The Truth About Tea
A T-Volution Is Quietly Steeping Away

Amazing-Green-Tea is dedicated to helping people appreciate the wonders of tea and other healthy beverages.

Someone once said that there are certain things that cannot be adequately explained to a virgin, either by words or pictures.

Quality tea is a bit like that. Despite all that has been said about the amazing properties of (especially green) tea, the truth is – few people have had the real thing.

Why? Because quality teas are in short supply. Sellers find it hard to sell in bulk. So they dilute quality to the minimum and sell lots of them.

Yeah, the products are wrapped up in beautiful boxes. But inside - it’s empty. The tea leaves have no look, no taste and no feel.

It is not supposed to be like that!

You should be able to admire the beautiful tea buds or leaves. You should be able to taste the rich and smooth flavors. You should be able to feel the gentle energy flowing, leaving you mind soothed, and your body refreshed.

Power of Empowering Yourself

Ever since I started this site, I have received many questions regarding the best green tea to drink for health reasons.

You will find many of my answers in this site. A typical answer would look something like:

Yeah, go for unflavored loose leaves. Look for young tea buds rather than matured leaves. Harvested in spring is better. Has to be sealed in air-tight bags and preferably kept in freezer until it is ready to ship.

And finally, I would end by saying:

Should taste good, last 3 infusions and make you feel good – this is the most important.

The beauty of this T-volution is it starts and ends with yourself.

Knowledge brings liberation, only if you are a good student and pay attention. Real tea forces you to sit up and take notice.

Take time to steep your first cup of tea. Learn to appreciate its external form, liquor color, multi-layered fragrance and superb after-feeling. Some teas are so good that this pleasurable process can take years to unravel.

T-Revolution is an ongoing journey. Every drop you sip will contribute to your well-being. As the tiny streams finally gather into a mighty river, you too will experience some transformations in your life.

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