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Newsletter #38: Fragrant Oolong Tea Autumn Harvest Arrive!
December 15, 2010


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

15 December 2010 Issue #38:


>> Fragrant Oolong Tea Autumn Harvest Arrive!


In the last issue, we discuss diversifying your tea intake according to the season. In this issue, we'll explore how seasonality affects tea production. In particular, you may find it useful to know that:

- Green teas harvested early spring have the highest level of theanine, which makes them sweet and soothing.

- Black teas harvested in summer have the highest level of astringent tasting antioxidants, which when fully oxidized creates the mellow taste and floral aroma.

- Oolong teas harvested in autumn have the highest level of aromatic oils, which explains why they are the most intensely fragrant.

Fragrant versus Roasted
Now, there are two types of oolong teas: fragrant and roasted. In the last issue, we touched briefly on Wuyi Oolongs, representing the best of roasted oolongs.

In this issue, we'll go on to Iron Goddess tea, representing the best of fragrant oolongs. The following explains why over the years, they have evolved to become the most popular and cutting edge of Chinese oolong teas.

Widespread Appeal
This may seem counter-intuitive, but I think it is true.

People living in cold climate (northern hemisphere) prefer cooling teas (white tea, green tea, fragrant oolongs), while people living in warm climate (tropical, southern hemisphere) prefer warming teas (roasted oolongs).

What this means is that if you live in USA, Europe or China, you would prefer teas which are less oxidized i.e. white tea, green tea and fragrant oolongs, especially during the warmer seasons.

Fragrant oolongs is only 10% to 30% oxidized. They combine the best of green tea (high antioxidants, light/refreshing taste) and oolong (stronger body, heavenly aroma).

Health Benefits
Green tea contains very high level of antioxidants because they are unoxidized. The same is true for Iron Goddess oolong teas.

They have been shown to have significant health benefits for those looking for weight loss, heart protection, and those suffering from skin disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure.

This is hardly surprising, because the chemical composition is very similar to green tea. Also, when you buy from Shen's tea garden, each 8-gram packet has been vacuum packed. They will keep fresh for 2 years.

Guinness Record
For these reasons, Iron Goddess is highly sought after in China. They are currently the most expensive tea in Guinness Record.

Value for Money
Renown for their stamina, the Iron Goddess tea can be re-steeped many times while retaining its flavors. Generally, you should expect the following:

- AA grade lasts 3 infusions
- AAA grade lasts 5 infusions

Many Flavors
The varieties make fascinating sampling. There are so many varieties, and a good place to start is the Mixed 5-in-1 Sampler. And if you are an experienced drinker, go for the King 5-in-1 Sampler.

Also, the top grades, on the cutting edge, are constantly evolving. You will find this year's King grades slightly different from last year's, while maintaining the same level of exquisiteness and purity you would expect of the King grades.

Iron Goddess King Tea (Tieguanyin Wang) - Best of Fragrant Oolong

If you are a return customer, please note that for the 2010 season, I have switched to using 8-gram per packet, as this is now the standard norm in China. The prices per gram has either stayed the same or reduced slightly to allow for this change.

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

Julian Tai

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