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Newsletter #17: Can I Be of Any Service to You?
September 16, 2008


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2008 16 September 2008 Issue #17:



>> Can I Be of Any Service To You?
>> Understanding Different Types of White Tea
>> Where Should We Go Next?
>> Tea Forum - Unanswered Questions and Interesting Threads


Every night I go to bed thinking about my tea friend worldwide. It makes me happy when I think you've made a more well informed decision. It puts a big smile on my face when I think you are getting healthier and fitter - everyday.

I love it when readers write to tell me how much they enjoy my teas, and a few pounds they have dropped off drinking green tea. It makes my day, it really does.

However, a lot of times I am plagued by self-doubts. I really do. I seldom see you face to face. I find hard to know what kind of information is helpful to you. I find it hard to know what kinds of tea is most valuable to you.

I hear some of you want more of the same from me: More Jipin, and Wang grades. Teas that you will never find elsewhere. Tea that you drink once - and never forget.

(They are coming...)

Other readers have asked for everyday beverage. Not those that you can buy easily, but more exotic, authentic and mesmerising, reasonably priced enough to benefit you from day to day.

So, my question to you is: How can I be of service to you?

Or to turn it around: What kind of tea do you want me to carry, if at all?

Here are some suggestions to get your brain juices flowing...

[yes | no] Truly rare tea with a distinct level of quality.

[yes | no] Everyday tea with health benefits. Preferably at [$$$] per 100 grams.

[yes | no] Organic certified tea, of course!

[Add your comments]

Simply click reply, edit the above and email me at

This is a small community. There are only about 100 active readers in this newsletter. Every opinion counts. The more detailed feedback you can give, the more helpful it would be.

As a special thank you, the 10 most informative feedback will receive $5 off your next tea order (when greater than $20).

Julian Tai

>>Coming Next... Something that you'll love to read.

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White tea is relatively easy to understand. Essentially there are 2 types of white tea.

Silver needle is made from single buds. White Peony is made from one bud and two leaves.

The other three varieties are Tribute Eyebrow, Longevity Eyebrow and New Craft, but they are relatively rare so I will refer you to my article with the detailed explanation:

White Tea Varieties - By Leaf Styles

Other things to watch out for when buying are:

- Harvest date. First pick is the best.

- Season. Spring better than autumn. Avoid summer if you can.

- Blended or authentic. In practice, you would never know, as most vendors sell blended tea by mixing high and low grade tea to lower cost. Nothing wrong with that. But helpful to know in case you wonder why quality can vary so much.

- Withering. Natural is preferable but it can take up to 3 days. So artificial condition is more often used. Again, hard to know when buying.

- Organic. Most white teas are farmed organic.

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How time flies... We have finally arrived at the last issue of the White Tea series. What should we do next? Now is your chance to have a say.

I have put together some suggestions below to get your brain juices flowing...

[yes | no] I want to continue to learn about the different types of Chinese Tea.

[yes | no] More about Green Tea, of course!

[yes | no] Let's talk about weight loss and other health benefits.

[yes | no] Hmm... how about non-tea beverage such as gourmet honey or teapot or ... hmm.. history?

[Add your comments]
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Sep 6, 2008, Taiping Houkui Tea Feedback - Wild Variety for Free!

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Sep 3, 2008, Safe To Eat Tea Leaves from Tea Bag?

I don't care for tea (of any kind) but want the benefits of green tea. I have been dumping my organic tea bags into smoothies, salads and cereal.

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Sep 8, 2008, Green Tea and Potassium (Hyperkalemia)

Can drinking approximately 6 cups of tea a day lower blood potassium levels? Answer: Hey, I am not aware of any study that indicates such effect,

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Sep 9, 2008, How Much Green Tea to Drink for Health Benefits?

I want to try to lose some weight the healthy way and I read to drink green tea..but don't know how much is enough...hope to hear from you soon :)

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Sep 11, 2008, Green Tea with Honey and Milk - Any Health Benefits?

Hi, I've heard that green tea helps you lose weight so I brought some green tea bags. I didn't really know how to make it, so I put one tea bag in a

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Sep 12, 2008, Decaffeinated Green Tea for Weight Loss Questions

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Sep 14, 2008, Green Tea Color My Tongue?

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