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Newsletter #19: Double Pre-Launch Offer Countdown Begin!
December 17, 2008


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17 December 2008 Issue #19:

Green Tea Double Pre-Launch Offer Countdown Begin!


>> Double Pre-Launch Offer Countdown Begin!
>> Huangshan Maofeng Tea
>> A New Addition to Brewing Loose Tea Resource Centre
>> Tea and Lemon - Maximising Health Benefits

The holidays are coming, and if you are like me, this is the time when you usually pack in a few pounds of fat to start the New Year. Perhaps it is time to stock up some teas to get you through the winter?

During the October issue, you were very kind to feedback on different ways I can add value to your life. One suggestion was to offer a greater range of high quality, everyday teas.

Both myself and HQ have been searching high and low for the past year, and finally, we are ready to unleash the Fantastic Two!

The first tea is a Zhejiang variety of Biluochun tea, widely regarded as the No 2 of Chinese green tea. This grade is the finest crop to come out of Zhejiang Province, and so I have graded it AAA.

If you like your tea fresh and unami, then I would recommend her highly. The best time to drink is in the morning, that way you can feel her refreshing effects all day long.

Biluochun Tea (Piluochun) - Introducing Zhejiang AAA Grade!

The second tea is an Everyday grade of an organic certified Huangshan Maofeng tea, also known as the Yellow Mountain tea. In the product description page, I have dubbed her the mystery thriller.

Well, I shan't say no more, I'll let you know find out whether she is your type of tea.

Huangshan Maofeng Everyday Grade (Yellow Mountain Tea) - Could You Have Guessed?

As a Newsletter Reader, you are entitled to 15% rebate during the Pre-Launch Offer. The Offer will end on the 15 January 2009, so make sure you take advantage of this one-off special to stock up until the spring arrives!

(By the way, this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers that you might already have.)

Any questions or comments, please reply to this email. I hope you will enjoy the rest of the Newsletter.

Merry Christmas,

Julian Tai

>>Coming Next... Revealing the Secrets of Jasmine Tea

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The word "Huangshan" means Yellow Mountain.

The word "mao" means hair, or fur. It refers to the silvery downy hairs that cover a pristine tea bud.

The word "feng" means mountain peak. It refers to the tippy end of a tea bud, which is so pointed that it resembles the sharp contour of a typical Yellow Mountain peak.

She is widely regarded as one of top three Chinese green tea. What is so special about her? How do you spot an authentic grade?

Huangshan Maofeng Tea (Yellow Mountain Fur Peak) - An Insider's Guide

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A frequent question I get asked every now and again is this: How does HQ's Dragon Well tea compares with the Gong Brand?

For those who haven't heard of the Gong Brand, they are the pre-eminent brand of Dragon Well tea sold in China's tea shops. The brand claims to source from the best of West Lake. And so does HQ's families. So, how do they compare?

Sigurd from Sweden was very excited to acquire a Gong brand tea from his local tea shop, and decided to do a comparison test. What's interesting about his review is that he compares the two teas three ways: Using low, medium and high temperature brewing.

So, if you have just bought a new tea and have no idea how to brew it, using these three styles of brewing can be your starting point. Here is his review:

Longjing Tea Comparison - Julian's Jipin Grade Vs Gong's A Exclusive Grade

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According to a November 2007 news release, drinking green tea with lemon may boost its health benefits. Check it out here...

Green Tea With Lemon - Increase Antioxidants Benefits



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Everyone has his or her own cup of tea. What do you like and dislike about the teas?

Dragonwell green tea:

Iron Goddess oolong tea:


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Drinking green tea: Ten frequently asked questions

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