Organic Chinese Tea
Truth About High Grades

What most people didn't get is that the highest grade tea cannot be mass produced and industrialized. Organic Chinese tea does exist, they could be either natural or certified.

Over the year, many customer have written to ask me:

"Julian, is your tea organic? I am concerned about consuming anything from China that is not organic."

This is my usual reply:

"My friend, I do sell organic certified Chinese tea. I even sell tea that has been chemically tested on a yearly basis."

"However, the thing to understand is that the Chinese people have grown teas for thousands of year. From emperors to common peasant, everyone drinks tea."

"Have you ever wondered how the Chinese people grow theirs teas before Industrial Revolution? How do they cope without using any chemicals?"

"For the highest quality teas (which I sell), do you think things have changed for the last few hundreds of years?"

Pre-Industrial Farming

It may sound incredible, but little has changed in term of the process of growing the highest grade tea.

This is not because China is technologically backwards. The Japanese haven't changed their tea growing process as well.

This is because highest grade tea cannot be mass produced. They cannot be industrialized. They cannot be intensively farmed.

Low Yield Tea Farm

All of the green teas I sell come from low yield tea farms i.e. harvesting only takes place for a short window of 6 weeks in spring each year.

Can you believe it? The higher grades are harvested during the first 1-3 weeks of spring. The the lower grades are harvested from the last 3 weeks of spring. The tea plants have the other 46 weeks to rest recuperate. There is no need to use chemical fertilizers!

Unlike the Western black tea drinkers, Chinese green tea drinkers only drink their green tea harvested in spring. There is no incentives for tea farmers to harvest their teas other than during spring.

Early Harvests

As you may already know, the highest quality teas are those harvested early spring. They are the most tender, which means they contain much more soluble solids and less plant fibre.

Because they have the highest concentration of antioxidants and theanine, they taste delicious and give you very good after-feeling. Not to mention the very wide ranging health benefits that have been proven by many scientific studies!

Naturally Organic

The highest grades (such as AAA and above) are likely to be naturally organic as the tea buds are harvested very early spring when it is still cold.

At the onset of spring, there are few insects. In China, tea buds are picked on a daily basis, so there is no need to use insecticides.

High Purity

Also the tea buds are extremely young and tender.

Scientific studies conducted in China and Japan have found that these young tea buds contain the highest concentration of nutrition, but the lowest levels of impurities from soil and air.

This is because the tea buds are too young to accumulate impurities from soil and air.

Also, high quality tea plants are only found in high mountain, where the air is damp, soil is rich and light is diffused. The pristine conditions ensure the tea plants are free from chemical impurities from the environment.

For further information on why the best teas come from high mountain, check out:

Lushan Yunwu Tea (Cloud and Mist Green Tea) - Her Daring Fragrance!

High Potency

The safest way to drink tea is to go for quality, but drink in moderation. That way, you get sufficient antioxidants from a highly potent tea, but avoids any side effects from drinking too much low quality tea.

This can save you money too. Many of the high grades I sell can be infused more than 3 times. You only need to use a tiny quantity (say 1-3 grams) at a time!

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