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Newsletter #37: Two Rules to Drinking Authentic Chinese Tea (Offer To End 10 December)
November 25, 2010


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

25 November 2010 Issue #37:


>> Two Rules to Drinking Authentic Chinese Tea (Offer To End 10 December)


When drinking high grade Authentic Chinese Tea, there are two things to bear in mind.

RULE ONE: Drink in moderation

Take any food excessively over a long period of time, and you will suffer from some unpleasant side effects afterwards.

Tea is no exception. Yes, it is soluble in water. Yes, it doesn't accumulate in your body. But still, it is important to drink in moderation.

Remember, when you sip a high grade, you are treating yourself a concentrated dose of nutrition.

Imagine: just one gram of green tea buds contain 127 milligrams of antioxidants, which is the amount of antioxidants found in 500 grams of red wine and 1 kilogram of apples!

You don't need to drink A LOT to enjoy its health benefits. Even 3 cups of green tea a day can have a powerful effect on your daily well being.

How do you know this is true?

Simple. Treat yourself with a glass of spring harvested green tea buds. Observe how refreshed you feel afterwards.

The Silver Needle white tea is the highest grade white tea. One of our best sellers, she offering great taste, nice aroma and abundant health benefits at $14.

RULE TWO: Diversify your tea diet

This topic has been covered in a previous newsletter: Balancing the Four Seasons (Have a read!). Here is a quote from the article:

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, tea - in its unprocessed form - is cool in nature.

However, different types of tea acquire different properties according to how it is made. Generally speaking, you want to drink "cooling" tea in the summer and "warming" tea in the winter.

So, what is cooling tea? What is warming tea?

Cooling Teas
The Chinese classifies the Camellia sinensis tea into six types. In ascending level of oxidation levels:

- White
- Yellow
- Green
- Oolong (Also known as half-red, half-green)
- Red (Westerner called it the black tea)
- Post-fermented (Widely known as the Pu-erh)

Cooling teas such as the white tea, yellow tea, green tea and fragrant oolong are lightly oxidized (10% or less).

Rich in antioxidants, these tender tea buds have a light flavor. They are naturally sweet and can be highly refreshing. Tea leaves can be infused for at least 3 times.

Warming Teas
Warming teas such as the roasted oolong tea and red tea are heavily oxidized and roasted.

The tea liquor is a rich charcoal. The higher grades have an uplifting floral aroma. They can be infused up to 9 times!

*** Perfect winter beverage

Imagine breathing in the floral aroma of a dark oolong during a cold winter day?

While green tea is cooling and has a cleansing, roasted tea is warming and restorative. This makes them ideal for winter consumption.

*** Melt the fat away!

Eat lots of meats but want to stay slim? Oolong tea has been proven in scientific studies to help lose weight by blocking fat absorption. See scientific study below:

Oolong Tea Weight Loss - 7 Facts And Fictions That You Must Know

While it is not advisable to drink green tea with your meals (they can hurt the stomach), roasted oolong is a perfect accompaniment for a hearty meal. In Southern China, people drink roasted teas, not green tea, with their meals.

*** Add fire to your diet

This applies when you eat lots of salad, is a vegetarian, or live somewhere cold and wet. Intead of grabbing yourself a coffee, try a roasted tea instead!

*** Gentle on the stomach

A lot of veteran Chinese tea drinkers drink roasted teas because they are gentler to your stomach. In addition, roasted teas can be stored and aged for up to 5 years. These aged teas are highly medicinal and is even more gentle on the stomach.

*** Trace minerals

This applies to the Wuyi oolong tea - see below!

Which Warming Teas?
The highest quality roasted oolong teas in the world are found in the Wuyi Mountain of Fujian province.

The teas produced here are known as the Rock Tea - because the teas grow in the volcanic ashes of high mineral content. This explains the unique yanyun, or rock-like flavors.

It has been found to be rich in potassium, manganese and other trace minerals.

Wuyi Oolong Tea and Mountain - A Beginner's Guide

The 2010 harvests took place in June this year. Our best selling product is this 7-in-1 Wuyi Sampler.

Wuyi Tea 7-In-1 Oolong Sampler - A Tour of Treasures

As I have switched to a higher quality supplier recently, you can now try all seven teas at an one-off 15% discount (at just $21.25).

How do you get the 15% discount? Simply enter promotional code wuyi10 during checkout. Or click on the link below to buy. Offer expires on 10 December.

Amazing Green Tea Shop

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

Julian Tai

>>Coming Next ... Fragrant Oolong Tea Autumnal Harvest Arrives!

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