is negate the codeine's addictive effects and symptoms caused in withdrawal.

I have a 160mg dose of codeine twice a day.

You shouldn't put false titles up scaring people because the combination of Codeine + Green Tea went badly with you. This should be labelled as a story specifically for you.

Apr 24, 2017
Wrong bitch
by: Anonymous

Actually it is very unsafe for anyone to mix green tea with codeine.

May 31, 2018
Evidence, please
by: Sceptical

"Actually it is very unsafe for anyone to mix green tea with codeine."

Why is it unsafe to mix green tea and codeine? Please elaborate on the dangers of this combination. Preferably, with proper sources provided alongside, something that confirms the alleged dangers of this combination.

I pose the same question to the original poster, what exactly caused this reaction? I presume you were told by a professional at the hospital you were treated at why exactly the combination of codeine and green tea caused your body to "shut down". If this reaction was truly from the codeine and tea, it is vital to inform people how it happens, and the original post is severely lacking on that account.

Finally, I want to point out that I found this by doing a Google search for "codeine + tea". This seems to be the only link that mentions that this combination can be in any way hazardous, and offers no reasoning as to why that might be. Codeine is a commonly prescribed pain killer and tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages around the world, so I would expect more info to pop up cautioning against combining the two. That is, if the combo really was in any way unsafe, which I seriously doubt, but I'm certainly ready to be proven wrong on that. With more than an off-hand remark on how "I took codeine with green tea and almost died."

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