Oolong Tea and Weight Reduction - My Waistline Dropped 2 Inches After 4 Weeks

by Terence Lim

I bought oolong tea, from China and usually for friends in Singapore. We know little about Chinese tea. However, I started taking interest in using the Chinese tea recently.

After drinking the "Iron Goddess of Mercy" for about 4 weeks, my waistline dropped from 39" to 37". My weight dropped by 3 kg. no kidding.

Most of my newly tailored pants are now loose. I have re-tailored new pants recently, but my waist keep reducing.

My belt has to be tighten in order to hold on to my pants. It's really amazing and how much I tried to reduce my waist previously with no success.

Buy top grade oolong tea. I bought my from Shanghai whole sale centre where a friend has a business there.

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Jul 16, 2009
Well done!
by: Julian

Terrence, thank you for the tip. Congratulation for the surprise weight loss.

It does plausible this is due to oolong tea. Thanks for sharing.

Jul 20, 2011
Thanks for information about the oolong tea
by: Anonymous

I had question as to if the tea is worth trying for weight loss. I am trying it for the first time. I hope my result will be the same. Thanks and congrates for your weight loss.

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