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Newsletter #65: 2014 Shaping Out to be One of the Best!
June 14, 2014


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

14 June 2014 Issue #65:


>> 2014 Shaping Out to be One of the Best!
Today I spent the morning uploading customer feedback for the last 2 months.

The statistics are unbelievable. We have accumulated 558 feedback since 2008, averaging almost 100 feedback per year! Considering customers only bother to feedback when they are impressed by my products, that is amazing.

Wow, what can I say?

Thank you so much for being so generous with your praises with my tiny tea shop!

What Do We Do?

For those who are new to this newsletter, let me explain what we do.

We are in the business of selling Authentic Teas - the highest grade Chinese teas that have been farmed the same way since Pre-Industrial times.

These are what it means for white tea, green tea and yellow tea:

- Single season harvests. Tea plants are harvested 6 weeks a year and then rested for the remainder of the year. No need to use chemical fertilizers.

- We sell tea buds, not tea leaves.

Tea buds are graded according to the timing of harvests. The earlier harvest, the higher grade. Higher grade tea buds are more tender and contains the most theanine and antioxidants. They are only days old, so less likely to contain contaminants. And being harvested early spring where few insects even exist, mean they are more likely to be free of pesticides.

Plus ...

- They are handpicked and handroasted. Picking takes place daily or once every few days - again unlikely to be harmed by insects. Tea buds are small and tender, so unsuitable for machine picking.

- Finally richer nutrition translating to better taste and feeling more calm and focus (due to the higher theanine contents) after drinking your tea!

Customer Feedback Highlights

William from Silver Spring on Tribute Longjing Green Tea (2014):

"2014 is my fourth year purchasing Jipin grade Longjing, and I feel it's the best so far. I actually prefer it to "King" grade, which has a much lighter flavor and aroma. For me, AGT Jipin grade is the best value-for-money Longjing I've tasted, and - although it's not cheap - I drink it as my everyday tea."

Archana from Bonham on Anji Baicha Green Tea (2014):

"My favorite, though, is Anji. I am blown away by how it makes me feel as well as the fragrance (s) and feel in the mouth. The Anji is definitely for those who appreciate subtlety in taste yet tremendous power in effect on energy and mood, particularly for meditation. So it's not for someone new to green / white teas unless, perhaps, the palate and temperament are familiar with sensual savoring and/or meditation."

Bev from Australia on Silver Needle White Tea (2014):

Beautiful tea. All round favourite of mine. Its smooth flavour and the after taste keeps me coming back for more. Even the third infusion is still satisfying.

Peter from Canada on Mengding Ganlu Green Tea (2014):

"This fresh tea is totally superior to the last two orders I had last year. This has restored my delight in the exquisite freshness of what I consider the best tea you sell. Thank you for providing the best green teas that can be purchased."

Bruce from Glasgow on Lushan Yunwu Green Tea (2013):

"The Lushan Yunwu 2013 has a very distinctive smooth flavor compared to other green teas that I have tasted. It is not bitter and will provide three infusions per teaspoon. The aroma that is given off while being tasted is also a nice bonus. Since I am a tea novice my descriptions may not be professional, however, I can tell a good tea from a bad one when they are side by side. So far, in the US, I have not been able to find any green teas like this one. Hope you enjoy it too!"

Chris from New Mexico on Jasmine Needle King (2013):

"I have to say that I've never in my 65 years tasted such a wonderous tea. My previous favorite jasmine tea has been the "dragon pearl" variety. This Moli Jinzhen AAA has opened up a new world of flavor for me. I think this tea has everything going for it a jasmine tea connoisseur would wish for. A wild floral aroma, deep and complex spicy jasmine flavor, with a lightly perfumed aftertaste that lingers on the palate. Each individual tea leaf is rolled into an eyebrow shape, and jasmine petals are scattered throughout the tea. My tea arrived in perfect condition after a 5-week journey, because it was very well packed. This is a wonderful tea, and reasonably priced, considering its astounding quality. I must stop writing now and brew another cup."

Green Tea Season 2014 Update

All our green, white and yellow teas bar one (Maofeng A Grade) has arrived and I am delighted to say that the quality of our crops are significantly better than last year.

See my brief reviews on six teas in last month's newsletter, and further six below:

- Lushan Yunwu Green Tea

Same high standard as last year. A quality tea with the tenderest tea buds, very potent and fragrant.

- Zhejiang Biluochun Green Tea

One of the best seller, now even better than last year, more tender for a concentrated brew of tea!

- Maofeng AA Grade

Unfortunately the AAA Grade is no longer available, so we are switching over to the AA grade. The tea buds are more mature and less consistent, but taste / feeling is the same high standard as last year, and price is 20% cheaper!

The A grade should be available by end of this month.

- Taiping Houkui, Liuan Guapian and Xinyang Maojian AA Grades

Finally, for those who prefer their teas to be stronger, we have these three full-bodied green teas that are significantly higher quality than last year and worth trying!

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

Alternatively, you can leave a message in our Facebook page. We can discuss things further - over a cup of tea?

Amazing Green Tea Facebook

Julian Tai

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