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Newsletter #76: A Matter of Taste (Offer Ending 30 November 2015)
November 14, 2015


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

13 November 2015 Issue #76:


>> A Matter of Taste (Offer Ending 30 November 2015)

Every month, somebody asks me which tea is the healthiest to drink or best for weight loss.

I usually reply: "All my teas are of very high quality, it really is a matter of your taste and budget. Check out my recommendations below,"

Tea Shop - My Top Three Recommendations

But what do I mean by budget? What do I mean by taste? Let me give an example.

My cheapest tea is Maofeng A grade at $7 per 50 grams, and my most expensive tea is Tribute Longjing King grade at $144 per 50 grams.

It might sound crazy, but these are real prices, and they reflect what happens in the wholesale market i.e. what the farmers get.

Why such difference? Because of supply and demand.

The Maofeng A grade is sourced over a large area. It is the most mature spring harvest, where the tea buds are getting large and unwieldy.

The Tribute Longjing tea, on the other hand, is only limited to the Lion Peak Mountain of Hangzhou, Grade One protected area. It is the first day harvest - best of the best. Limited quantity. Tiny tea buds.

So this is the budget bit. There is a tea for every budget. You get the tea that suits your budget.

Now we come to taste.

For this, let me digress and discuss the other question I get frequently "Which is the highest quality tea?"

Objectively, especially comparing like for like, the more expensive tea tends to be higher quality, as they are harvested earlier and therefore rarer.

Subjectively, this is not the case. Everyone has his/her own cup of tea.

A customer recently tried Maofeng A grade and AA grade.

Now, AA grade is an earlier harvest. It is higher grade and more expensive. But the customer actually prefer A grade as "A grade has more flavor and therefore better value".

So here it is: The lower grade tea tends to have more body. The taste is crude but strong, easily detectable and more suitable to a beginner palate.

The higher grade has more aroma and less body. It can be subtle, even undetectable to some. You may take two weeks to get it or you might never do.

When you do, it is sweet and lingering. Calm and meditative. Floral and full-mouth feeling. The tiny tea buds can be repeatedly infused, making it even more economical to drink.

Because of this, I have classified the teas as light, medium and full body. The latter are stronger and "easier to get".

This Month Specials
It is impossible to mention fragrant green tea without thinking of Yellow Mountain - home to four of China's Ten Famous Teas:

- Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea
- Taiping Houkui Green Tea
- Liuan Guapian Green Tea
- Keemun Black Tea

While teas produced from China's Eastern seaboard tends to be light bodied, those from the Yellow Mountain are much more floral - commonly described by Chinese as orchid.

- Huangshan Maofeng AA Grade

A medium bodied tea, this Maofeng tea has a wonderful blend of purity, exquisiteness and orchid fragrance.It is lovely when you want your tea to be somewhere in the middle, not too strong, not too weak. It has also been certified organic.

David from Thailand remarked:

"All of them were quite good to my untrained palette, but the Maofeng is far and away my favorite. It seems to have this light and crispy clean flavor as well as a very pleasant aroma. Rating it on a 1-5 scale, I would put it around 4.8 as I would have to have an orgasm on a 5, but it is close."

- Taiping Houkui AA Grade

An exceptionally charming full-bodied green tea, the word Houkui means Monkey Chief. The tea buds are huge - almost as long as your fingers, but trust me, they are tea buds that have only sprouted for 1-3 days.

Wende from Magnolia Blvd West recently feedback:

"This green tea has a floral bouquet and a wonderful flavor. It is rich and full. It is just an amazing tea and the best green tea I have had the pleasure to drink. We have heating the water to 185 degrees instead of recommended 175 degrees for green tea. We steep it for three minutes. This tea can make you bliss out."

Precisely my sentiment.

Up to 30 November, you will enjoy a 15% on the following two teas. When you check out, simply use promotional code maofeng .

Amazing Green Tea Shop

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

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Julian Tai

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