Jasmine Tea Caffeine
Should You Be Concerned?

Worried about jasmine tea caffeine? Two reasons why a high quality loose-leaf will give you a soothing cup of tea.


Over the past decade or two, there has been something of a controversy over caffeine. Some people say that it is bad for your nerves, even that it is bad for your heart.

However, other studies have found that caffeine can have beneficial effects, even reducing your risk of certain types of cancer.

Who is right? Both sides, actually. The Greek philosopher Aristotle had some good advice on the subject: "Seek moderation in all things."

Heavy consumption of caffeine turns some people into nervous wrecks, but moderate consumption is actually beneficial for most of us.

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However, if you are sensitive to caffeine or just trying to moderate your intake, you may be concerned about the amount of caffeine in your favorite jasmine tea.

How much caffeine is in a cup of jasmine tea? Should you worry about it?

Key Considerations

Unless it has been decaffeinated, jasmine tea does have some caffeine. The same is true for any green tea.

The actual amount of caffeine in your cup depends on what variety of tea it was made from, where it was grown, and how early it was picked. However, a cup of jasmine tea usually contains about half the caffeine of a cup of coffee.

If you really do not want the caffeine, there are several methods you can use to avoid it.

First, you can buy decaffeinated jasmine tea. However, if you choose decaf, you should be aware that you are missing out on more than just jasmine tea caffeine - you may also be missing out on taste and nutrition.

Most people find that the decaffeinating process changes the taste of the tea, making it taste too light or even metallic. Ugh!

Second, the decaffeinating process also removes up to two thirds of the antioxidants that make green tea so good for you.

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How to Minimize

What's a jasmine tea drinker to do? The best course of action is to choose a high-quality, loose-leaf jasmine tea.

Jasmine tea in tea bags has more caffeine than loose leaf tea does - and it usually has fewer antioxidants!

Another reason to choose a high quality tea is that the leaves can be steeped more than once. Caffeine dissolves readily in hot water, so the first steeping will remove much of the caffeine.

With loose leaf tea, you can choose to drink the first steep and still get less caffeine overall than you would from drinking the same amount of tea made in tea bags.

Or, you can pour out the first steep and avoid most of the caffeine altogether ...although it can seem wasteful to pour such delicious tea down the drain!

Naturally Soothing

However, if you are drinking a good jasmine tea, you should not have to worry too much about jasmine tea caffeine - for two reasons.

First, Mother Nature has provided her own decaffeinating system for green tea - theanine.

Theanine is an amino acid found naturally in tea leaves. It has a mild tranquilizing effect that counteracts the stimulant effect of caffeine.

However, average-to-poor quality jasmine tea does not have enough theanine. To get enough theanine, you need to get the good stuff, yet another reason not to settle for grocery store tea bags!

Second, the jasmine scent also helps in reducing the effects of caffeine.

Jasmine contains a compound called (R)-(-)-linalool that works to reduce your heart rate and produce a calm state of mind. Much like theanine does!

With the combined power of theanine and jasmine, there is even less to be concerned about with jasmine green tea than there is with regular green tea.

In conclusion, the best way to minimize jasmine tea caffeine concerns is to buy a high grade tea.

Fortunately, a high grade doesn't have to mean expensive. This Jasmine Golden Needle King is quite affordable, especially considering that the high quality means you can infuse the leaves more than once!

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