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Newsletter #71: Longjing Tea - One of the Best Year!
April 13, 2015


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13 April 2015 Issue #71:


>> Longjing Tea - One of the Best Year!


Good news guys. This year's Longjing Green Tea is excellent, helped by the cold weather in Hangzhou this spring. I don't say this every year, the last time I said this was back in 2011 (See Best in 5 Years), and this year is "one of the best".

Can you smell the roasted chestnutty flavor? Well remember, this nutty flavor is strongest at the beginning, as the tea will be quite "tasteless". By the summer, you will find that your Longjing is no longer "super fresh", but it will taste more rounded and sweet. Heaven!

This year's Silver Needle White Tea is amazing too, very sweet and fresh with excellent after-feeling. We felt that it is marginally better than last year's, which is a strong statement as last year was pretty amazing as we were sold out in record time. We truly believe this is the best you can get from China, the cream of the crop from the first day harvest.

Our second highest quality tea - Anji Baicha Green Tea - is also slightly better than last year. Renown for its high theanine content, Anji is highly aromatic and gives you a "zen-like" state of mind.

The other three green teas are mostly on par with last year, maintaining the high quality you are expecting:

- Dongting Biluochun Green Tea
- Zhejiang Biluochun Green Tea
- Xinyang Maojian Green Tea

I hope this helps? Any thoughts on this matter? Reply to this email!

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Julian Tai

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