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Are You Ready for the Spring 2007 Harvest?
April 14, 2007

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amazing-Green-Tea Newsletter 14 April 2007 Edition Issue #1:

Are You Ready for the Spring 2007 Harvest?


“Every medicine is the only medicine for a specific disease, but tea is the medicine for all causes,” Chen Zang , a famous Chinese pharmacist in Tang Dynasty (618 to 907 A.D.).

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>     Table of Content

1. Tea Spotlight

- Dragon Well Tea - The Complete Guide

- 2007 Tribute Dragon Well Tea Review

2. Tea News

- Would You Pay 14,000 Dollars for A Handful of Green Tea?

3. Tea Bits

- Green Tea and Exercise

--1--     Dragon Well Tea

The 2007 Spring harvest is in the town! For those of you who are holding off to buy some GREAT green tea, now is the time!

For this month, our spotlight falls on the Dragon Well tea. Also known as the Longjing or Lung Ching tea, it is the most renowned of all Chinese green tea.

It is also the most complex Chinese tea to unravel. The article below is quite possibly the most comprehensive low-down you can find on this tea.

Dragon Well tea - The Complete Guide

Our hunt for top quality green tea at bargain prices lead us to Liu's tea garden in West Lake. The same tea garden grows Dragon Well tea for the Chinese White House - Zhong Nan Hai.

His tea is a real steal at 65 cents a cup. See first hand how the spring 2007 Gong Dragon Well tea look and taste in the review below.

2007 Tribute Dragon Well Tea - Green Tea Review

--2--     Green Tea for 14,000 Dollars

Dragon Well tea is making waves in China.

Call it a publicity stunt or show-off, a Chinese man paid top price for 200 grams of West Lake Dragon Well.

Would You Pay 14,000 Dollars for A Handful of Green Dragon Well Tea?

--3--     Green Tea and Exercise

Drinking green tea alone is healthy; combining it with an endurance exercise pays richer dividend.

Two studies conducted by Kao Corporation in Japan found that green tea diet and exercise complement each other.

Drinking green tea improves endurance performance by up to 24%. Combining green tea and exercise reduces weight gain by 90%!

Green Tea Diet and Exercise

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Written by Julian Tai,  BEng, MSc, FIA
Copyright © 2007 by All rights reserved
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