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Newsletter #75: Yixing Tea Pot Pre-Launch Offer Start Today!
August 30, 2015


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

30 August 2015 Issue #75:


>> Yixing Tea Pot Pre-Launch Offer Start Today!

In the July newsletter, we discussed about Yixing tea pot. It is mainly for brewing oxidized tea i.e. you don't need it if you are drinking green tea.

To quote from last month's newsletter:

"If you are serious about drinking oxidized tea, such as aromatic oolong, dark red/black tea or aged pu-erh, then you should consider using an Yixing pot. Brewing tea gongfu style will transform your drinking experience. The teas will smell and taste better than using a tea cup or tea bowl."

Newsletter #74: Yixing Tea Pot - What's the Fuss About?

Advantages of Yixing
Here are some reasons why Yixing is the most sought after clay for brewing tea:

- The clay is porous - the surface area is many times larger than the size of the tea pot. Each time you steep a tea, the clay absorbs 4% of the water. It becomes "seasoned" when it has absorbed the chief characteristics of your favorite tea.

- The clay is enriched with many minerals, it contains tiny amount of iron, quartz, mica and other minerals. When you brew a tea, you automatically enrich the water with minerals. The combination of past brewing "memory", minerals and air makes your tea tastes great.

- The clay has low thermal conductivity. This means it retains heat well and is not too hot to touch. The clay has low shrinkage rate. The lid can be made to fit tightly to the mouth. What this means is that high temperature brewing is surprisingly effective.

- Although Yixing comes from China, it is totally safe. The clay contains naturally occurring iron, which can be mixed and fired to create various color effects. There is no need for glazing. It does not contain any lead, arsenic, cadmium, and other toxic materials. No chemicals or other additives are added.

- Maintenance is simple. Never wash your tea pot with soap or cleanser. After each use, rinse with water and remove the leaves. Then leave to dry or wipe gently with cloths.

How to Buy
Here are some considerations to making when choosing your first tea pot:

- Which type of clay?
- What does your touch sense tell you?
- Do you like the style?
- Is it practical and fit for purpose?
- What does the calligraphy and seal tell you?
- What tests can you perform to assess the quality of your ware?

How to Buy Yixing Teapot and Cups

Zhu Xinnan

You probably only need one tea pot, so it pays to get a high quality one that will last you a lifetime.

Me and HQ first got involved with Yixing tea pot in 2009. When we first commissioned 100 tea pots from Mr Zhu Xinnan, prices were still fairly affordable.

In China, the prices of tea pots are determined by the official titles of the tea makers. Tea makers have to sit exams annually. The higher the titles, the higher the prices of their tea pots.

However, although there are ten of thousands of potters in Yixing, only a few hundreds can be regarded as masters with official titles.

Zhu Xinnan has recently been promoted Craft Master, the third most senior title in China. In other words, there are only a few handfuls of Yixing artists in China that can be considered more senior than him in Yixing.

Zhu Xinnan - Yixing Tea Pot Master

Limited Offer on Limited Stock
For the month of September, you will enjoy a 15% Pre-Launch offer on all of his tea pots. Stocks are strictly limited, as due to the current high prices, we won't be able to replenish the stocks when they run out. When you check out, simply use promotional code yixing .

In 2009, we commissioned six types of tea pots. Two of them have sold out, four are still available today.

- Qingshuini Da Yuanqiu Hu (350ml)

We only have a handful left for this pot and it is the only one with Chinese inscriptions. I absolutely love it, but you have to consider this is a large pot with 350 milliliters capacity, suitable for 4 people drinking.

- Zini Xiao Yuanqiu Hu (170ml)

A small version of the above pot, this tea pot has 170 milliliters capacity, suitable for 1-2 people drinking.

- Zhuni Xiaomeiyao Hu (200ml)

Our second largest pot with 200 milliliters capacity, suitable for 2 people drinking. Made from Xiaomeiyao clay that is excellent for brewing fragrant oolong such as Tieguanyin.

- Zini Xiao Xishi Hu (150ml)

Our smallest pot with 150 millimeters capacity, suitable for one person drinking.

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

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Julian Tai

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