2009 Spring Longjing tea - Lu Zhenghao

Hi Julian,

I am hoping that you can enlighten me on a gift of tea that I have just received. It is a 125g packet of "Lu Zhenghao" Longjing tea, plucked on 20 March 2009. It is from the Meijiawu region in Xihu.

What grade of tea would this be and how much does it cost? If it is too much, I really should return the tea! What is the best way of brewing the tea to preserve the flavor?

Many thanks,


Patty, I have never heard of the Lu Zhenghao brand so I can't say for sure. We are familiar with Meijiawu tea though.

Tea prices are a subjective matter - simply because there are 3000 household tea gardens in West Lake and prices will vary according to quantity, negotiation and relationship.

You can use my tea shop as a guide to how much the tea may cost to your person who gave the gift to you.

On this basis, an equivalent grade (Tribute Jipin grade also harvested around 20 March) cost around $130.

Information about brewing and storage can be found here:

Brewing and Storing

Brewing Loose Tea Tips and Tricks Resource Centre

I hope this helps.


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