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Newsletter #66: The Jasmine Autumnal Season Is Upon Us (Free Shipping)
August 10, 2014


Solving Problems Every Tea Drinker Faces

10 August 2014 Issue #66:


>> The Jasmine Autumnal Season Is Upon Us
>> Maofeng A Grade Update
>> Shipping Upgrade to USA, UK, Canada and Australia
>> Free Shipping Offer To End 31 August 2014
Our Jasmine Needle King is probably the most understated of all of our green tea offerings, and that is probably my fault as I don't mention her that much in this newsletter.

How do I know? We know she is high quality, but it is our customers that is telling us that. She is one of our best sellers, and the glowing customer reviews say it all.

Harvested early autumn (that is now!), she is made from high quality Silver Needle tea buds (covered with white downy hairs) and infused with jasmine flowers.

It is an act of genius. Tea leaves absorb scents, while jasmine flower emit them, why not mix them to create a synergistic blend from the two?

Indeed, researchers have found that the relaxing scent of jasmine combined with the antioxidant benefits from green tea can have many health benefits!

Jasmine Tea Benefits - 5 Reasons Why It Is a Healthy Beverage

That is using an average jasmine tea, but what about our Jasmine Needle King, which is the highest quality we have found in China?

The tea buds are young and tender, not the mature and larger green tea you normally see. Also, the jasmine scent is extremely potent as the tea has been infused 7 times using very high tea to flower ratio.

It is so potent that I would recommend using a small amount - 2 grams - for brewing in an 8-ounce (250 millimeters) cup.

Jasmine Green Tea - Why Tippy Buds Are the Best

Huangshan Maofeng A Grade

Another one of our best seller is available now, the Maofeng A Grade!

Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea (Organic) - Enchanting Orchid Fragrance

The biggest attraction of this A grade tea is the price. At $7 per 50 grams, she is great value for money. Rich and fragrant, she is pleasant to drink.

Shipping Upgrade to USA, UK, Canada and Australia

Thanks to a tip to our long time customer Kristi from USA, we are now offering improved shipping services to the four English speaking countries of USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

What this means is that we are able to deliver within 2 weeks of order with a high level of reliability.

For further information, see our shipping policy.

Free Worldwide Shipping

Finally, for a limited period of time until 31 August, we will be offering free worldwide shipping this summer.

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

Alternatively, you can leave a message in our Facebook page. We can discuss things further - over a cup of tea?

Amazing Green Tea Facebook

Julian Tai

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