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Newsletter #74: Yixing Tea Pot - What's the Fuss About?
July 11, 2015


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

12 July 2015 Issue #74:


>> Yixing Tea Pot - What's the Fuss About?

Before I start explaining what Yixing tea pot is about, I would like to explain what it is NOT.

If you only drink loose-leaf white tea or green tea, you can stop reading this newsletter. All you need is a simple glass tumbler. However, if you are fussed about the occasional tea buds getting struck in your teeth, an infuser would help, and there are some reviews here:

Tea Infuser Review - Mesh Ball, Stainless Steel and Mug

Now, if you are serious about drinking oxidized tea, such as aromatic oolong, dark red/black tea or aged pu-erh, then you should consider using an Yixing pot. Brewing tea gongfu style will transform your drinking experience. The teas will smell and taste better than using a tea cup or tea bowl.

Another misconception is that you need separate Yixing tea pot for each type of tea. This is an ideal that is popular with tea sellers, but in practice, we don't think it makes much difference! One tea pot can be as good as many!

Yixing Chinese Tea Pot - A Gongfu Tea Drinker's Complete Guide

Finally, using an Yixing is about brewing tea gongfu style. An Yixing tea pot is small as it is intended that you can make a concentrated brew of tea with short steeping time.

For example, if you were to use a small (150ml) pot from my tea shop to brew eight grams of the Iron Goddess Oolong (the whole packet), you will only steep it for 10 seconds.

But if you were to use only three grams of leaves, you will steep it longer, but no longer than 30 seconds!

Next month, we will talk about Zhu Xinnan, master pot maker par excellent!

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

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Julian Tai

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