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Stig from Copenhagen rates King Grade 5 out of 5. June 2009:

Having received the latest sending from China I have tasted the Houkui, the Baihao, and one of the four Tieguanyin Wang grade teas.

The two former are good, even very good, teas – I shall come back with tasting notes – but the Tieguanyin Wang-grade Yunxiang is almost incredibly fine: the fragrance of summer meadows in blossom with a hint of fines herbes underlined by the exquisite light and nuanced bitterness that once again reminds me of high class sauternes; and it lasts!

The Qingsuan has a beautiful green-golden colour and on the nose a buttery sweetness combined with light flowery aromas; the taste has much the same character, to which is added a discrete acidity, with hints of elegant grapefruit bitterness in the aftertaste. I would rate it 5+.

The Zhengwei is another story, much more masculine in its attack – the fragrance reminding my co-taster of a kind of small green lemon, the leaves of which are used, but not the fruit. The taste has a pungent toughness in its herbal notes with sharp edges and a pleasantly surprising dryness. It is a tea that will accompany food well, I guess. I would rate it 5.

Truly the best yet.

Ian from Kostelec nad Orlici rates AA grade 4 out of 5. May 2009:

Iron Goddess is my favourite Oolong tea, so this has a lot to live up to, and this grade does well.

I can certainly see where the higher grades lie on the scale, as there is a little astringency and loss of sweetness after a couple of brews, but the amazing aroma remains. A lovely tea :)

Danny from Ontario rates Jipin Grade 5 out of 5. December 2008:

I have been testing by trial and error as to the amount I tend to use a slightly larger cup, but I have found this tea to meet and exceed my expectations (5 for sure) has a most wonderful aroma and smooth taste.

I'm hooked !

Tom from Jordan rates AAA grade 5 out of 5. December 2008:

As a graduate assistant in the U.S., a foreign "student partner" program matched me with a Chinese MBA student.

He and his two roommates brought a suitcase full of their own tea with them for the academic year! Best tea I ever had. He politely said "you can't get this tea here--that's why we brought it."

I've been searching for that tea for three years and THIS IS IT!


Sigurd from Hudingge rates King Grade 5 out of 5. December 2008:

I got the package last week. Thank you!

I have tried all the Oolong teas now. The Wang grade is an exceptional tea!!! It has so many overtones that I fully understand why this tea is graded wang. Ahhh, the best Oolong I have ever tasted!!! Magnificent! Superb! Wonderful! Delicious! Fantastic!

Leginia from Surrey rates King grade 5 out of 5. November 2008:

When I poured the tea out of the pot - the room filled up the a glorious aroma which I could not describe until I sipped from the cup. Images of a vast green meadow with a soft spring breeze sprung into mind.

This is a heaven on the senses.

Heather from California rates AAA grade 2 out of 5. August 2008:

I didn't dislike the tea, it was tasty. However I expected a lot more from the tea. Perhaps I am not brewing it right, but I haven't seen any benefit or significant results compared to the regular tea I drink.

Rob from Alberta rates Jipin grade 5 out of 5. May 2008:

I am always put into Heaven by the Tieguanyin tea, and have introduced a few of my friends to the Pearly Gates as well.

I don't claim to have as sophisticated a palate as some of your contributors, but, judging from my newly acquired halo, I think it needs a Capital 5!!!

Best wishes... Rob

John from Canada rates AAA Grade tea 5 out of 5. April 2008:

I received my package about 3 weeks ago. It is absolutely amazing. I was put on to you by our mutual friend ... He sent me a sample package and I was hooked.

Quite honestly I was never much of a tea drinker in the past - no flavour, bitter, smelled funny or smelled artificial.

But when I tried the Iron Goddess and Dragonwell, I was stunned. I pretty much have about 3-5 cups a day - with the same leaves! I just keep infusing - pretty amazing, that it lasts so long.

Everyone that comes over to visit I make a pot and as soon as they taste it they want to know where it came from. Everyone says the Iron Goddess (AAA) smells like jasmine. The Dragonwell tea has such a beautiful nutty flavour and smell.

I have given away a few packages to my mother in law, neighbours, sister. Actually my sister put an order in with you and she is enjoying it as well.

So to answer your question - I would rate it a 5 out of 5, and I try to push and endorse your tea, to whoever enjoys a cup!

Lindsay from Rolling Hills Estates rates Jipin Grade 5 out of 5. January 2008:

Just wanted to let you know I got my order yesterday. The tea was fantastic and I enjoyed several throughout the day. It got better with each infusion

Kirsten from North Fork rates Jipin grade 5 out 5. January 2008:

Thanks again for the lovely tea. The flavor is excellent - non-bitter, yet rich and satisfying, and the aroma is truly a unique experience.

I just want to tell you how amazed me, my family and friends are by the Tieguanyin tea (Iron Goddess) Jipin grade. It is truly an incredible tea.

The aroma alone entices one to brew a pot - one friend who can't drink any caffeine just sat near the tea pot inhaling the steam for about an hour one day. I gave the little 7 gram bags as Christmas gifts!

My family and I find ourselves holding tiny cups of steaming tea under our noses with our eyes closed, just sitting quietly at the table lost in reverie – and this includes my very active 12 year old son! (He LOVES this tea!) I would buy it for the aroma alone…

We tried brewing multiple pots from the same leaves, and found that the first pot is heavenly, the second brew still quite amazing but with less aroma, and the third and 4th brews are excellent but with much less aroma, like a very high quality "average" green tea, and after that it could be any non-bitter green tea.

My husband won't drink it after the third pot, I enjoy it to the 6th and my brother takes it to the 9th brew, but agrees that it is mostly just lightly flavored hot water after the 6th pot.

I also bought another tea from you on my first order (I think it was Dragon Well) and although it was excellent tea, and compared to other similar teas it would shine, it just didn't wow me like the Tieguanyin tea.

I mean, what other tea has that kind of aroma? Jasmine tea doesn't even begin to come close. Whoever called this Iron Goddess tea the "champagne of teas" could not have said it better.

I placed another order with you yesterday, this time for two different grades of the Iron Goddess – Jipin and AAA Orchid Aroma... I will definitely let you know how it goes, and yes, please feel free to use my feedback.

Lastly, congratulations on the award winners! You and HQ clearly deserve it.

Shane from Myerstown rates Jipin Grade 5 out of 5. December 2007:

I received my Iron Goddess tea and I am just blown away by this tea. This is the first oolong I have tried and it is now a favorite. The smell is just so pure and fresh, the leaves bright and colorful and the taste!

Well, you are right, it is almost intoxicating.

I use about a 4 oz ceramic cup for sipping my tea and thus far the most I have had in a session is four quality infusions, though I am positive it could have continued on another 2 or 3 for sure.

I just tend to get full after drinking that much in a row but the way I feel afterwards is just indescribable. Just as if my life force was intensified; so much stamina and energy yet I still slept peacefully at night.

Simply amazing.

As I said before I have only previously dealt with sevencups and their silver needle, which I love, and have not tried any of their other teas at this point so i have no other experience to base theory on. I do know for sure that my next order from you will be the 250 gram bulk! because this is definitely a tea I wish to have close at hand at all times.


Stig from Copenhagen rates Jipin Grade 5 out of 5. December 2007:

Right after pouring hot water over the leaves I found a faint trace of fried egg (from the roasting?), before the floral notes take over and lasting a while after.

And a little later I sensed a whiff of something (maybe remotely like naphtalene?) reminiscent of my grandmother's linen press (I wonder why the scents evoke memories of my grandparents? - possibly because their daily world was dominated by natural processes?).

And then the dark green foliage and the chrysanthemes take over.

The Iron Goddess tea has a fragrance that evokes my grandfather's green fields in a dewy spring morning, and the fresh clovers of my childhood's lawn.

(I rarely taste them now -  have I grown too wise or too conservative?).

It also recalls memories of an orchid (Cymbidium grandiflorium) that I have tasted in a mildly bitter-hot stew in Bhutan (which I have visited a number of times), maybe with hints of chrysanthemum and stinging nettle? (quite pungent in a soup - in earlier times part of a poor man's diet, now rather a connoisseur's choice).

Only one ting puzzle me: the color of this tea is a clear, almost luminant, emerald green - there isn't the slightest shade of golden or even one single tiny red spot on the leaves, as shown on the photo on your website. It seems much more like a 'fragrant jade'-type of green tea; how come?

This tea I will rate 5!

Yours, cup in hand,

Sigurd from Huddinge. December 2007:

Got the box with Iron Goddess tea and Dragon Well yesterday.

I opened the box and found lots and lots of cute and beautiful bags made out of glowing plastic (or aluminum) :-)

Being kind of eager to make me some Iron Goddess tea, I took one bag of the highest grade, and made about 7 infusions of that bag.

What a scent!!! Ah, just marvelous. Never ever smelled something like it!

Even the first infusion is mild. Not bitter like one of my best oolong teas. Even the 7th infusion has this wonderful smell :-) Man, this is strong stuff!

Well, is should be as I used a full bag ;-) Read today that one bag is about 7grams. Huh, I used about 3 times too much tea leaves.... 

The cup was full of leaves. Not much space for the water :-))) And I used a large cup!

I tried the C grade today and that one is good, too. Used a full bag for that one too so I could compare.

Will use less leaves from now on.

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